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  1. Rod, There are two photos of 1457 on an auto train at West Kirkby in 1954 (taken by Casserley) in the book 'Railway stations of Wirral'. This was published by the Merseyside Railway History Group in about 1990. If you have not got this paperback it is worth tracking down as it is full of lovely photos of all the lines on the Wirral. ISBN 1899241 1 02 7. Also, I have looked in my reprint of the 1948-50 ABC and another 14xx is listed at 6C Birkenhead - 1417. Stay safe and best wishes, Tim Birch
  2. Although JPL don't have a website, they now do have a presence on eBay.
  3. If you want an acrylic paint for ease of application, Tamiya 'German Grey' produces a nice darkish colour but not so dark that it sucks all the light into it.
  4. In July 1877 Mary Ann Croft was travelling south on the LNWR mainline from her home near Lancaster. She was with her husband and young son. Approaching Betley Road south of Crewe she changed places with her husband and shortly after was decapitated by a 22'4'' iron channel bar which had been dislodged in a wagon of a passing north bound goods train from Wednesbury. The subsequent enquiry noted that the two wagons of iron channel had been loaded at Wednesbury and the bars were in three layers with the ends of the bars extending over ends of the wagons alternately. They were not chained or roped. There was no suggestion that there was anything wrong with this practice, but rather that more care should have been taken to ensure that the load was packed in a way to prevent movement. Does anyone know when chaining and roping of loads became obligatory?
  5. An alternative to Amazon is ABE books which links to independent book sellers. There is a copy on there at the moment for £35. https://www.abebooks.co.uk. Just put 'Abbotsbury' into the key word search.
  6. Here is another entry received over the weekend, but only being posted now. This is a 7mm scale model of a 'Special Tank' as it would have been in the 1890s. The entry is submitted by Julian Trott (who says he lurks occasionally on RMWeb) and it was built by his late father Steve Ross, from an Eric Underhill kit. Later these were sold by ABS under the 'Zero Zephyrs' label and now seem to be unobtainable.
  7. Ritchie, Take a look at the LNWR Society web site to find out more! www.lnwrs.org.uk
  8. Stephen Kingett has entered the competition with this 3.5" gauge locomotive with joy valve gear and superheater. She is modelled in original 1907 livery with a Whale tender. Stephen has built her over the last eight years.
  9. No, you have not missed something. My post would have been better if point 4 had said '...to be displayed on RMWeb.'
  10. The closing date for the competition is approaching. To give the maximum time for modelling, the competition will close at midnight on Sunday 6 January 2019. Please will all who have entered the competition ensure that by that time they have a single entry on this section of the RMWeb which contains the photographs that they wish to have considered as their 'competition entry'. Although the judges are likely to look through all the parts of this forum, the job of choosing the winners will be simplified if you provide the web equivalent of the 'model in the showcase' as seen at exhibitions. To date there are: 1. people who have opened an entry on this forum and have registered with the LNWR Society. Thank you, your entry has been logged and you will be entered in the draw for a Gerald Broom print, 2. people who have opened an entry on this forum but have not registered. Unless you register, you are missing the chance to win the print, 3. people who have opened an entry on this forum, but have not yet shown a model. You have just over a week! 4. people who have registered but have not opened an entry to show their models or contacted me to arrange for them to be displayed. The registration email address is [email protected]
  11. And finally, here are the locomotives which Mike uses on the Tar works layout. The special tank is built from a Zero Zephyrs kit. The reference for this model is to be found in Ted Talbot's book on LNWR engines (page 41, plate 80). the loco was originally 2098 but was renumbered in the duplicate series as 3217 and scrapped in July 1925 without receiving its allocated LMS number. The crane tank is built from a Gladiator kit modified to take the correct wheels, with extended roof, cab and tarpaulin covers. The G class 0-8-0 is from a David Andrews kit, with working inside valve gear by Laurie Griffin which was modified to fit in the fine scale frames.
  12. The ground frame, hut and signal at the Tar works. The levers have LNWR loop handles, and the ground signal works as appropriate to the single point. The hut is from a Skytrex kit, suitably furnished and lit.
  13. More from Mike Perry's layout. The bridge is scratch built with a foamboard structure, plasticard brick work and Das stonework. It includes the jack arches and smoke deflectors. It is based on an LNWR bridge near Nuneaton.
  14. Mike Perry has sent in some photos of his layout and stock and I said I would post them on here. The first shots are of his micro fine scale 7mm layout with a scenic section of only 4 feet. To be credible it is based on a tar works, just after grouping, and was inspired by Midland Tar Distillers in Oldbury. The engine shed is based on Trench - there are photos in the LMS Engine Sheds Vol 1. The model is built from marine modelers' walnut with the dimensions adjusted to fit the site. Jack Nelson's book (LNWR Portrayed) helped with the dimensions of wooden buildings. The hinges and bolts are from brass wire, tube and strip and are fully working.
  15. Here are some photographs of two entries sent in by Lee Randle. The Claughton is portrayed in the livery of the early 1920's, and the coal tank is a Nuneaton-based example and is in late LNWR condition.
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