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  1. When asked the same question, didn't George Best say something like 'some of it I spent on drink and women, and the rest I wasted'.
  2. I've had a look in a couple of LNWR working timetables for GWR goods trains going through Stockport. There are a few, but they were not stopping trains although there were limited stops at important traffic hubs. In general the trains arrive in the early hours and leave in the evenings In the July 1888 WTT there were three GW express goods which came from Gresty Lane and terminated at Ordsall Lane with stops at Edgeley, Longsight and then via London Rd. Arrivals were at 2.30am, 6.20am and 8.55am, and departures from Ordsall Lane were at 8.25pm, 9.30pm and 11.5pm (all Mondays excepted).
  3. SAD is a definite issue in the winter. I have found that a small SAD lamp, no bigger than A5 can be plugged in next to my work table (its not grand enough to be a bench). This means that it is close enough to my eyes to be a benefit, and it doubles as a very good lamp for modelling with. I got mine off eBay.
  4. Robin, This is developing into a lovely layout and is just the sort I would like for myself. I don't know if you have seen the book published by HMSO for the RCHM in 1984 on the Liverpool south docks. It is available via Abe and contains inspirational drawings and photos of the docks south of Pier Head. I thinks that it is a bit further upstream than your proposal, but it may be interesting anyway! It is 'Liverpool's historic waterfront. The world's first mercantile dock system' by Nancy Ritchie-Noakes. ISBN 0 11 701188 6.
  5. It is also worth remembering that in groups of sidings, individual ones were often designated for particular traffic, including exchange with other companies. The attachment shows the designation of some of the sidings at the south end of Bamfurlong just south of Wigan on the WCML as they were used in 1919.
  6. Chris, One thing I forgot to mention was that the foam blunts blades quite quickly. after not much use, the blade may be sharp enough to cut the card facing but will begin to pull on the foam and not give a tidy edge which makes gluing more difficult and the joins less accurate. Best wishes, Tim Birch
  7. Chris, Unfortunately I can't take a photo as I demolished the layout about three years ago. However, the following may help. I have attached another photo of the layout on a floor where the tiles were 12"square. I used 5mm foamboard for all the main structure, although some small section timber was later added to the rear of the back scene as it was rather fragile for moving to an exhibition. For the same reason, some timber (off cuts of Skirting board) was used at the front to give some support to a cover. This was definitely more timber than was really needed and must have a
  8. Chris, I would certainly recommend trying 5mm foamboard. So long as it is sufficiently braced and I think includes a certain amount of strip wood at the corners, it works well. I have built a couple of small layouts using it - both in the mainstream scale of 5.5mm:foot. I liked the way things went together quickly and easily and were easy to modify.
  9. Rod, There are two photos of 1457 on an auto train at West Kirkby in 1954 (taken by Casserley) in the book 'Railway stations of Wirral'. This was published by the Merseyside Railway History Group in about 1990. If you have not got this paperback it is worth tracking down as it is full of lovely photos of all the lines on the Wirral. ISBN 1899241 1 02 7. Also, I have looked in my reprint of the 1948-50 ABC and another 14xx is listed at 6C Birkenhead - 1417. Stay safe and best wishes, Tim Birch
  10. Although JPL don't have a website, they now do have a presence on eBay.
  11. If you want an acrylic paint for ease of application, Tamiya 'German Grey' produces a nice darkish colour but not so dark that it sucks all the light into it.
  12. In July 1877 Mary Ann Croft was travelling south on the LNWR mainline from her home near Lancaster. She was with her husband and young son. Approaching Betley Road south of Crewe she changed places with her husband and shortly after was decapitated by a 22'4'' iron channel bar which had been dislodged in a wagon of a passing north bound goods train from Wednesbury. The subsequent enquiry noted that the two wagons of iron channel had been loaded at Wednesbury and the bars were in three layers with the ends of the bars extending over ends of the wagons alternately. They were not chained or roped
  13. An alternative to Amazon is ABE books which links to independent book sellers. There is a copy on there at the moment for £35. https://www.abebooks.co.uk. Just put 'Abbotsbury' into the key word search.
  14. Here is another entry received over the weekend, but only being posted now. This is a 7mm scale model of a 'Special Tank' as it would have been in the 1890s. The entry is submitted by Julian Trott (who says he lurks occasionally on RMWeb) and it was built by his late father Steve Ross, from an Eric Underhill kit. Later these were sold by ABS under the 'Zero Zephyrs' label and now seem to be unobtainable.
  15. Ritchie, Take a look at the LNWR Society web site to find out more! www.lnwrs.org.uk
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