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  1. Always makes the wife smile when she asks , what have you been doing, and I reply just amputating some arms and legs !!
  2. Tony , Regarding the backgrounds on the photos, you have just said it took an hour to alter the image, so if your happy to use your time doing this then that’s fine , or what other jobs could you be working on in that hour ? Dennis
  3. Tony Thanks for reminding us of all these brilliant layouts, does bring a longing to get back to an exhibition again, one of my favourites not shown , The Gresley Beat. Dennis
  4. Not to sure about the angle of the cylinders, but I agree that it’s not one of DJH’s finest, I couldn’t use the valve gear, ( luckily I had a Kemilway set spare ) the instructions were ****, I don’t have a scale drawing , but feel the gap from the top of the wheels to bottom of footplate is to small, I think it’s a bit of a botch up from DJH between their 76xxx and a 77xxx. One thing that I’am pleased with is using a high level gearbox for the first time, so not the most accurate model but as Tony would probably say a good layout loco.
  5. Evercheech Junction, that takes me back to a very pleasant weekend at Halifax , I had a stall on the stage and was able to watch Evercheech all though the weekend, my brother took his newly built DJH WD , after asking on the Saturday and they ran in on the Sunday, think someone from Shipley had evidence that one had run over the S&D ! Happy days. Dennis funny when I look at my photos of the 77xxx the two chimneys look the same ! but when I look at them in the flesh the brass on looks thinner , must be my eyes !!
  6. Good afternoon All First hope everybody has recovered from Christmas and wish you all a back to Normal 2021,and may we all get to see an exhibition sometime this coming year. Like a lot of others on this thread I have benefitted from having this wonderful hobby this last year, the work I’ve completed would have probably taken me two or three years to complete. This is my latest loco build , apart from fixing the cab doors and a clean up I have to decide which chimney to go for ! After looking at lots of photos ,did they have two types fitted ? The white metal one supplied with
  7. Just spent a few days going though 154 pages of this thread, lots of information and great photos, thank you for all concerned. Dennis
  8. I think we all know on the railways in steam days it all came down to man power, or boy power at most loco sheds, and labour was in short supply so the young lads soon moved up the grades. Loco sheds like Kings Cross had a team of Polish adult cleaners I believe , and did a brilliant job but , did they have an extra budget for this ? was each loco shed given a budget or did the district hold all the budgetary decisions ?
  9. Hi Tony Bit surprised that you don’t ask your professional painters to finish the locos to a degree of weathering that you would like ! you have remarked before the models are for your pleasure and after your gone you don’t give a **** I always finish mine in ex-works finish, then set about weathering it till I reach the desired level. Dennis PS I thought your weathered J6 looked as if it had just come off a works visit.
  10. My wife surprised me this week,on Monday she insisted on sending a cheque in response to a advertisement for shoes in a magazine, I said why not just phone them and use your card, but no she posted it off, big surprise they were delivered on the Friday !!
  11. When you think about riveting components together it is to make a strong fixed joint !
  12. Morning Tony Talk of Black fives, I have a DJH model which was my brothers, a Ks kit built one and a Hornby detailed, I bought the RCTS book on Black 5s vol 2 last week (which covers the caprotti version ) I seem to have this thing of liking ugly locos !! I was on Comets website buying bits last week and just about resisted pressing the buy button for their kit ! But one day ! Can’t see that becoming a RTR model ...... can you ? Taking about ugly locos (should I say ungainly) my djh 77xxx is coming along, not the best djh kit when it came to the valve gear, I have had
  13. Interesting photos as usual David especially as the last 142 nodding donkey ran last Friday Dennis
  14. Like I said I had used the Halfords grey primer for a few years , and probably didn’t spend enough time preparing my K3 , but I wanted to go back to using an etched primer, so being in lockdown I searched on line, both on Amerzon and eBay and went for the one off eBay. I cleaned the running brass chassis and was expecting a grey spray and was surprised when it came out black or very dark grey ! What I like is the finish and hardness from the product, I had to really scrape it to remove a area to get back to bare brass , if it had been plan grey it would have achieved the desired re
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