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  1. Only just realised Tony looking at these locos , you don’t do any sand pipes ? stands out on the black 5 with the sand box underneath the footplate. Dennis
  2. Morning Tony Is the scale drawing included in the kit ? I do like the looks of a K2 although I never saw one , I may break one of my golden rules . Dennis
  3. Morning Tony You must have come across these people many times when you have been attending exhibitions , never happy till they find a fault with something ! A “friend “ of mine and my brothers would look at one of our finished kit built locos till he found something to pass a negative comment on , never a complement , and yes he couldn’t two pieces of anything together. So I guess it’s human nature that some people aren’t happy unless they are moaning , and the rest of us ! carry on doing what makes us happy. Dennis
  4. Good afternoon all As the 77xxx has come up I thought I would show how mine finished up , I know the djh kit has some issues but at the end of the day I’am pretty happy with the end result. I have made six high level gearboxes now ,very happy with the results it takes me about 30/40 minutes to put one together. Dennis
  5. Thanks Tony , I knew Rule 1 would be the case , but what a lovely selection of locos you can call on to use on the MR/M&GNR section. I have gone as far as I can go with my WD , it started with a bargain buy off eBay (£70) ,I used your favourite paint stripper, first time I’ve used it , it certainly broke the body right down ! like I’ve mentioned I studied hundreds of photos online, you never notice all the variations till you really start looking. The chassis was given a new set of Markits wheels and a high level gearbox with a 1628 flat can motor , I replaced the steps and
  6. Afternoon Tony The J3 has turned into a lovely looking loco , it had me looking at their history as to when they were working, so going on the BR database I see the last one went in 1954 , I would have thought a little early for your running? so rule one applies ! I can understand your problem with the tender, I have been going cross eyed looking at WD photos whilst making my Doncaster version, but on a flicker site that has hundreds of images to study, without good photos then you are right , you do have to second guess. Dennis
  7. The way you can build track Gordon you will have no trouble building the DJH J50 , it will make a pleasant change. looking at your Eastwood layout encouraged me into making my own points, that’s what is so good with these forums, always something new to pickup on. Dennis
  8. Morning Tony I don’t know if you buy Steam World but this months has a photo selection on Stoke bank , an interesting photo of the Midland Pullman passing the site of Little Bytham station in 1965. Another article is about your first train spotting memories, the photo at Manchester Victoria of the L&Y banker took me right back to my first real memory of sight and sound of steam loco.
  9. Hi Tony When you say the K5 is outside your time period for Little Bytham is this because it was a Stratford loco ? , but it could always have been “borrowed “ by another depot. Dennis
  10. Love the first photo of the derailed engine , the three guys giving it a good coat of looking at .
  11. All this talk of YT I have viewed a lot recently, usually when the other half’s not watching anything !! There’s always something new railway related to watch, the other night I watched British Steam Rail Disasters, very fascinating if a little grim but all footage was by the professional news teams of the day.
  12. Hi Tony , Regarding ‘ Professionally built ‘ how many real professionals are or were out there ? compared to people like myself who had a day job but made a few kits for friends etc. A friend of mine who couldn’t build anything , started buying a lot of locos from a certain stall usually at York , every one of these locos ended up with either me or my brother having to put right various shorting problems, I came to the conclusion who ever made them obvious did not test run them round any track circuit. I have bought three locos of eBay ready made , a nu-cast B1 £20 , and
  13. Have you looked on the ‘shed bash ‘ website. Or BR data website. Dennis
  14. Afternoon Tony I like the looks of a J6 I have two underlined in my combine 64191 and 64245 I would imagine they were withdrawn when I saw them . Can you tell me how you glaze the windows ? Dennis
  15. Again thank you for the information, you must have enjoyed a grandstand view, can you tell me if this was a 24 hour operation or was there no working during the night ? Dennis
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