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  1. I was surprised to see the last built EE Type4 (class40 ) was out-shopped without the yellow warning panel !
  2. Afternoon Tony Nice to see the K1 , I have a nu-cast one I made years ago always liked the looks of them and had a lot of the class underlined, but I only required one for my layout and resisted Hornby clearance sales, anyway back to the question I have for you, as you mentioned you built the K1 and A1 to test the djh new gearboxes and motors so after running them now for a few months how do you compare them price and performance wise against other makes that you have used ? My wish list of things to build this year includes a djh 77xxx so thinking ahead motor/gearbox wise . And thanks to everybody who make this such an interesting forum a belated happy New Year . Dennis
  3. Hi Tony Just to add to the above I’ve used self tapping screws , I’ve bought them off Modelfixings.co.uk MF-STO9B No2x 6.4mm lg Phillips head steel Black self tappers , you get a 100 for a very reasonable price. Dennis
  4. See Heljan have announced a new different batch of 02s with GNR cabs and tenders, I fancy one of those to go with my existing nu-cast loco.
  5. It was in this October’s issue that’s why my local model shop reckoned November, I was told at the GCR model exhibition August/September by their rep . Is it the same pre production sample being shown this weekend ? Any price put on them yet ?
  6. So we have now gone from September to November and now early next year !! I did think once they had advertised it they would have kept to a November delivery.
  7. Hi Tony, The balance weights for the B16 Markits sell them with their wheel sets . Dennis
  8. Good evening Tony I did say not many layouts , the WMRC was always an exception and that’s why the likes of Stoke Summit was a magnet for me. All that was missing was some butties and a bottle of pop to watch all the fabulous trains go by . Like you say it’s strange reading on here how people don’t want to spoil their RTR models fine finish , if they are frightened or don’t wish to devalue the model only they know, but after hours of building then painting and lining out a loco into ex works condition I don’t consider it finished until it receives some form of weathering ! as to devaluing a model my take is I’ve played with it and had the pleasure from it and when I’ve popped mi clogs Am I bothered !!! Dennis
  9. One of my favourite exhibitions and one I always go to, there seemed to be fewer large layouts this past year but still a very enjoyable day out. one point I didn’t understand was reverting back to just using the small cafe instead of the first hall where it’s been for the last few years ?
  10. Morning All on the topic of the death of steam era I find the most noticeable change on most layouts now is the desire to have locos and rolling stock weathered, think back to twenty or thirty years ago you wouldn’t find many on exhibition layouts looking that way, I have a friend in his eighties who hates weathered engines he likes to remember shining locos rolling into Paddington but that’s something that for me was a rare treat to see , an odd engine that was ex works was the best chance for me to see a shining example. Dennis
  11. Hi Josh like others have already mentioned get yourself a height gauge it’s a must have . Dennis
  12. Morning Tony First I hope you and your good lady had a safe drive home from Wigan yesterday,( I was thinking about you at seven o'clock and didn't envy the long drive you undertook ) always a pleasure to have a chat with you , after seeing City of London in the flesh hears my DJH Duchess not up to your photographic skills i am afraid, as I said to you I did invest in the new bogie wheels and I am pleased in the end result she's a good powerful loco ( TA12 can motor driving direct axle gear ) So it's back to track building for a while then I have two DJH A3s that I must get round to building !! Dennis
  13. Hi I have read this on here before and thought it’s a good idea but haven’t been able to find any A4 size self adhesive labels , can you please point me in the right direction. Dennis
  14. Thanks Martin How refreshing from a manufacturer to deliver a product when promised, it will mean I can continue with my track work , I can make straight points using C&L parts but a double slip I think would be too much for me !
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