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  1. Only the franchised operators will be subsumed, presumably? The open access operators such as Lumo are private entities which buy paths and access from NR (to become GBR), but to government has no control over them unless it decides to buy them out on commercial terms. The green arrow isn't especially brilliant - would look ok if it were all one shade. But if they're going to use the arrows as a promotional tool then it'll probably be coloured in various patterns over the coming months and years.
  2. I used R2 set track for that, though obviously the set track turnouts don't have perfectly circular geometry. There's only 3 possible configurations for the balloon loop: 1. Circuits 2. Balloon from the left 3. Balloon from the top It might be wise to motorise the points to operate together such that only those can be set, but after that it ought to be easy enough.
  3. It should be doable with DC as well. Each section of rail can only be + or -, it's just a matter of working out what combinations there are and switching it accordingly. It would probably be quite complex though.
  4. Updated the junction station. It's more of a place where engines are changed etc again now thanks to the centre road, though I think the terminus is now oversized if the locos for the junction come from the MPD there. Anyway, it's quite fun designing these things...
  5. I started out planning to pair the platforms by direction, and at some point it got muddled into paired by use, so it's all a bit confused through there. With a more clear headed design that major junction could be altered to something more sensible. I liked the idea of a long string of diamonds though, reminiscent of places like Princes Risborough or Tonbridge.
  6. And now for something completely different, but it is an evolution... I went full CJF (well not quite, it's all on one level), and there's no freight scope, so any such trains will just rumble through with the actual shunting done elsewere. The terminus has carriage sidings and a small MPD (which I haven't drawn), and acts as essentially a loco operated fiddle yard. The circle R2 set track of track forms a dogbone in both directions, and tail-chasing is possible. I think there's enough to be getting on with that the lack of freight ops won't be an issue. @Harlequinwill recognise where I got the terminus throat and concept from. Pointwork in anyrail is free of course, but not in the real world...
  7. The viability of a peninsula really depends on the size and mobility of the OP. I've essentially sketched 5' of track width in the 8' space, and whilst boards can be tapered to increase the gaps in some places, there's still only 8' to use. I only imagined the bottom gap to be emergency access to the loops so it could be narrow, but it may still not work...
  8. The peninsula theory is only to allow (limited) access to the loops behind, which would be a long reach across the station and carriage sidings. I wouldn't envisage anyone actually going there - all loco changes etc are done at the main station by locomotives, so trains only wait round the back for their turn, and access is for dealing with derailments etc. The idea behind the station is Exeter Central, so the centre roads are for shunting, holding locos and that kind of thing. There shouldn't be any need to hold trains there because the carriage sidings and loops provide that. Two main line platforms is a characteristic feature, and I don't think more would improve play value - might even detract as the function of the centre roads would be lost if they were platforms, and replacing it would need yet more track. The double track branch was mostly a "can I do this?" exercise, but in reality it would probably be pretty busy with ECS and light engines, so would be very likely to justify double track. The actual passenger service up there probably wouldn't need two platforms at the terminus though. And @Chimer, I've pretty much ripped you off so I can't very well claim copyright!
  9. Here's my suggestion. Not wholly original, but should have good scope for loco changes, taking restaurant cars out, that kind of thing. I'm imagining the terminus on a bit of a peninsula, so you can get a little access round the back to the loops (you can park 2 trains whilst a third circulates on each track, if you so wish, or stack 3 per circuit). I know nothing at all of MPDs so no details there...
  10. Paddington (H&C) to Paddington (Praed St) via Aldgate is possible.
  11. It does make it into more of a wayside station, where the action is in shunting the goods and branch train, whilst most traffic will just trundle by. It looks more realistic but that comes at the cost of interesting operation. I personally prefer the original idea of a bigger station where loco changes happen, everything has to originate/ terminate and ECS is worked to and from the carriage sidings. That makes it a bit of a tail chaser, but it's philosophically a very different thing.
  12. In its current form I don't think the branch does much. I probably wouldn't bother with a branch at all, you could just put a very simple second station/ halt near the carriage sidings. Have the main station act as a double ended terminus for the trains that call there. Alternatively take it to a terminus, but perhaps an imaginary one inside the tunnel. That then at least gives the illusion of the branch going somewhere different. To be operationally interesting the main station needs to be somewhere trains terminate from both ends. Are you doing steam or diesel/ electric era? (You mention a Bachmann 150, so presumably we're talking post 1985?).
  13. That's not such a problem, you just need to provide facilities at the station to allow an ECS move from the sidings to reverse and run the other direction. The same applies for ECS moves from the station to the sidings.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if that was aimed at getting people to drive to join at Stevenage.
  15. Certainly franchised operators have minimum service levels to adhere to. Though the TOC which primarily serves Dunbar changed, so it's presumably governed at a higher level. Anyway, I hope this is successful in attracting new customers to rail. Don't have any views on the branding, so long as it does the job it's intended to. Kind of surprised it's a brand new and unique class of train they're using, but that should help.
  16. It's not always essential, but if you're using public transport to access the airport, then planning to leave only 20-30 minutes for collecting boarding passes, security and getting to the gate is playing with fire somewhat. It wouldn't take much for that allowance to evaporate and become a missed plane. And if you're driving to the airport then parking there could be some distance from the terminal, depending on how long you're staying. Last time I used Gatwick it was at least 20 minutes from the car park to the front door of the (wrong) terminal, and then I had to get through everything else. Of course a lot of that applies to these kinds of train too, but there once you're at the station door then there should be a meaningful amount less faffing about required to get to the train.
  17. I've no idea about the Bluebell railways internal politics, so I wouldn't want to specifically comment... You often find people in clubs and societies like to create and then jealously guard their own little fiefdoms. Which are then really hard for anyone else to pick up when the time comes.
  18. The clearances needed by 6.6kV are much lower than I'd needed by 25kV, and in 1908 attitudes to safely mean they would probably have been even tighter.
  19. They probably couldn't justify double track if they were built today for todays service. Having two tracks is just a hangover from history, and the limitations of absolute block working.
  20. I could see battery units with in-platform charging provided at Southport being a solution to that kind of route. Comes with disadvantages if a train has to sit there for 20 minutes before it'll have enough charge to get back to the other end, but there are disadvantages to everything of one sort or another
  21. It looks like it's been designed by someone who doesn't know how to design a bike. I'm sure Louis Vuitton could have employed someone with the necessary skills, but those aren't for riding, they're for artfully placing in places they can be shown off. Which is a hobby in itself, though not one I can see the appeal of.
  22. Railway preservation politics... Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could just get along?
  23. I suppose with a station like Beauly, it needs to either be one door (so 15m is enough) or an entire unit, which means 50+m for a 158. I imagine the difference between those two costs made the difference between being viable and not.
  24. I imagine the reality of Bastille was that the morning/ arrivals would have been more intense and chaotic, with the potential for trains to get held up on their way in. I suppose it would be unlikely that they'd arrive out of order with the lack of junctions on the line, but they could still arrive with the wrong spacing.
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