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  1. I emailed her, not sure if I should have expected a reply though but didn't. Gary
  2. Watched you on the return leg pass through Nottingham. Sadly I had been drinking when i realised was coming, other wise would have gone out in car to a more suitable location.
  3. Yep I missed it coming through Nottingham. I'm only 5mins from the station as well.
  4. Hi I emailed Hornby in regards the voucher and have now been offered to exchange the £20 club voucher fir a £15 website voucher. I know its a loss of £5, but at least I can use it now. Gary
  5. I'm currently with Hornby and Bachmann, and weighing up which, if any to keep. I still got my £20 voucher to use, and only an old loco (and already have) or a wagon of no use.
  6. Whats her email address as I might do this.
  7. Damn if had spotted you was coming through Notts today I would have popped down to wave.
  8. Not long been back. Was an enjoyable afternoon out with my modelling mad step-daughter (took my phone off me to take pics/vids) and sleep deprived wife (went after an 8pm-8am shift) A picked up a couple of Lima Hoovers, while the SD got a few bits like Oxford vans/cars as well as a 3D scan. Scary the wife is starting to recognise classes..... be it an A4 or a Class 73 "Isn't that what we saw at Ruddington?"
  9. gparr

    EBay madness

    Saw this myself last night. its rather shocking!
  10. What are the opening times. Looked on the site and not listed. Gary
  11. gparr


    Hopefully going myself Sunday. Was supposed to be taking my father-in-law, but we lost him suddenly. Its his funeral today. Not been to Nottingham one for ages. Last time I went it was still at Victoria Baths.
  12. gparr


    This layout has inspired me. I have re-ignited my love of Model Railways. This has been aided by my step-daughter (10) having a keen interest. Been slowly building a collection of stock. I (well we) have an 8x4 board ready for a tail-chaser, but I kept an off cut of 4x2 to do a small depot to do something a bit more realistic to test my skills. I had thought about doing two 1x4 panels, and can now see what can be done.
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