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  1. Just checked the website and......................................................... they're back!
  2. Unfortunately Backwoods Miniatures are no longer trading, there's a thread here; and a message on their website explaining the reason; http://www.backwoodsminiatures.com/ Regards
  3. The old forum no longer works with the new software, details can be found in this thread;
  4. I can understand that if a layout's prototype dictates that a certain piece of signature rolling stock is required, the non availability of it in RTR form can be frustrating to some. In the case of the promised, but as yet not available, 10 Ton Road Van there are a number of alternatives, most of which have already been mentioned; Substitute with another RTR model, thinking Hornby's new LSWR Brake van, but noting that it has an issue with the colour of the LSWR and SR versions. Build a kit, Smallbrook Studio and Bill Bedford/Mousa Models both have the 10 Ton Road van in their ranges, although as an alternative both also have kits for the 18 ton vans and Smallbrook have the LSWR/WD van, providing more choice. Scratchbuild but as there are kits this would only really suit those who enjoy that sort of thing. Wait until the Kernow model arrives. Go without. It's as simple as that, no amount screaming and shouting, and biting off the heads of those who suggest alternatives is going to change that.
  5. I can recommend SnM Stuff https://www.snmstuff.co.uk/ They carry most of the Vallejo range of modelling products along with Ammo by Mig, AK Interactive, Lifecolor Paint sets, Tamyia Acrylic Paints and Tools, and some Mr Hobby/ Gunze Sangyo products.
  6. The show website states that there will be a shuttle bus running from Wood Green station. https://www.warners-shows.co.uk/indoor-shows/the-london-festival-of-railway-modelling/the-london-festival-of-railway-modelling-directions Also the W3 bus serves Finsbury Park, Wood Green and Alexandra Palace stations amongst others. So if it's just the walk up the hill that is an issue, there are alternatives available.
  7. Neal, could you be thinking of the Monty Wells conversion featured in Model Railway Journal issues 5 & 6?
  8. Thinking a little further about the colour of the plugs, over time the exposed metal would tarnish and take on a brown colour, I've found a couple of pictures of plugs take from in service engines which show this. This shows the washout plugs from GWR 28xx Class 2807 This shows a washout plug from SR U Class 31806 So probably a brown wash applied to the brass would help to create the effect although AK Interactive also do Old Bronze and Gun Metal in their True Metal range which both seem to be brown and might be closer to tarnished bronze.
  9. The specified metals (BS1400 LG2 or LG4) are Leaded Gunmetal/Leaded Bronze which is copper based and has a colour similar to brass. Leaded Gunmetal for sale on the RS website
  10. According to the the allocation list on BRdatabase the first allocations to Scottish depots were in 1966, although they may well have been trialled in Scotland when first introduced.
  11. It must be remembered that with the MRJ the date stated is an indication of when the next edition might be available. It has a long, time honoured tradition of arriving after it's published due date and invariably rewards ones patience. The attitude I take is "it'll be out when it's out".
  12. Just had a look at the Lightmoor Press website and found the New Books page shows Gloucester Midland Lines Parts 2 and 3 as being due on November 14th. Gloucester Midland Lines Part 2 : South Eastgate to Stroud & Nailsworth Gloucester Midland Lines Part 3 : South Stonehouse to Westerleigh & Branches They're a bit like buses: you wait ages then 2 come along at once. If the first volume is anything to go by they'll be well worth that wait!
  13. Looking at the turnout I see a nicely made piece of trackwork, it does lack some finer details but does look like a real turnout, but it is being viewed out of context as it is not installed on a layout. It's not how an individual component looks in isolation as many layouts on this forum use track that, out of the box, might be described as unimpressive, but once on the layout and with a little bit of work can be made to look very good. The turnout in question installed on a layout, ballasted, weathered, and given the scenic treatment as shown in Ernie's picture above, certainly has the potential to make a very impressive model.
  14. The websites of C&L Finescale, Dart Castings, Eileen's Emporium, Modelu, Roxey Mouldings, and Wizard Models all show August 10th and 11th as the dates they will be attending.
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