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  1. The websites of C&L Finescale, Dart Castings, Eileen's Emporium, Modelu, Roxey Mouldings, and Wizard Models all show August 10th and 11th as the dates they will be attending.
  2. The model in question, 41803, isn't fitted with vacuum train brake, it doesn't have a vacuum ejector which would be mounted on the right hand side of the boiler/smokebox. I understand that only the full cab 1F models are fitted the an ejector, so the absence of vac pipes would be correct for the half cab models although I'm not sure why steam pipes are included.
  3. Sorry if I struck a nerve, I was making light of the fact that there seems a degree of misinformation and myth which your previous post didn't help in making clear the purpose of the Gold Forum. In the original announcement thread of Gold Membership a question was asked on this very subject; and a reply clearly stating the scope of the Gold Forum was given; I can understand if you haven't seen the posts as they are on pages 7 and 8 of the thread but your post did not seek to clarify the situation and serves, however unintentionally, to perpetuate a myth/conspiracy theory/fake news/misinformation. There's no wish for any kind of conspiracy on my part but instead a desire to give an informed view by stating the facts.
  4. If you're expecting the Gold Lounge to be some sort of special modelling forum, where all the good stuff is kept out of sight, you'll be very disappointed, it's about things relating to gold membership and all very mundane at that. I'm sure Andy and the mods would put a stop to any kind of exclusive forum developing that is outside of things relating to gold membership, it doesn't really benefit RMweb/BRM to start hiding the type of content that has made this forum so successful. But don't let what I have to say stop your enjoyment of conspiracy theories because, after all, to refute them just means that I'm part of the conspiracy, doesn't it?
  5. The JustGiving donations have just gone over £50000, the hateful act of 4 has been eclipsed by the kindness of more than 3000.
  6. It seems that DJM has fallen into the category of business that are very good at complaining about how hard is and that all their problems are someone else's fault. They seem to think that some crackpot idea will save them without having fully thought out how it would work in practice or how they are going to fund it, maybe thinking that state will foot the bill. Unfortunately when it comes to infringement of civil law the individual has to enforce it and run the risk of having to pay for the privileged. Instead of whining about how unfair things are maybe their time would have been better spent actually getting the promised products to market, the likes of Accurascale seem to be able to produce a steady steam to quality products without any fuss. I accept that problems do occur but the best course is to roll up your sleeves and get on and fix the actual problem at hand instead of relying on some harebrained scheme to save you. It's all very sad and as others have said it looks like we are witnessing the death throes of DJM.
  7. As for camera batteries; I had a Energizer brand spare battery for my Nikon D60 DSLR camera, unfortunately it stopped charging after a couple of years. When I sold the camera, 6 years after I bought it, the original Nikon battery was still working. It might just have been a one off "bad" battery but since then I've stuck to the camera manufactures batteries and had no problems, well apart from me forgetting to charge them a couple of times! As for phones; My relatively inexpensive Motorola Moto G5 Plus takes decent snapshots. Just give your number to people you actually want to call you and even then you don't need to answer their calls, you're not legally required to have it next to you at all times
  8. It's something of a tradition that MRJ is sometimes late, it's been a feature since the mid 1980's. The date is more a guide to when it should be out, it's ready when it's ready and rarely disappoints.
  9. Unfortunately, for your problem, I've not had problems but was trying to see if it could be recreated by changing a few setting in Firefox. Sorry if I got your hopes up as I can't seem to break my browser!
  10. No, it's a version of the Linux operating system. The word is from southern Africa so wouldn't look out of place on a Thompson B1, although it isn't the name of a antelope!
  11. And now for a reply.
  12. Testing Firefox 66.0.2 on Ubuntu. Edit; It works!
  13. The book "The Mid-Hants Railway- From Construction to Closure" has some information on the motive power used pre 1937. It lists 6 up and 6 down services with a mix of locomotive classes; H15, D15, T14, and U being the usual motive power. But it does suggest that the services were used to get locos to and from Eastleigh works and for running in turns and has selected observation, of which from 1933 to 1937 the following were noted; 919, 1625, 927, 409, 1806, 120, 2327, 395, 851, 1413, 464, and 1617. There's also a picture of derailed T9 307 at Alresford dated 222nd April 1936 with an LSWR non-corridor coach set 137.
  14. On the Evo-Stik website it shows "Impact Adhesive" as being available in 250ml and 500ml tins, "Timebond Adhesive" is still available in 65g tube along with 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre tins. It looks like tube Impact will no longer be available, although as already mentioned it's still being offered on Amazon, so it might be time to get some before it goes. Edit; As I was about to close the Evo-Stik website noticed that they are part of Bostik. Now they do a "Contact Adhesive" in a tube, it might be the same as the Evo-Stik Impact.
  15. Wizard Models do an etched set of point levers; LS0014: Yard Point Levers
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