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  1. Many thanks my good sir, Hopefully the next ones much betterer. Might have a crack at one of the GNR twins I have here.
  2. The DS GER General Van is now finished. I have to say this is my new favourite van on my layout. The reasons being; I built it, I painted it, I weathered it and it’s definitely the best brass kit I have ever built. Gave my self a well earn’t pat on the back.
  3. There’s also another V2 on its way for Retford. Must remember to post it off! Also I finished this DS GER General van today, it’s in the paint shop at the moment. I think this is has got to be my best brass kit I’ve built. Really proud of myself.
  4. I miss it. I only go over to see Little Bytham and for Mo to do my washing. Tony who?
  5. I love golf, we play the full 18, but don’t remember much after the 6th as we’re normally blind drunk. on that note one time my mate drove the golf cart home instead of his car. I think he still has it.....
  6. Wow I forgot about that photo, thanks Tony. May I show the layout from the same spot now? This is more or less the same angle as the shot you took. Amazing what extending the layout to the full length of the room can do, no visible sharpe curve. The same viewpoint but facing towards the tunnel. Lovely loco there by the way Please excuse the horrible photos as they’re screenshots of videos I have taken for up coming YouTube video.
  7. I know you do, I didn’t mean that comment in a negative way. Shame about not knowing, always like to know, there was no signature underneath either. She did run, just not very well, I don’t think she liked DCC, but she’s running like a horse now. I believe the tighter curves I had on the layout before the rebuilding caused some problems. Now with 4ft curves on all four corners everything flows better. It was still a splendid loco sitting in the drawer that’s why I wanted to tinker with it. It’s amazing how one day you just have an idea and then a problems gone and
  8. Sir might know, if he pops over to this humble thread. I’d like to know who built it.
  9. Hey mate, It’s whitemetal, not sure who made it
  10. Hey mate, just found your thread, everything seems to coming along rather well, if you need any help just shoot me a message.
  11. Considering it’s been raining non stop for the last week, it was perfect weather for some modelling. Ive had some finished wagons for a while sitting here without any transfers on them, so I decided to crack on. First up from the left is a NER F10 scratching using a Hornby wagon, Jonathan Wealleans showed me how to do this and Graeme King showed him how to do it, so cheers to the both of you. Another is on workbench but it will be one that was downgraded to fish duties. Next is a 51L NER perishables van and then a DS GCR perishables van, I hope I’ve lettered it correctly
  12. I’m glad you’re back and enjoying it Tom, a few things to say if I can? 1. Who gives a flying f**k what other people think of what you are doing, you’re doing it for yourself and if they don’t like tell them to pi** off! 2. You don’t have to please everyone, there are always going to be people that don’t agree with you and the easiest thing to do is give them the finger and laugh as you keep doing what YOU want to do. Apologies, but I’m Australian, we are a very colourful people with choice of words. I say this from my own personal challenges and tri
  13. She’s a beaut mate, I can’t wait to finish mine. I agree about our own having character, basically anything you build yourself has character whether it looks like a heap of junk or in pristine condition, it’s your own work! I have always wanted a W1 and I was a little sad that Hornby announced it to be honest. You always got a bit of a excitement seeing a W1 on a layout, just like the real thing, now everyone will have one. I will be getting the original Hush Hush from Hornby, but again at least my rebuilt one will be my own and I will be very smug in saying it’s my own a
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