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  1. Completely and utterly off topic, but I couldn’t help but post this. One of the upsides of Facebook modelling groups. Tony, apologies for the hijack, but it’s Monty Python....
  2. That’s what I was thinking, still room for improvement, but a step up from my first attempt.
  3. I’ve used Acrylics, oil paints are on my shopping list. I say method, as the stages you created yours in. Many thanks
  4. My second attempt at painting teak has worked wonders, I think, Using Mike Trice’ methods. I think another light coat and some weathering she’ll turn out alright.
  5. I spy a C2 Is it possible for you to do a bad paint job? So it matches my painting skills haha
  6. Is it him or us Geoff? I think he’s leading us down an old git road.... Thanks, I’ll be sure to bring it along once all this stuffs blown over and we are allowed to travel. It won’t be anywhere near Tonys work, but we’ll just hide all of LB’s J6’s and run mine. It definitely has, should have heard the colourful words he said when I mentioned I’d started my left arm tattoo sleeve.....you can imagine.
  7. I think everyone has different opinions, different methods and different suppliers they prefer. I might try the high level ones, I do need a new motor/gearbox combination for my D2, so I might look at ordering one.
  8. I agree that nobody would use anything cheap on here, I just re read what I said and it did sound rude, I did not mean for it to sound that way at all, my apologies. I have the same motor in my J10 and the J10 is a lot smaller then the J6, I’m sure it will fit and work, even if it does show under the boiler, painting it black will hide it anyway. As this is my second loco kit, it’s no where near a professional showroom finish. Let me just say, I’m happy with DJH at the moment and I’m sticking to them for now, I may well look at another source. Do you have a link Mick for the High Level ones? cheers mate jesse
  9. I’ve just been invoiced £50 for an AM10 motor/gearbox, I’m happy with paying that for a good and easy to use motor, this is only my second loco kit and third motor/gearbox installation. Later on I might change it up, but I am very happy with DJH. Pay cheap you get cheap, as they say. From a satisfied customer.
  10. I didn’t know it was the incorrect one? As soon, as the right one comes along I’ll change it. Yeah for some reason I can’t make out why it’s sitting higher. I’ve checked and re-checked.
  11. But if ones happy, why change? Our first game was good, first time we have won 4 in a row since 1989 and we won the grand final that year. We went 5 off the bat, lost last week to Roosters, good game but. We’re on the top of the ladder.
  12. Thank you kind sir, hope that email wasn’t too abrupt. Indeed they are, 2 minutes of work and 25 minutes of complete hogwash about sums up our phone calls. Yes it is blood, there’s plenty of it all over the layout actually, literally blood, sweat and tears.
  13. I’m really happy with the DJH motors Baz, easy to put in, it’s already done and they work really really well, the one in my J10 runs like an A4
  14. Sorry all, totally missed those comments, regarding the teak effect; I’ve stripped the ECJS brake and have started again, haven’t done anything else but an orange/yellow base coat. I always bring paints back with me from the UK, I just chuck them in my luggage, never had a problem so far. Although one time I did get stopped was when I had a lump of coal with me from Beamish. “ah sir, please open your bag, what’s that in the plastic bag” ”it’s a lump of coal” ”why do you have a lump of coal in your bag?” ”I’m a railway enthu-“ ”yeah your right mate on your way” Must happen a lot On another note, considering I stop and start projects, I’ve started on the Nucast J6 I got from Warley for 90 quid. After ordering the wrong motor from DJH, I decided to still crack on with it and just install the motor in a few weeks. It’s proving toublesome, but it is only my second loco kit and I’m honestly happy with the way it’s coming along.
  15. I completely agree with you Tony, as you said earlier to me, there will always be the nit pickers and there will always be criticism, how you deal with it, whether it’s ignoring the morons or fixing the problems, is what counts at the end.
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