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  1. Yeah I sent it to you to be rebuilt, it needed a scratchbuilt chassis. Which I admit is beyond me at this point in time… one day. So I sent it over and it returned here completely destroyed. It looked like customs had opened it and did the dodgy. Then we came to an agreement of swapping a v2 I had here for a rebuild of the D2. Nice bit of bartering. Tony will do a much better job of it then I could, as I said, at the moment. With the Bachman V2 on the horizon, I intend to kitbuikt whats not on the RTR market. Which I think is sensible.
  2. Has to be the one. It’ll look the ducks guts when it’s finished. How’s that D2!
  3. Is that the one you and I were talking about ages ago? Hoping for it to be in its later days with Gresley cab and boiler?
  4. If I may? I didn’t help remove the stock, I believe I was either in Malta with the rest of my family, I stayed home and worked the family business for 5 weeks, met them in Malta for a week, then returned home and I left for 5 weeks in the UK. I also didn’t go home after the LNER weekend, I went north to my other adopted British family David and Christine Miller in Newcastle, who visited LB whilst I was there in November 2019. Then I went onto the Scotland for week. Then, unfortunately, I went home. Also Tony, you and I went to BRM and helped edit the moving pictures for the DVD, mostly by telling the fella in the media department of BRM where we wanted each shot to be. An all round fantastic experience for a young modeller like myself. I’ve said this before and I’ll probably be saying it till the day I clock in. But you have no idea how much that weekend meant to me. I’ve always looked up to you Tony as a kid (I’m doomed now that we’re friends) and it was also seeing Grantham in the March 2014 BRM that made me decide to go LNER. So for me to be able to be part of the ‘gang’ for a weekend and also help build Grantham in a small way ( don’t look to closely at one of the station canopy’s support brackets) really was just amazing, there are no words to describe what it meant for me. Now to call you all dear friends, I wouldn’t be the modeller I am today without all of you. So to Graham, Jonathan, Greame, Roy and Baz, thankyou. Also thanks to John Smart, Dave Jobbling and Steve White who have opened me with welcome arms through covid during the Skype call sessions. and thanks to you Tony, for giving a young, inspired, long haired, tattooed, pierced Australian bogan a chance. Better throw Mo in there for feeding me and washing my clothes! And also the rest of you lot who I’ve spoken to countless times on RMWEB!! Right, no more sooky posts, it’s back to inappropriate comments and modelling!
  5. Oh yes, I can still hear the colourful words that came out after the flash went off!
  6. I can’t believe it’s been over three years since that weekend. I wouldn’t have missed an opportunity like that, thanks to you and the rest of the chaps for the invite. It was such an excellent weekend and five weeks for me in the UK. Halfway through putting your 58 stock back on. A picture you took of me taking the controls during us running trains for the other BRM video. Who needs you Tony, I know how to run LB with my eyes closed, with no cock ups! and lastly the team! Bit of a blurry photo as it’s a photo of a photo…. But you get the idea.
  7. Are we showing off Department Trains? Not going to miss an opportunity to show mine again.
  8. Oh I know now, unfortunately I read it at 5am before my morning 4 coffees and oh boy you don’t wanna be around me at that time! No need to apologise, it is i that should, so sorry about that. Must remember to wake up before reading stuff.
  9. After the fifth it doesn’t matter…. Wait what were we talking about?
  10. Well now haven’t I reached a milestone over the weekend. TRAINS RUNNING I REPEAT TRAINS RUNNING!!!! Finally a train moving on the new layout. I must say I’m very proud of myself, first prototype, first use of bullhead track, first time glueing track instead of pinning it down and the first time making up different track connections (bullhead to code 100). It runs beautifully, once I finish some wiring at the north end fiddleyard and finishing layout the down lines in the scenic section I’ll take a small video and upload it on YouTube with the link posted in here as well. Excuse the mess, I’d been going at the railway from 7am Saturday morning. So here goes nothing. Please excuse wrong head codes I grabbed the first loco’s I seen. The department train snaking its way onto the fast line at Woolmer Green Box (not modelled yet). Excuse the open wagon at the front easiest way to get a Kadee to couple to the O2. Now rolling across the viaduct towards Welwyn North portal. A parcels train thunders past, in charge is the modified C1 ‘4419’. There are three more bogie vans that need to be added to this take but I haven’t finished them yet. Now cleared to enter the main line, an out of gauge working, a department bucket machine thingy, hauled by an O4. Might be a little too high even for an out of gauge working but we won’t tell anyone….
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