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  1. I’ll get them sorted one way or another, night not be till next week, as I have specialist appointments today for my ankle, then I fly to Melbourne tomorrow until Saturday for business meetings.
  2. It’s all about them angles, that’s your Christmas present sorted Tony, I’ll weld together a 6ft pole to hold your camera
  3. Well, what can I say....what a fantastic, very short trip to the UK this year, met so many people, people I have known on RMWEB, some eager to meet me and some people I have been longing to meet. It was such a fantastic time, I owe it all to Tony, for putting me up for the two weeks, introducing me to so many people, helping me out with a bit of modelling and all in all being such a great mate, thank you, thanks to Mo as well of course. Warley bankrupted me as usual, but I am proud to say that I didn't buy one thing RTR, I went for stuff I couldn't get back home, such as kits, I walked away with a Nucast J6, a Macgowen B4 and C4 and an already built B16, which needed a new motor/gearbox and wheels to be compatible for DCC, which Tony kindly fitted for me. Along with some other bits and pieces from Warley, like some old wagon kits, I also got my self scanned for a 3D printed model of myself, kindly painted by Paul, first rounds on me next time I'm over!!!! I also was invited to have dinner with Tony, Mo and the Grantham crew, it was nice to catch up with them all since last August, I think I missed the memo of bringing a wife though..... Thank you to all of you for making me feel like part of the crew. Due to it being such a short trip this year my friends from up North Dave and Christine traveled down to Little Bytham to visit me and to also visit the model of LB, we all had a lovely dinner at the Willoughby arms pub, I may or may not have stayed out late with them..... It was also good to see Geoff West again, we were like naughty school children on the far side getting a stern talking to by Sir, all good fun, mates running trains. I also visited Geoff Haynes to get my A2 a light weathering and the department train a quick matte finish, here he is in full flight, many thanks to Geoff for this, cant wait to read his new book on painting. and what a way to arrive in London Kings Cross before flying out last Thursday.... Well back home now and still getting over the jet lag, been cleaning the train room and the layout ready for some work, still halfway through but got busy this morning with the K2 conversion that i picked up from Graeme King, many thanks to Jaime for helping me with this, still not finished, but she runs, which is always a plus. Also have the triplet set on the tracks, I bought this of Barry Oliver in BR maroon, Jonathan Wealleans kindly painted it into teak for me, he's not that bad at painting coaches for a wagon builder........... oh and the B16? Here she is, doing what a B16 does best. All in all, thank you to everyone who has helped, looks after me in some shape or form, you all know who you are. Its such a pleasure and honor to call you all my friends, thank you. See you all in Easter 2021.
  4. Thanks again Tony for everything, when I’m at my computer on Monday I’ll post up some photos.
  5. I’m fine, beers have been cracked in readiness of my mums birthday party.
  6. And a very big thankyou from me to you Tony, I really think I got a great bargain, now to build the kit I’ve got at home of one. You mentioned selling it, that was clearly a trick question, because if I sold an unbuilt kit because I purchased one built I’d receive a very thorough thumping! Thanks also for the D2. I did cook dinner as a thankyou, but it really isn’t enough to how much you’ve helped me. New buffers, a quick bit of black paint and she’ll be romping around Brighton Junction in no time, thankyou.
  7. It was Geoff, good day playing trains, hope to see you next time
  8. I purchased a DJH B16 from Warley all ready built, it had a broken cylinder, so got it less then half the price....BARGAIN. That was fixed in a jiffy, as I had the Man The Man The Legend there. It needed a new motor and wheels to be compatible with DCC, here is that said man doing all the work, I am forever grateful. I’ll post up the second photo later when it’s finished.
  9. I’ll be asking for help with the conversion soon, got all the bits of Mr King on the weekend, expected some messages
  10. It was great to meet you too mate
  11. Good afternoon running Little Bytham, my friends from the North, Dave and Christine, popped over to see me and to see LB, as well as Tony and Mo. It was also good to see Geoff West again, the pair of us sitting on the far side like school children receiving orders from Sir. It was a wonderful day, mates playing trains as Tony put it. It was also wonderful to speak to so many of you at Warley, I can’t wait till next time.
  12. Excuse me, Tony and I were then vultures
  13. I think they gave me a card, I’ll have a look for you
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