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  1. I have found holding blocked pins over a lighter sometimes unblocks them.
  2. I have always used humbrol or vallejo acrylic thinners and not had a problem. Always sprayed well. Cheers
  3. Thanks for all the replies. This topic has really taken off. No pun intended. My layout is set in the southeast in the late 1990s early 2000s. Plane wise the e170 and a320 were just examples and I'm open to other regional jets etc. Been looking today and think the best option would be to model the end of a runway possibly. Will have to spend more time deciding this. Cheers
  4. Thanks for the replies and ideas everyone.
  5. Thanks. I shall do some further research.
  6. Thanks for all the comments and idea. All good food for thought. Cheers
  7. Hi Very interesting. Just had a look online and found some pictures. Cheers
  8. Hi Thanks for your reply. I have a large raised area above the tracks on my layout. I'm wanting to put something different in this space. I am thinking the best way would be a small part of an airport with a half relief terminal building etc. I am hoping to include the trains with a small branch line station which would be something like the Newcastle airport station.
  9. Hi It is oo gauge scale. However if HO gauge buildings were suitable then I would consider them. Cheers
  10. Hi I am wanting to build a small modern regional airport on my layout. Something to service aircraft such as a320, e175 etc. I have seen the one at miniture wonderland and dont wont anything that extravagant. However from what I have seen there isnt really anything available in the market. So i am wondering if anyone has come across any kits that could be modified or any information that may be useful. As I may have to coinsider stratchbuilding one. Thanks
  11. Will try and post some pics as it progresses. Go for it. I does present an interesting diorama idea. Cheers
  12. Thanks for the reply. I have decided to build a combined olympic skeet, trap range. So will see how it goes. Cheers
  13. Feoffee2

    Class 466

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has any spare rubber corridor connectors for a Hornby class 466 networker. Thanks
  14. Hi I am looking to build a clay target range on my layout. I was wondering if anyone knows of a manufacturer that makes oo or ho gauge clay pigeon traps. Cheers
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