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  1. Really nice looking layout. The hardstanding kit looks excellent and is next on my list to try and achieve a satisfactory appearance after several other attempts.
  2. Love this. My pristine EWS 08 looks out of place amongst everything else.
  3. I've had a huge loss of modelling mojo for the last few months. I kept looking at the layout but couldn't inspire myself to do anything and couldn't work out why. I was looking at the hardstanding area where the shed is and wasn't completely happy with it. It didn't look too bad but wasn't perfectly flat and locos kept stalling on it. Before I knew it I had started ripping it up and within half an hour or so it was gone and cleaned up and I suddenly felt a sense of relief. I managed to only cause minor damage to the surrounding security fencing. I'm using 2mm card to build the area up to be completely flat and then will probably use the scale model scenery mdf kit which I'll have to chop around a bit but hopefully it can be sanded to get a perfect fit. As can be seen in the other pic I've added a bit of straw colour static grass as I start to build up the areas which will be overgrown and unkempt. Feeling a bit more positive now so hopefully things will start to move in the right direction again.
  4. I've done a bit more work on the small parking area for the yet to be built office building. It started off as a piece of shed roofing felt which was painted with a black wash. I've added some ground scatter to blend it in with the surrounding area and installed a rail crossing, which still needs some work. The pics show the barrier I am adding around the car park which is a piece off 00 rail with short lengths of solid copper wire soldered on to make the 'legs'. It's been primed and is awaiting a final colouring.
  5. I've been working on the third board some more. The ballast piles have been shaped and covered with ballast as well as the surrounding area. This is almost complete but may benefit from a touch of weathering, weeds etc. The tarmac area is what will be the car-park for a small office building. This was made from shed roofing felt I had laying around which has been given a black wash. Still work to be done to blend it in but I think it looks ok. I've also knocked up a different road bridge to act as a scenic break. This was meant to just be a trial to see how it would look and has been constructed using 1mm card but it's pretty sturdy and I may well keep it. I've since filled and sanded the gaps and primed it. Next to try and achieve the concrete finish I'm looking for.
  6. Thanks for the tip. Do you allow it to dry for a period of time or wipe it straight off?
  7. I also own a few pristine wagons along with an EWS livery Class 08 which although lovely don't look very authentic. Now I've never attempted any weathering before so no way was I going to start on the locomotive but a second hand Hornby MHA wagon I wasn't quite so concerned about. So with no real idea what I was doing I set about trying to fade the paintwork a bit with a white wash and dry brushing hybrid technique. It sort of worked and sort of didn't so I then tried making it look a bit more grubby by just dry brushing burnt umber over the body and chassis. I then painted the inside using burnt umber and then before it dried brushed on some dark rust pigment. To my surprise it actually doesn't look too bad for a first attempt. Still more to do but I think it's passable.
  8. I've moved to the other end of the layout to try and bring everything up to a similar point. This meant making a start on the virtual quarry area and trying to model large ballast heaps. After a bit of research I've opted for using expanding foam as it's fairly easy to work with, and light. As in the pics I've started roughly cutting and shaping it and it's beginning to look the right shape. Still a long way to go and presumably it will néed filling and final sanding but it's looking promising so far.
  9. A couple more pics with current progress. I've finished the low relief office building which forms the backdrop of the first board. I've also almost finished the shipping container site office kit from Scale model scenery. It's been painted and I've cobbled together a few items of furniture and added lighting which I'll add pics of when complete. Other than that the only other thing I've been doing is making a few bushes to add some more greenery to the layout.
  10. Time for a bit of an update methinks. When time is short in supply and you're only able to spend a few minutes here and there it doesn't feel like much progress is being made but looking at my last update it's surprising how much has changed. All my efforts have been concentrated on the left hand board where the maintenance shed is. I've made the small fenced compound behind the shed as well as finishing the fencing around the shed itself. Some basic ground cover has been added which will be added to with more greenery. The track by the side of the rails will lead to another small compound containing some sort of equipment. I've also added a 2 aspect signal which will probably just be controlled with a 2 way switch rather than having dcc control as it's more for effect than operational purposes and will mostly be showing red. On the backscene behind the Freightliner 66 I'm in the early stages of creating a very low relief office block which will be based on the Scalescenes T007 download. Any thoughts or comments welcome.
  11. Really interesting reading through this. I've lived near Huntingdon for the last 13 years so not long enough to have known any of the old lines but I can picture where they would have been based on the landmarks.
  12. Looking really good. +1 on the follow list.
  13. At the other end I've also almost finished the hard standing area where the service shed will be. I decided against using the filler method as previously as I found it difficult to achieve a finish I was happy with and found I couldn't get trains to run perfectly after all the sanding and painting. So this time I built up the area using match sticks of which I had a big bag full. On top of this two layers of thin card were used to give a flat surface. The concrete 'slabs' were then made using cereal box card doubled up with weathered concrete sheets downloaded from scalescenes.com which I then gave a couple of coats of Halfords matt lacquer. The fence is the Wills SSM316 kit which has been primed and given a couple of coats of galv silver spray. It's just temporarily placed to give a feel for how the area will look. The small enclosed area behind the main service shed area will probably be a slightly overgrown storage compound with a container and various items of detailing added.
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