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  1. I was just thinking out loud really but given the price point of the top spec 47 if that's the direction Bachmann are taking they may well feel there are new features or improvements they could introduce. Also if it were to happen the decision would likely have been made long before Hatton's confirmed there would be another batch of their model. As I say I'm merely speculating out of curiosity.
  2. I know this is the Hatton's thread but given Bachmann's recent announcement of a new high-end class 47, which appears to have been in the pipeline for a few years I wonder if they've looked at doing the same with their own 66 and raising the bar a little further still.
  3. At the recent naming ceremony for 69002, Bob Tiller, who the loco is named after and who revealed the nameplate was handed a model of the loco that looked 00 gauge size. I wonder if this was a one off or a clue that the Bachmann model is quite advanced.
  4. Hi, I have an older non-dcc ready Bachmann 08 with a Lenz decoder hard wired in. I'm thinking of adding stay alive to give more reliable running. I wondered if anyone could advise on how to select which stay alive unit to use or ideally could recommend a product they have used. I'm unsure of the exact decoder I fitted and wasn't sure if that had any relevance? I'm aware the stay alive unit will have to be positioned in the cab. Many thanks
  5. Will it be possible to change my pre-order from DCC fitted to sound once pricing has been confirmed?
  6. Never pre-ordered a loco before, I have now!
  7. I'm not too clued up on these but I like the look of the VTG ones. I'm also not a total stickler for realism but how out of place would these be on a modern image, virtual quarry layout?
  8. This might be a bit of a non-starter but I'm looking into the idea of building my own bogie ballast wagons like the MMA/MJA/IOA type. I wouldn't mind having a go at building the body myself so can anyone suggest a kit or cheap flat wagon I could use as a base? I'm not too worried about it being super accurate as long as it looks ok.
  9. The 66 market is definitely a bit saturated at the moment but I think it would be a real shame if there wasn't a future run of these. Particularly any new liveries which may appear. My opinion might be slightly skewed as I only have one and it's perfect but they really are a fantastic model and on my end to end shunting layout details like the rotating axle ends really stand out. I wonder, if Hattons have been put off producing any more whether any other manufacturers would be willing/able to acquire the tooling and produce them, with a few tweaks. It would be a huge shame if the tooling went to waste after all the time and effort that went into the project.
  10. Here is the January update at Chesterton Road where I look at adding some more detail like signage and my first attempt at making tree.
  11. I haven't updated here for a while as there hasn't been much progress with the layout. I do however have a new loco for the layout in the form of Hattons DB 66097. It's a stunning loco. I've put together a short video where I first get my hands in the model. Will it be one of the good ones or a dud?
  12. Has anyone had one of these with a dud motor? Mine arrived yesterday and on dc there was no response from the motor but lights came on. With a known to work Hattons DCR-21pin Version 2 decoder fitted my dcc controller won't read any cv's and acts like there's nothing on the track. Functions 0-4 work correctly for the lighting though.
  13. Yes makes sense. Obviously I can't change a cv on a decoder in that loco to see if the motor reacts to it. I'll try and check the wiring to the motor and see if I can find an issue there.
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