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  1. Have you got any ideas on how to do the extension on a crane boom
  2. I did the lights and sounds on the mpv for Ian. Layout was excellent should have won
  3. Who did the mpv with all the lights on it, was it a loan from legomanboffo?
  4. Could you use something like a bogie from a Bachmann voyager and print the shock absorber? Or from America Walthers Proto HO 920-2131 Amfleet Inside Bearing Trucks (1 Pair) this could be used with again 3d printed shock
  5. I saw an article in one of the magazine's about how too modify some wagons tip make the various wagons for the timber train to chirk it goes past my signal box and three back of my house and I'd like too model it. Does anyone know what magazine it was and have any advice? Thanks Andrew willsher
  6. Thanks for your input that's exactly the article I was after just downloaded it. Thanks for the other information any facts or photos are useful
  7. I've seen an article somewhere I'm sure in one of the magazine's about how tho convert a Bachmann mpv for the log trial to chirk, I've had a look on the internet for photos and the article but not much luck if anyone could help much appreciated andrew Willsher
  8. Thanks for all the replies, very useful so far thanks
  9. I wondered if anyone has details and photos of network rails class 97 I'm especially interested in the ertms equipment which is where one of the fuel tanks used to be when it was a class 37, I want to modify the kernow model to reflect the differences. Many thanks Andrew w
  10. Hi Mick I wondered if you had any close up photos of your ertms equipment and the real thing? Also was it all of the 97's that had it fitted or just some of them? Thanks Andrew willsher
  11. I don't have a cutter yet but in the future is like to get one but I want to print out the destination boards for a virgin voyager on acetate black leaving the lettering see through for leds to show through orange but would someone be willing for a fee cut them out. I know there is some facility if you print marks on the paper the cutter recognises and cuts around it?
  12. I've just looked at my class 68 that enameled wire did go somewhere, it goes to diode 4 or d4 it is tiny but it's soldered tho one of the 3 terminals on the tiny diode
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