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  1. Hi David, I agree, just looks a fraction too much clearance above the coach. I might drop down a couple of mm for the final build. This stage was only a mockup to see if it all worked. Rgds Russell
  2. Torrington line bridge looks a little too high I think.
  3. Hi David, Good luck with your endeavour, please don’t hessitate to share any research material or references. OO vs EM (or P4), if you intend to build the track yourself I would suggest that the wider gauges will look more realistic with all the checkrails in place. BR Russell
  4. Just started scoping out the bridges and Barnstaple Junction B signal box
  5. Thanks Derek, it was the right balance for me. If you haven’t done so already I would heartely recomend you join the EM Gauge Society. Lots of guidance and conversion sheets in the manual. WRT to Templot, I haven’t used it for a while but it looks as though Martin has made many significant enhancements. My recomendation would be to not try and dive straight in, do the tututorials and watch the recordings to give you an understanding of what’s actually going on first.
  6. Thanks Bill for the photos from a few months back.
  7. Hi Darren, From what I can see there was two boxes, the early one is shown in you third picture. I believe that was replaced and the scond one subsequntly jacked up and moved to make way for the track to be realigned. The second box is the one in your first two photos. I think I’m almost there on measuring up, assuming that I can count on each brick plus mortar coming out at 9” x 3”.
  8. Hi, Sorry for the late response, I forgot I’d posted here. If the box is a variation on a standard design any drawings would be useful, do you know where I might find any? Thanks Russell
  9. Thanks, I’ve now got that book and your brick count is very helpful thankyou.
  10. Craftsman kit, sitting a box for years finished and painted by my Father.
  11. Thanks for this and apologies for delay. I'll have a look for the first one. The Middleton books are the best I can so far but even they are a real struggle.
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