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  1. A return to a "Design Clever" style of approach to reduce costs, reduce R&D time and speed up production maybe? Andy.
  2. Hello I'd like to wade into this debate on detailing. I have already commented on A1X smokebox rivets but there is something else that has not (to my knowledge) been touched on. This is the arrangement of air brake pipes and vacuum brake pipes. Very noticeable on the real thing, particularly the dual braked locos, is the arrangement of air brake pipes and vacuum pipes on the front and rear buffer beams. The dual fitted A1Xs tended to have the vacuum pipes on the right hand side of the front buffer beam (as you look head on) and the air brake pipe on the left hand side.
  3. I suppose better to be obsessed by rivets than nuts......... I will stop there....
  4. Ian, I agree that the smokebox wrapper front rivets are set too far back from the front, the Hornby A1X seems to get this right. Interestingly, following your post above I did a cursory "Google" for Terrier photos. The result was that some locos had / have a full circle of rivets and some have them stopping at the smokebox saddle: Preserved "Bodiam" on the KESR - cannot see a full circle of rivets i.e. finish at the saddle Preserved W8 on the IOW Railway - cannot see a full circle of rivets i.e. finish at the saddle (unclear though) Preserved 32678 - has a full circle of ri
  5. Hello You may also have found this out by now. There was also the Nocton Estates Light Railway that was located in Lincolnshire. It was primarily for the cultivation of potatoes, latterly owned by "Smiths" I believe. It used ex-WD rollingstock and modified 20hp Simplex (Motor Rail) petrol locomotives, I'm not sure if they were re-engined with diesel engines though. Steam power was tried in the early days but their weight and size was not suitable for the lightly laid tracks and soft ground conditions. Oakwood Press produced a book entitled "Lincolnshire Pot
  6. I agree with the assessment of the shape of the front guard irons, totally the wrong shape given the design drawings and photographic evidence as well as the surviving locomotives. Great looking models though and it's easy to be critical especially when there is little to be critical about. However, the locos are a minefield of detail differences, some of these are picked up on the Dapol model tread.
  7. I will still keep on voting for an NLR 1F tank as long as it's on the wishlist (78 votes)
  8. Thanks Alex and rembrow. I have also contacted Hattons where I have a pre-order for both. They have replied saying they are expected in stock any day now. Cheers Andy.
  9. Has anyone heard of a likely release date for 590 and Peggy? June is stated on a number of retailers websites. Just wondered if there's been any wispers of a later Month this year. Money is saved and put aside!! Cheers Andy.
  10. Hattons for one will be charging the additional 10%. Announced by them yesterday. No doubt other retailers will follow. I doubt it will push buyers to make thier purchases in Australia locally as even with the additional 10% buying from the UK is still significantly cheaper. The cynical me sees this as purely a money making exercise by the Government and not a scheme to increase domestic sales. Andy.
  11. Hello There is plenty of photographic and video evidence around to confirm that 31518 was push-pull fitted, it was one of the last of the class to be withdrawn after working push-pull services in the Three Bridges, Tunbridge Wells West and East Grinstead areas. I would suggest that it is either a mistake or omission on the BR Database website. It always pays to check/corroborate information on the web with other published sources and photographs!! Cheers Andy.
  12. My money is on a J36 as photos on the web show Maude inside a white, corrugated steel structure (at the Boness Railway I think) and the Hornby photo shows the same in the backgroud. A Glen would be nice too though.
  13. Upgrade/re-tool of the Terrier or E2 maybe rather than a new loco type? Then there's plenty of LBSCR rollingstock that has never been produced. Hornby have also produced an LBSCR brakevan that appears sporadically in the Railroad range.
  14. Further to my previous post. Attached is a photo of the rear of "Maude's" tender. Coal rails and lamp iron match those in "The Collector" photo. The tender water tank filler lid lifting handle also matches one of the other Hornby "teaser" photos. Andy.
  15. Finally seen the latest downloadable edition of The Collector and seen for myself the "teaser" photos of the measuring up of prototypes for the 2019 range. After looking at the photo of the tender coal rails I initially thought that it could be something North Eastern like a J27 or J21 but the lamp bracket is in the wrong place for an NE tender. However; the lamp bracket is not in the wrong place for a North British tender and has the right number of coal rails. Could J36 "Maude" be a new Hornby model for 2019? Mmmmmm............. All will be revealed at Warley?? Andy.
  16. Yes, it did have GWR on the pipe. However; preservation society's recycle parts were possible. I doubt "Fonmon" was ever vacuum fitted when in industrial service at Aberthaw cement works in its early days, this would most likely have occurred post preservation to work passenger trains. All speculation by me of course!! Regards Andy.
  17. I found the attached photo online. Rivet work, handrails, lining and "bagless" vacuum pipe look consistent with the Hornby images. Didn't Hornby say that one of their future models was related to a previous release (or words to that effect)? So, baby Peckett could be getting a big brother? Loco is 1924 built Peckett 1636 0-6-0ST "Fonmon".
  18. Ventnor

    The Engine Shed

    The Engine Shed actually stated on 28/07/17 the following: "But, you never know, in the meantime we might have some other HUGE H Class related surprises left, you’ll just have to watch this space…" So not BIG but HUGE. Why were all of the letters capitalised I wonder? A "U" Class has finished high and above a Lord Nelson in the last couple of wishlist polls. How is a U Class related to an H Class? The Bluebell Railway has two of them, 1618 and 1638 so were they measured at the same time? They have different tenders so adds to variations that could be produced. Or, it could be any SR loco w
  19. Mystery solved!! Sounds very much like that was the re-bunkering date/reason. Never noticed the lack of beading, thanks for sharing this information.
  20. The above website is somewhere I just did a quick check and is very useful for brief/concise SR loco histories and technical specifications. There are plenty of photos in printed reference material and achieve film on DVD that show 263 with a flared bunker in BR days. I have a photo from the mid 1950s that shows 263 had a flared bunker back then and with the early BR lion and wheel emblem and no push-pull fittings (so no Westinghouse pump). I believe that 263 was fitted with this equipment in 1960 so quite late in life as the loco was withdrawn in January 1964. I don't have any photos of the l
  21. Unless I've missed it elsewhere in other threads, Model Rail Offers has announced two more versions to pre-order. A re-run of 30064 and s73 in BRITISH RAILWAYS black.
  22. Stunning!! Glad I've got one on pre-order as they'll sell out pretty quick. In fact I have all 3 locos and the train pack on pre-order, my No.1 Southern loco. Nice to see they've acknowledged the chimney is the wrong shape on this sample and it will be changed.
  23. Thanks for the link. I did actually have a couple of half built kits in my early teens..........but then started going out with girls, so they never got finished!! I just about have some spare time for layout construction on and off as with 3 kids under 7 it's almost impossible to build rollingstock or locos so I focus on RTR (when the kids are older hopefully things will change). Nice to see they're still being produced given that there was only 4 of the real thing and quite distinctively ALR.
  24. Now........not wanting to cast the first stone but here goes!! I have been studying these photos and others of the pre-production samples (yes I acknowledge they are pre-production samples) but has anyone noticed that "Hummys'" chimney looks a bit skinny? The Ashover fitted cast, lipped versions were wider in diameter than the original Baldwin stove pipes (to assist with a poor steaming issue I believe). I assume that this is to reduce tooling and assembly costs. Just an observation and don't want to court controversy, especially as there's now a thread on this forum about Trolling that goes o
  25. Thanks for the friendly, honest advice.
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