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  1. Which livery was that? I've preordered some LSWR ones from Hattons, but theyre not due until next month.
  2. I'm having a go at one of these kits, although not to the same extent as yourself. I'm just looking to replace the handrails for my first attempt. How did you secure the handrails? I've tried to use a little hand drill to create a hole, but the bit doesnt seem to be making much impression in the hard plastic.
  3. They did, but at the time, I couldnt justify the cost of something like that which was out of period. However, £100 for a sound loco is very very tempting.
  4. Hornby do a version of the Roco "close coupling" that fits in NEM sockets - I use them within sets of Maunsell coaches. Would they work with these?
  5. Can anyone tell me if 47 712 Lady Di moved south and appeared on the West of England line? I recall several such 47s on the line after 1988/9, but didnt take note of numbers, Hornby's new release of this loco with sound has made me ask the question...
  6. Quick question - and apologies if it has been answered elsewhere in the thread. I've just found a Smallbrook resin kit of an LSWR 10T road van - but it doesnt say which diagram it is. Does anyone know which it is? Is it the same as the Kernow van?
  7. I would assume, that like the LSWR rebuilds, the green would have been varnished over, probably at the time of having an S prefix added.
  8. Indeed, and like the ex-LSWR coaches, I'm sure many met their end without being repainted into BR crimson.
  9. I dont want to have an argument about something as silly as this. People can see what I said, and make their own mind up. If you're not happy with my clarification, I'm afraid I cant do much about that.
  10. I have no evidence - I am merely repeating what has been stated elsewhere. I was merely suggesting that some people, who would prefer the magnetic battery operated lights to those from pickups.
  11. Yes, but the point is that the Hornby lighting will not cause a drag on the coaches, whereas the Hattons one will.
  12. I wonder how easy it will be to fit Hornby's coach lighting (that they are offering as a separate item) to a Hattons unlit coach....
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