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  1. The Hornby 0-4-0 chassis has been a reasonable runner for some years now - perhaps since the move to China. The Caley pug similarly is now a nice slow runner.
  2. Did anything come of this? Looking around for some way to detail some mark 1s and while the kitmaster ones from Pexo are mentioned, they're difficult to get hold of.
  3. And who's to say that the shot of them grimacing (or whatever) is actually the shot of them looking at what we've been shown? People need to realise that the editing of such a program will be designed to heighten such things, not necessarily to portray it accurately. A show where everything goes smoothly and the judges think everything is well done wont produce an entertaining TV show.
  4. I believe Peter Denny did when they first came out. Indeed, wasnt one of the reasons he chose to model the GCR in the first place was that there would be fewer "rivet counters" to spot his mistakes?
  5. The Green departmental is a Southern Railway departmental....not BR (S)
  6. Here is the sort of thing I had in mind. I leave it to the coach experts to tell me what these were originally.... Camping coaches at East Budleigh in 1948.
  7. A good idea, and the track and building bundles look good - out what about the poor train packs??? Pack 1 seems to have a random autocoach put in, pack 2 is not too bad - I suppose its possible to have seen an A4 on a train of ex-LMS coachs - but what is the S15 doing in there? Pack 3 is the most random of all, however. LMS Suburban tank pack, a Blue class 71 (with no suitable stock) and a BR pull-push coach pack (with no pp-fitted loco!)
  8. This is a bit like the thread on "better looking OO gauge track". There was a vocal minority who seemed to decry it because OO is underscale, and if anyone wanted something better were happy to tell people to change to EM or P4.
  9. Not only that, but consider the price point. I suspect they can be offered at £30 because they will be producing A LOT of them. Make them a single style or prototype, and the numbers will fall dramatically. Increasing the price. Which probably reduces the number still further.
  10. A request for @Hattons Dave- Have you thought about doing a version in a Camping Coach livery?
  11. Also, these coaches are £30. I'd say even if you bought it and threw in the bin the bits you didnt need, you'd still be doing well.
  12. This looks really good - its got the exquisite detail you normally associate with 7mm kits.
  13. If you want to be prototypical, you could use the new Hornby 48DS R&H as DS1169 - used at the Southern Region PWay depot at Broadclyst in the 1960s.
  14. Should be noted that the prices quoted are for the deposit, not the total cost.
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