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    I've made a video giving a tour of the layout as it stands now:
  2. JohnR


    Hi, This was just simple PVA.
  3. There is a drop down where you can choose whether you want the "copper" train or the black one. The "copper" one being the live steamer, of course. Conveniently, the "Copper" engine is sold out.
  4. I didnt say paint was mixed to any old recipe. I said it was mixed by hand. And that will inevitably result in variation, no matter how hard they strive to get things right. Even the ambient temperature when the paint was applied will affect the appearance of the final colour! We dont know what colour it was. We have a pretty good idea, but short of getting into the Tardis with a lot of spectrographic equipment and a Eastleigh works pass, we dont know. And thats before we get into how exposure to sunlight (UV) will impact the appearance, let alone how the lighting itself shows the
  5. Are we STILL arguing over the exact shade of brown on something that was last seen 100 years ago? When paint was mixed by hand and different shades were the norm? And before the invention of modern colour photography under standard lighting conditions? This is getting into "How many Angles can dance on the head of a pin" territory here. I reckon, if you were able to line up next to each other every Brake Van on the LSWR in 1922, you would have seen examples in every shade of brown that has been on display on this thread (and many in between), caused by different ages,
  6. I think a couple of things have changed in recent years. Firstly, more people are advertising on Youtube, especially the major brands. Secondly, adverts in the middle of the video were added, but this was left to the discretion of the content creator. An increasing number are inserting such ad breaks in their content. Thirdly, more and more channels are qualifying to monetisation, which of course drives the increased number of adverts and finally, more people are wanting to be monetised on You Tube, as they see being a content creator on the platform as an alternative to more traditional forms
  7. Out of interest, what is the closest paint match to the distinctive Scottish Gas blue?
  8. You have to have reached a certain level before you can monetise your channel - you need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months.
  9. 55% of the ad revenue goes to the content creator.
  10. But I take it they havnt yet announced a specific date?
  11. Do we know if there is a date set for Hornby to announce their 2021 range yet? No wishlisting!
  12. Will be interesting to see the "brown-out" protection in operation...
  13. I cant wait to hear details of the future wagon projects.
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