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  1. Quite. Given that the EE 1750hp engine was out and being tested in 1950 (in the first two Bulleid locos), there was no reason why combining the two shouldnt have resulted in a Class 37 by about 1953, say. And produced in similar numbers.
  2. I dont think theres anything particularly wrong with them - and there are other variants, such as the French ones that could be done.
  3. Just want to add that I've received this lunchtime some transfers I ordered on Monday. I usually order via ebay, as that gives more confidence in prompt delivery (to my mind), but these wernt in his ebay store. So I ordered direct from his website and got prompt service.
  4. I dont know if its been talked about before (sorry I havnt read the whole thread), but something I think Accurascale might do is the humble 16T Steel Mineral. They've got the whole "Powering Britain" series, from the Chaldrons to the HAAs, and theres a big gap with the 16T Minerals. Add in all the variations and versions, and I think they could really go to town.
  5. I think with the chat about loco classes, we're missing out where the biggest impact could have been had early on - diesel railcars. Unlike with the locos, there was no technical reason why a large scale roll-out couldnt have started in say 1951. And also a need to reduce the different types.
  6. My Terrier's service sheet mentions sound fitting as well, so it must have been pulled at a late stage.
  7. "And coming up on Rmweb, another chance to read that 1980s classic "Why oh Why oh Why havnt Hornby made that obscure prototype that only I want." This week, discussing the Maryport & Carlisle Railway's 18 Class......"
  8. My understanding is that an act of parliament was only required if Land had to be purchased. So, if all the landowners agreed, they could just apply for the licence and start building. But of course, that scenario was rare, and there were some additional benefits that meant that even then some lines sought an Act.
  9. I dont think any of the long standing users would want to go back to the days of RmWeb relying on donations, and wondering if it would still be there in the morning (no offence Andy, but I bet there were days when you thought it would be easier to just pack it all in). The support of Warners is great for putting this resource on a stable footing - but that doesnt come cheap, and Warners will expect to at least wash their face, if not make a small profit, and I dont know any websites which provide information without adverts - BBC website probably the biggest exception.
  10. Lima 101s seem to be going for silly prices on eBay at the moment.
  11. Quite a few lines built around this time used the Act - for instance the Ilfracombe line and the Sidmouth branch were both built using its provisions, but you probably wouldnt know it as they were upgraded in later years.
  12. JohnR

    Hornby Train packs

    Here are some of the details of the two Terriers that went into GWR ownership via the WCPR. https://wcpr.org.uk/No2_PortisheadTerrier.html https://wcpr.org.uk/No4.html
  13. Peco have just posted this video with a look behind the scenes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpOxSb9Bh9A&ab_channel=PECO
  14. Having watched it a couple of times now, my initial warm reception has cooled somewhat. And before anyone says "its not for people like me" etc, I am merely comparing to the previous Hornby program, narrated by James May. I'm afraid the comparison isnt good. This just seems weak, and superficial.
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