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  1. A few photo's showing the vans stored at Mallaig Jct (Fort William) yard....
  2. Hi All Does anyone know if Lima's pallet van in the green and white "Fisons Horticulture Division" (as pictured below) actually existed in real life, or was it just one of Lima's fantasy liveries???? Thanks for any info! -Nigel
  3. Nigel N

    Wagon Info

    Thanks Brian, I didn't notice the lack of anchor symbol!!! Aluminium oxide is another name for alumina, so I was thinking the same as you!! Cheers Nigel
  4. Does anyone have any information on this "Alusuisse" wagon?? What did it carry.....Aluminium Oxide??? Years active?? Did any find their way over here??? Thanks in advance for any help!!! -Nigel
  5. Unfortunately not the elusive West box, but still, a rare view inside the former East box at Killin Jct.
  6. Couple of photo's which may help...... Ex LMS sleeper in departmental use at Fort William old station on a quiet Sunday in 1974.......
  7. Thanks for that!! I guess heavy weathering would improve it!!!! -Nigel
  8. Some of the Dapol wagons made for Modelbahn are in fictitious liveries, such as the Railfreight van, but some are correct!! So....what about the OWV china clay wagon...anyone know if a wagon in this livery existed??? -Nigel
  9. Does anyone know the running number of the forthcoming ex SR Bogie B in Departmental Olive green?? Is this based on a prototype??? Thanks for any help/info -Nigel
  10. Thanks for that, what you say is a distinct possibility, there is no exact date on the photo, it just says "Marylebone late 70's" As you mentioned on one of the "Departmentals" site photo, there is a 12 ton van next to one of the training coaches, and I I remember correctly, another MK1 coach beyond that??
  11. The caption for the B&W photo said the train was passing, rather than parked up as per the Departmentals photo's, could be a stock move including non related coaches I guess, but there is something written in the middle of the rear coach???
  12. Hi all! I am looking for some information on a couple of the coaches that made up the Catering Training Unit that was, at one time based at Marylebone..... I was looking to make a model of it, or something similar! I have photo's and details of two of the MK1 coaches used (TDB 975323 & TDB 975324, but there were also other vehicles including a pair of coaches as seen in this photo...... Does anyone have any other photo's or further info, such as numbers or livery??? Am I right in guessing these are Stanier design ex LMS??? Thanks in advance for any help -Nigel
  13. Thanks for the info!! BSO"82" and the other unknown BSK @Landore was taken 1974, BSK "84" @Margam was taken 1983
  14. Thanks, yes it is possible they were M&EE rather than R&D!! I also was'nt aware that the red/blue livery was used on breakdown vehicles from new..... Maybe it was used on all of this batch of BTU converts, that were done at the same time and all for Welsh depots??
  15. Looking for any info on these 3 MK1's..... A BSK and BSO (ADB975082) which were part of the breakdown train at Landore.. And BSK (ADB975084) which may also have been at Landore, but is pictured here at Margam I believe? Judging by the red & blue livery, these 3 coaches were once part of the RTC fleet?? Does anyone know anything about them in RTC service Lab or Test Car number, or what they were used for??? Any help would be greatly appreciated -Nigel
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