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  1. Daggnabbit! Wasn't quick enough to get my order in, and the warflat bogies no longer listed. Thanks John for taking this task on though.
  2. OMG, this lot will keep you in Guinness for years! We are lucky. Great News.
  3. Minor thread drift sorry. On our Tornado F3 fighter maintenance course we learnt about the hullyouwhiskyou, or HLWSCU, the High Lift and Wing Sweep Control Unit. An elecro-hydraulic box of tricks that sorted out the right amount of trailing edge flap movement in relation to how much the wings were swept. An SLA. Also a PITA to replace when faulty. Spent all night repacing one in a freezing hanger down the Falklands, for the replacement to also be faulty, and spent the next night replacing that one. Shouldn't join up if you can't take a joke!
  4. KDG

    Preorder email

    My pre-order for the ROG Class 47's cancelled
  5. Thanks for the messages and update John. I'll keep an eye on this thread.
  6. The Bachmann 2F's have a close coupling mechanism too?
  7. Very cool consist with three escort coaches Simon thanks for the picture. Do you know whether it's an operational reason or simply for stock movement purposes?
  8. More of a de-brand. Too abstract and means nothing. Much prefer the Compass livery.
  9. He was no good at steering the Titanic though...
  10. There was a chap on radio 4 yesterday who has 2 40ft containers of garden equipment on the ship worth £400k. He's been told by his insurer that his share of the bill he has to stump up is £242k to get his gear delivered! He doesn't know what he's going to do.
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