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  1. Fascinating video Andy, thanks for posting. The zda flat wagon, loaded with the roof section, is that a converted vda van?
  2. Is that a 67 in Virgin too Ben? Somebody has an active imagination, I like the idea of some of these fictional liveries, but not sure I could aford the reality of it. Nice work.
  3. KDG

    DRS Barrier Coaches

    When running loaded, they always have escort coaches for security personnel to travel in. Royal Navy's finest.....
  4. Hi Scott. They are lovely models mate. Quite robust, heavy, great traction only issue I have is the coupling occasionally falls off one of mine. I have 3, 2 DRS, 1 TPE. No hesitation in recommending.
  5. Awesome class 37 James. Out of the park!
  6. Hi John Thanks for taking this on, I wish Mr Talbot well. I'd be very interested in ANY warflat / warwell parts e.g. gloucester gps bogies, end jacks or buffers.
  7. How about some household waste containers to fit RTR 60ft flats? Repeat multiple sales....
  8. I think the last British main battle tank that fitted on rail vehicles in the UK was the Comet family of 1944. A major limiting factor on the design of British tanks during WW2 was the rail systems ability to transport them around. 8 ft 6 inch width, which limits turret size and therefore gun size. Warwell's were built specifically to transport the new American built M4 Sherman, as they were too tall to go on the available flat wagons. There are plenty of more recent tracked armoured fighting vehicles that do fit though e.g. Warrior, FV432, Scimitar, Scorpion, Sultan, Samson, Samaritan, Spartan. etc.
  9. The yawning chasm of missing contemporary stuff has to be the Electostar family of units? Accurascale would be the chaps to sort out the correct combination of variations, body styles and liveries....... Aah go on.
  10. You're right it is hard to find modern British AFV's to put on warwell's. S and S models have about the best range. They do an FV432, a Sultan (armoured command vehicle) , and a Samaritan (armoured ambulance) they need minimal assembly and painting.
  11. Hi Jim. The mini class 70 looks really good, top job. The M113 fits well on the warwell wagon, but is an American vehicle not used by British army, although it looks a bit like the FV432. They do the same job, battlefield taxi! British did use the M548 armoured equipment carrier in some numbers for a while, which is based on the M113 chassis, and is available from the same manufacturer. Might need a repaint, but you are up to that. Keep up the good work
  12. KDG

    Class 59 in 00

    IMHO, and I respect others, the new Freightliner livery is frightful, or gopping. NP, EWS, ARC, Yeoman, GBRf, even DB (S) (C) whatever they're called today work for me. I'd be interested to see what a 59 looks like in 3TG Sector livery too.
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