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  1. Everything crossed I won't need them Rob! Like to think minor snags I'd fix myself - unless it wobbles like a drunk duck.
  2. Mrs KDG has, on my suggestion, bought me 66789 for Christmas. My first Hattons 66 and I consider it to be a bargain at £119. Can't test it until 25/12 though. Yikes.
  3. Wills also do packs of modern building materials for roofing, box profile walls, and doors / windows / roller shutters which could be bashed into something.
  4. Now that is a curved ball, serious gazzumping there....
  5. Me and all the others.... But I'll take that as a gentle ticking off and leave it now - sorry.
  6. IHA bogie steel wagon Network Rail KWA Mesh sided OBA Just sayin.......
  7. Fabulous work Darius, and Paul for designing and printing this kit.
  8. NO, no steamies please, others do them, Accurascale do stuff from the deisel electric era - nuff said. Very well too....
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