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    Bachmann 4BEP

    Great video. You have some lovely weathered stock there Robert.
  2. I find it fascinating that there is even speculation that the Royal Navy UK nuclear deterrent could be based in France....
  3. Nice weathering on the bridge Ian. That's just the manky colour I remember them being.
  4. Yes. Some Doris who won one of those "reality" TV shows recently apparently earns 35k for each post she puts on Instagram about her fripparies. She's not so daft then, it's the punters who buy in to it....
  5. One of my favourites too, from when 057 and 114 topped and tailed the Agrevo weedkilling train around North Wales.
  6. Slightly OT. A different category of car. Discovery Sport is intended as replacement for Freelander 2, so not as capable as the full blown Discovery.
  7. At a reenactment show some 6 years ago, whilst brewing up for the chaps with said kelly kettle, this punter comes rushing over, waving his arms around and shouting "stop, stop, STOP" I asked him what the problem was - he replies that the things are very dangerous and his one had exploded, narrowly missing him with scolding hot water. When I showed him that it was fine as the cork was removed from the filler neck he looked very puzzled......
  8. Cars are a good analogy. I really like the Landrover Discovery Sport, just my personal preference, I'm not forcing anyone else to like it. Or argue about how green it isn't. But I know I can't afford it, so I move on and stick with my 18 year old freelander, which is perfectly adequate for my needs really.
  9. And the MEA / MFA would follow from that too
  10. There used to be a passanger ferry that went from Harwich to Shotley Gate (HMS Ganges) in the summer months. I lived there for a time when the married quarters where used by RAF Wattisham (and USAF Bentwaters / Woodbridge)
  11. Hi Andypops, I've not heard of CMSC before, who / what are they?
  12. The HGV test I took in the RAF in the early 90's was around the Cardiff area, with a DVLA examiner. I passed first go, but others didn't, some didn't pass at all. As well as the driving test, there was a written exam and a practical test of roping and sheeting loads. All so I could drive the hard top Mountain Rescue 4 tonner!
  13. I've never had a problem with the tracks being too short, built about 30 of them over the years. Trouble is there's so much else wrong for a modern Scimitar. From memory the airfix kit represents the prototype but not production models, or indeed the revised stowage arrangements etc on current vehicles. Nice kit though.
  14. Are wee friends (friendship models) still making the Scorpion family of models? I can't find them on their website. There are a few for sale on eBay from someones model stash.
  15. The company I work for, has been charged such a massive levy by the government for the apprentice scheme, that we are actively seeking to get out of it as fast as we can.
  16. Hi Shaun, great to see you on here, and thanks for the discount code. S and S model's vehicles are ideal for loads for Warwells and Warflats. They make the full range of the Scorpion family of vehicles, and the BV206 all of which are in gauge. Assembly is straightforward, some fettling and filing might be required, and you'll need to paint and apply decals. No connection other than having bought some previously.
  17. Excellent choice. I shall be adding some to my ever lengthening pre-order list.
  18. Woof woof woof! Should I have had an email yet Gareth?
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