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  1. Hi - any help would be appreciated. Im trying to fit black cat lighting strip so that it will toggle on off to me decoder - no luck i'm afraid. I've wired the green and yellow wire to the strip but it doesn't work. This I think is a function and one of the outputs. Anybody have any photos or diagrams to help?
  2. for some reason started playing up- works on other models
  3. Thanks...that's fine
  4. Thanks...that's fine
  5. Hi, anybody know whether the internal lights for the realtrack 143 are switchable on dcc. Mine are always on. thanks in advance
  6. Thanks Richard. Waiting to hear from realtrack models whether it's the same for 143
  7. Hi, recently purchased new class 143 arriva trains wales from real tack models. Had it chipped but internal lighting does not switch on and off. My research has brought up conflicting info. That it does toggle on and off and that it stays on constant on dcc. The chips used are lenz standard plus - which didn't work properly on the model and now has a hattons md4. Model works on this chip and directional lighting toggles on and off but interior lighting is constant. Any help will be most appreciated
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