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  1. I'd have thought those shiny handrails and smokebox door handles would be painted to match the smokebox/boiler from SR ownership onwards, and certainly on the black ones. Apologies if this is already on the change list! I can see these samples match the livery artwork that was available before pretty closely, and they were shown as polished on there too in fairness. I have the lined black loco on order with a view to representing it seeing out its final years in traffic on unglamorous stopping passenger work, whereas to my mind the sample for this loco in particular looks far more like it's be
  2. You can decide for yourself as the thread in the Dapol subforum recently had this post added showing a video of a sound fitted undecorated sample in action. Doesn't sound bad at all to me, especially by factory sound standards. I'd echo Richard in saying it's likely a Mr Soundguy project, as it has a distinct similarity to his large prairie project which I have and am pleased with.
  3. A new brand isn't at all what I expected to see announced today. It seems sensible enough, though as others have said, the Hymek seems like the odd model out. The mention of a new motor and Next18 socket in the Austerity is interesting, as although I remember reports of self-frying blanking plugs in the DJM versions, I wouldn't have said these were the main shortcomings with the chassis. My experience has been that relying on the axle bearings for current collection rather than the more typical wiper pickups made for a hopelessly inconsistently performing loco that couldn't be reli
  4. The body securing screws and decoder pocket screw into the chassis were quite loose on my BR black version - not an issue in my case as the body was going to come off for decoder fitment anyway, and certainly preferable to them being tight enough to risk rounding them out when removing them, but worth being aware of. The chassis layout is pretty well thought out. I had a Zimo MX649N going spare and took a gamble on there being enough space for it to be fitted using an 8 pin to 6 pin adapter. It was too long for the pocket in the smokebox, but there was plenty of space down one side
  5. Apologies for the complete silence on this for over 2 months. Without going into detail, working from home during lockdown heavily impacted my enthusiasm for home-based hobbies. I’ve always envisaged this as an ex-SR station to make the third rail more believable. I also have a potential head start with SR signalling, as I have 4 Dapol SR stop signals in stock which were picked up cheaply (due to faults) with a view to adapting them to servo control; 1 with a short lattice post, 3 of the taller rail-built type. However, as it stands I suspect they’re of limited use for this plan.
  6. Thanks Mike. That arrangement of a trip from a larger yard in the area is the sort of thing I had in mind, probably serving a specific business (brewery etc.) rather than general sidings, and the likelihood of smaller locos doing those duties is fine as I've got plenty of nondescript black engines to keep occupied. I see the advantage of putting the sidings the other way round - the train can be left in the loop while the loco pulls wagons off the back to deposit them in the sidings, rather than shunting the whole train all the time. It can of course be achieved pretty easily on th
  7. It's not shown very well at the level of zoom I used to get most of the space in one screenshot, but there was a left hand Peco trap on the pilot spur. Mind you, a loco running against that and derailing would still have blocked the down line, so a standard point is a better solution. I had considered connecting the pilot spur through to the turntable, but I'd always envisaged having that siding specifically as somewhere for the pilot to sit between duties, and thought getting train locos in and out that way while keeping the pilot there would require a siding longer than I had roo
  8. Hi folks and thanks for your taking the time to give your thoughts. I hope you won't think me ungrateful for not having responded sooner; I've been reflecting on what I'd like to include and doing more messing about in Anyrail to incorporate some of your ideas. My mention of Reading South in my original post might have been a bit misleading, as I intend for this to be a 'Not Reading', a bit like how Steve Cox's Readham layout has structures from present day Reading and Cheltenham while being neither. I'm aiming for a Reading South kind of appearance in terms of station building, ca
  9. @mdvle - You make a good point. The reason I haven't gone for a conventional linear Minories arrangement is purely down to platform and fiddle yard lengths. With these more awkward shapes I can fit in lengths of 5' which I believe should be just enough for 4 suburban coaches and a couple of tank engines (or 4 longer coaches and a bigger loco), whereas fitting the fiddle yard, throat and station into 9' would restrict train lengths quite substantially. @Zomboid - In model form there are advantages to the loco spur over the diamond; it would give the most direct access to the platfor
  10. Good afternoon folks, After years of accumulating stock with a primarily BR Southern and Western region bias, my thoughts have turned to building that first layout I’d always expected to have by now when I was younger. I’ve done some trackwork renewal on a club layout and was effectively in charge of all matters electrical in that time, so I’m not frightened of the first steps of layout construction, but I am very aware that my first attempt shouldn’t be too ambitious and needs to be something I’ll actually finish. Locations for a layout in the house I currently live in
  11. A Zimo MX616R will sit neatly beneath the DCC socket, and its wires are just the right length to coil around the socket a couple of times so that body fitment and removal isn't hampered by having to keep them out of the way.
  12. Not quite the answer you were looking for as it's not a direct plug decoder, but I put a tiny Zimo MX616R decoder in my H. The DP2X-UK was the only decoder I'd seen mentioned as being suitable too, but I wasn't keen to order one specially as from previous experience they suit some locos better than others (my Hornby 700 didn't run smoothly when fitted with the only one I've bought so far, whereas my King Arthur is perfectly happy with it). I've standardised on Zimo for all new decoders, and ideally wanted a solution that would allow the body to be easily re-fitted and removed without any hassl
  13. Interesting stuff today from Hattons. I'm inclined to agree with the earlier comments about this approach likely being the only way to make coaches of this style that will achieve a worthwhile return on tooling costs. I also can't see much reason for kit companies offering a means of producing specific vehicles to those that want a completely accurate end result to lose sleep. Much as these did briefly make me consider whether I really do want to part with my SECR C, I decided a couple of years back that I'd focus on the first 10-15 years of nationalisation, so a rake of these won'
  14. Right by the roadside section of the SVR's car park. Here's a rough snip from a well known online map service.
  15. My understanding from my very limited knowledge is that the weight did indeed have to be taken off the door by way of man and shovel before it could be dropped in relative safety for removing the bulk of the load. I forget the source, but I believe I saw this mentioned in an article that showed a (probably 7 plank) wagon with a dropped section taken out of the top plank over the doors, the reason for the notch's presence being claimed to be that a chap shovelling a load over a height greater than that of the notch was entitled to a higher wage.
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