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  1. It's Bricklayers Arms in 1947 according to the Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/24848061784 Here's a corresponding NLS map from 1950:— https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=17&lat=51.49178&lon=-0.07924&layers=170&b=1 I can't work out the location of the photo on the map - anyone?
  2. Countersunk Cup-square coach bolts are still available, albeit in metric sizes:— As to cost, the railway companies were buying them by the million, so the unit price would have been tiny.
  3. Mr Decal Paper also do A4 Blue-backed sheets: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BLUE-BACK-Water-Slide-Decal-Paper-A4-INKJET-LASER-5-Pack-Sizes/172277890804?hash=item281c8ffef4:m:mE-QUCyc6qGIBuOGcnyp9Hw&var=471098940694
  4. New-build. The 813 fund acquired the drawings & have been remanufacturing as & when. I dare say 19818's time will come.
  5. Reckon you're pretty much there with the undergubbins - don't forget to dual-pipe it though :) One thing that does scream to me is the bolections. P22's didn't have them as built - the glass was held in by a thin steel plate 3 boards wide, similar to this on 565 at Didcot:— Also peering at the rather dim photo in Russell, I spy two gas lamp tops roughly dividing the roof into three. P.
  6. Have you tried a quick backflush before removing the bottle? That **ought** to blow the excess paint back into the bottle.
  7. Official photo of No. 4 in Russell's Coaches Appendix Vol 2 (Fig 556). Vac cylinder not visible, but likely to be conventional 18" piston; positioning probably the same as P.14 & P.19:— https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/misc/misc_bsa&singer181.htm Lever offset to right of doorway, asymmetrical V-hangers on both sides of doorway. Dual Braked - Vac & Westinghouse Air. Self-contained buffers Bodyside windows flush-glazed. Gas lit. Pete S.
  8. BR Spec 81 No. 101 Green Anti-Corrosive Primer. BS381C 216 Eau De Nil is as near as. https://www.e-paint.co.uk/Lab_values.asp?cRange=BS 381C&cRef=BS381C 216&cDescription=BS381C 216
  9. Really need a Kelly's Directory of the time. Can't find anything online for the 1980s, but the 1914 edition lists these:— I'll bet a pound that there was still a Caff & a newsagents in the parade until the end... not so sure about the rest.
  10. Hold on... https://collage.cityoflondon.gov.uk/view-item?key=SXsiUCI6eyJ2YWx1ZSI6InRvb2xleSIsIm9wZXJhdG9yIjoxLCJmdXp6eVByZWZpeExlbmd0aCI6MywiZnV6enlNaW5TaW1pbGFyaXR5IjowLjc1LCJtYXhTdWdnZXN0aW9ucyI6MywiYWx3YXlzU3VnZ2VzdCI6bnVsbH0sIkYiOiJleUowSWpwYk1WMTkifQ&pg=74&WINID=1585853063391#bbcM6SwKQ3MAAAFxPDUzpw/54212 Image is of the corner of Tooley Street & Abbots Lane c.1980. Can't make out the shop names to the west, but the TGWU is quite obvious in what was The Old Kings Head. Pete.
  11. From the look of the butterfly, someone's pulled the cord too.
  12. Here's a view from St Thomas Street looking up:— Clearly brickwork, but not the usual London Yellow. It doesn't seem to be glazed white tile either. The colour difference is clear where the recess was infilled. Pete S.
  13. The Hastings Line was notorious for having a restricted loading gauge through its tunnels, so did the rebuilds increase the overall height and/or width at the eaves?
  14. The St Ives Branch. https://www.francisfrith.com/st-ives/photos?search_for=station https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/33550464066/in/photostream/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSlt5a2X6FA
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