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  1. Very interesting episode and some places I must visit once we can travel again. Good news about the 3rd series too,
  2. Thank god they are not yellow or mustard coloured
  3. I am not sure about that. I thought those windows were the same.
  4. Definitely getting some of these. In my timeline and region. Very nice. I did know about them but never would have guessed. Detail looks up to the usual Accurascale standard.
  5. Was there a Fell wagon? Seriously it sounds like another big wagon like the KUA that was not made in large numbers.
  6. You will be disappointed as we have been told it will be a wagon.
  7. 2 guesses Brake van of some sort with working lights? Some sort of tanker.
  8. It could be an O gauge version on an existing or previously announced wagon.
  9. You are right but I think there a few reasons you could think that way: There are less and less locos that have not been done before. Hornby produce or will be producing all the rolling stock suitable to run with the 89. Hornby have done one off steam locos - e.g. the LNER W1.
  10. I would be happy with a HTV. I have a few kits somewhere. If I had just finished them then it would be nailed on.
  11. It could be a steam loco. Not my cup of tea although you could make some tea with one. It has to happen as some point.
  12. I would prefer to wait for them to retool the earlier mk3s to the standard of the later ones - matching TGS, variety of restaurant cars with correct vents applied etc. Was not expecting them this year but hopefully in future.
  13. You are not the only one. I would be in the market for several rakes of blue/grey and executuve HST mk3s done to a modern standard.
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