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  1. Very well done. I will definitely be getting a copy.
  2. As someone who ordered the original PGA wagon the whole process was very easy. I initially indicated how many models I wanted. When target was reached and the project was going ahead I received a request for 50% payment. Then towards the end of process the remaining 50% was requested. Updates were provided throughout the proces. No connection just a happy customer.
  3. I have a rake of the first run of the Redland version. It would be good to know the timeline for the other livery variations so I can get some extra ones to mix in for variety.
  4. I think one of the motivations for Accurascale's use of Tungsten was to create space for speakers so they would presumably need to use less material as its heavier.
  5. The problem with this project is been the glacial rate of progress. Crowd funded projects obviously take longer as enough time has to be given for people to sign up. However once that point is reached it needs to progress as quickly as possible. In this project nothing much has been happening. How long ago was it scanned? It seems to have been spun out for ages. Lots of excuses or bad luck depending on how you look at it. Even without the Accurascale announcement at the speed this is going it will be 2021 before release, if ever. Crowd funded projects do have risks. A competing project is the biggest of those risks. In order to reduce those risks they need to be executed in an efficient and timely manner. This project was not and that is why we have got to this point. I would be very surprised if the Accurascale one does not beat this one to completion despite the DJM one having a couple of years of a head start.
  6. I doubt that very much as Accurascale do their own CADs and surveying.
  7. Good luck with this project. I hope to start my own large attic layout later this year. Currently looking for a house with a suitable attic.
  8. I would be very interested in the TOPS pool information. Thanks
  9. Does this mean JGAs are next after the BBAs?
  10. Pre-order placed. Looking forward to these.
  11. Pulling the buffers off does not turn a mk 3A into a mk 3. The roof vents are different and very obvious given the angle we usually view our models. However some people are happy to compromise. With modern conversions they can be mixed rakes but for older liveries this was not the case.
  12. If it has the same bodysides as the Hornby Es I will pass on these. Hoping I am wrong.
  13. I kept most of the orange stripe. It came off easily enough. I think I used cocktail sticks. If you look at photos of 37426 to 37431 in the 80s you will see that the orange stripe is in a different position. I also had the Bachmann 37 427 to use as a guide. I ended up with all 6 in the end Steve in Railtec does the council logo for the nose ends of 37431 if that is one you are going for.
  14. I renumbered mine to another Welsh 37/4, changed the headcone panel from black to yellow and moved some of the orange strioe. I replaced the warning flashes too.
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