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  1. To be strictl;y correct, onl;y the more recent post 1999 Hornby Mk 3s are correct for a HST. The Jouef and current Oxford Rail Mk3s are loco hauled Mk 3As and have different roof detail.
  2. The announcement was in March for many years but last year as stated above it was in January. I do not think there has been anything about the 2020 event. I had assumed it would be January but would have expected to be announced by now as retailers who wished to attend would have to be notified.
  3. I saw the sample at Warley and it looked very good. Looking forward to this model.
  4. Not sure when the 2020 announcement is. The 2019 one was in January. This will add new items for 2020 delivery but apart from new liveries they are unlikely to be delivered next year.
  5. Just ordered TOPS era set. These ran until the mid 80s so I was on the fence but there is a 40% discount so that made up my mind
  6. I have seen A photo of a yellow metailair PCA but not a PCV.
  7. Kernow actually did both 905 and 906 initially as a twin back. I cancelled my order when it became clear that they modelled the locos in "as preserved" condition. Also the liveries choosen did not help either as they did 905 in triple grey and 906 in railfreight grey despite the fact that 906 went into triple grey first.
  8. The grey was very greenish on some of the earlier versions, I remember it being way off on two Transrail versions I got. Luckily I was going to repaint them to original sector liveries. Having looked at the Hattons photos I would say that the greys look better than on the Transrail ones I had. The construction logo is indeed in the wrong place. Sloppy.
  9. Yes. I only got charged for 97201 a few days before it arrived so the next batch must be imminent.
  10. I am just surprised they announced a King and did not produce CADs for a Saint.
  11. Hi Robert I have quiet a few of these DMUs and there is no pick up issue. Clive has provided great detail and they are easy to maintain. I agree with Royaloak they are just trying so sell extras. The extra lighting is not prototypical and unnecessary. I would not pay it. Bachmann has brought out many similar subsequent models and there has been no upgrade or major change. Some other types of DMU have an electrical connection between the coaches. This can be an advantage on DCC as only one chip is required for the entire train but Bachmann have not done this with the 108. Regards Eamon
  12. Many thanks, that is a year earlier than I expected.
  13. As regards timing, when did the very large Redland lettering in the Trains4U exclusives appear? I am guessing late 80s early 90s. I also think the protection panels first appeared in the late 80s possibly around the time the last of the grey stripe ones were repainted? I have been looking at pictures trying to get a definitive answer.
  14. You would have thought that would have saved him money a few times a year
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