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  1. I am just providing a live view of what I believe is the same location as the Google image. So if you cannot visit York you can still view the sidings. As I type the sidings are empty but there are 2 68s in the station that might be going there.
  2. You can actually see that stabling point on the York Station Live webcam. The still image below is not exactly what the camera shows as there is a very good view of the stabling point from the live image. I have only ever seen locos in it. Usually 66s but it does vary and I have also seen 20s, 37s, 47s, 57s and 68s in the last year.
  3. That would work too. I totally agree about not pre-ordering as you do not know what you will get from Heljan. I am just getting a bit fed up with the 33s. The re-release of the flat roof version was a massive retrograde step. It is seems to be one thing after another. Livery errors are fixable and as you say silly errors. There are some positives from Heljan like the promised new slimmed down 47 but the 33s send all the wrong signals (pardon the pun).
  4. The more I read this the more I wish someone else would do a 33. The Heljan 33/1s and 33/2s have been much better in fairness - always had the right shape for a start. However the 33/0s have been all over the place - first the flat roof version, then the corrected roof but with printed detail replacing molded detail and fictitious lines on the roof. Errors in the centre tanks even though they have variations tooled they do not use them correctly. Re-introduction of the flat roofed version and finally multiple livery errors. I probably missed something. I want more 33/0s but Heljan are not making it easy for me. Just overall poor attention to detail. Rant over
  5. Not that I can think of. I think it is a very poor decision.
  6. The 116 was definitely mentioned by Kernow at the time they first announced the 117 before Bachmann took it over. Bachmann have never mentioned it as far as I know. The original Kernow page is long since deleted.
  7. Returning to the UK market was also referred to in the most recent newsletter so it looks like it is still Rapido's intention.
  8. I would welcome that plan too.
  9. BR Blue

    Class 142

    No its not Charlie
  10. The Kernow 37/9s were as preserved. All the more reason for a late 80s / early 90s versions
  11. Yes, that is correct. When Kernow originally announced the Class 117 they did say the intention was to do a 116 eventually. Hopefully after Bachmann took over they kept the same intention.
  12. The coils would be great as a separate accessory. I definitely have a need for them. Unfortunately the wagons themselves are too late for my modelling period. However I have a good few PTAs on order and will be getting more.
  13. The Bachmann 108 is a great model and like many models in the last view years the tooling allows variations. I would be fairly sure Bachmann have planned for variations in the 117 tooling and hopefully the 116 and its different headcones (centre is different too). I will get a couple of 117s but I will get a lot of 116s if they were to be produced.
  14. Thats true. I was omitting the Lima model and the Hornby TGS is of course ex Lima. As mention earlier. I hope Hornby do an improved set of HST coaches in their original conditions after they have done with the later variants they are doing now.
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