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  1. and no doubt pretty handy at holiday planning too
  2. It could be better and it is not suitable for HSTs.
  3. Completely off topic: Ireland was the number 1 for tea consumption per capita in the world for many many years. It is only in the last few years we have started to slip down the list as the number of coffee drinkers grows. I am off to put the kettle on
  4. Just to clarify. The link I posted was to the publicly available Bachmann Youtube account. It was not something from the collectors club as I am not a member.
  5. I ordered some MDVs today but some of the packs are already sold out on the Accurascale website. I was not expecting that so soon.
  6. but unfortunately Accurascale have not announced a 50
  7. Looking great Will. I did not realise the error with the logo placement on the 20 but it is out of era for me. I am sure it can be fixed. There are plenty of options for doing so, Ben's resprays etc. or you could do it yourself. Regards Eamon
  8. Unfortunately this could drag on for months. The Dapol products will maintain their value even if this lasts a considerable time. A fashion retailer with product on board may not be able to sell their summer collection if it arrives in the winter Hopefully it does get resolved soon, otherwise in years to come, we will hear tales of people finding them on tourist souvenir stalls near the pyramids hidden under a stack of Ramses the second fridge magnets.
  9. Maybe we should have a survey to see if there is enough demand for another survey?
  10. Excellent book/magazine. Well done to Simon Bendall and all involved. Cannot wait for the next one. Highly recommended.
  11. You are making good progress. I shall be following with interest. I too would have some concerns over the tightness of the curves. You do seem to have plenty of space and often less is more, i.e do not try and cram too much into it. I have seen the train lift idea in operation of N but in 00 it does limited your train lengths. Doing a double track section as you are doing will help. What you are proposing is very unusual and I wish you success with it. The videos look promising.
  12. All steam engines are generic already surely. They all look the same Especially the GWR ones.
  13. There is not much but on the visible differences the doors and light clusters would be the most obvious. I forgot about the seats. All of those could be separate fittings. Either way the original version of the 143 has not been done yet. Some people would be happy with just a re-livery. However I expect Realtrack would do more than that and incorporate the variations to some extent.
  14. Even thought this is a 142 thread the query was about the 143 which you are yet to do in the original liveries. The 143s you have done were in more recent configuration so presumably doors, lights and possibly radio pods would need different tooling for the as built condition.
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