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  1. This probably needs a separate topic. The differences in the ends from the HAAs can clearly be seen in the renders. Another great wagon.
  2. It was not working for me earlier. Will check again now.
  3. The announcement of coils as a separate accessory is great news. I have some BAAs and BBAs that need loads.
  4. The picture on the Kernow website is showing spoked wheels as Kernow have gone to the trouble of photographing the actual wagons released: http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/56248/R6829-Hornby-PGA-Hopper-Wagons-Tarmac---Three-Wagon-Pack Other retailers have the pre production photos from Hornby with the correct wheels. Is it any wonder Hornby have such a poor reputation for many of their post steam era models. Attention to detail/QA always seems to be an issue unfortunately.
  5. Another quick question. Are the Trains4U and the KMS packs the same as each other or are their unique running numbers at each retailer?
  6. If I get the space this is actually high on my list of places to model and in the time period shown in the video. There was a great selection of trains at this time and now with PTAs, BBAs, PFAs etc. all becoming available to a high standard it is getting more tempting. Hopefully in future Accurascale will do some appropriate 37s too.
  7. I think the high spec Hornby model was a bit of a disappointment. Additionally there are lots of variants and the HAA is generally not a wagon that ran in ones and twos. I always that someone else would have a go. That said the PXA would be great too
  8. Looking forward to these. I always thought the later Hornby model could be improved on.
  9. Very true and even more so as the Mark 2Fs are not a new tooling, just a new livery.
  10. I am not sure what to do now. I have some of the brown ones and was going to use them as the basis for some bauxite ones to mix in with my black ones. Obviously the modern flashes will have to go.
  11. I got my Rails BBA packs earlier this week to supplement my Cavalex order. I think I have enough BBAs Looking forward to the TEAs and PFBs from Trians4U.
  12. I dont understand how you can mention DJM and any other manufacturer without the words "is the total opposite of" in between.
  13. Dave Jones won a prime minister's medal for his prowess in the French language, allegedly.
  14. You might want to check some retailers. There could be a few left. That is the problem with the crowd sourced projects. There are generally very few extra to go around as by definition that are made to order. Obviously the plus side is that those that ordered get the wagons at a reduced price. That said I am sure there will be a further run. Luckily I got mine and they are excellent.
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