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  1. Retailers still have the Cawoods but stocks do seem to be running low. If you want some I would get them now. I picked up an extra pack from Rails at the weekend. I was going to wait but I reckoned I would miss out.
  2. Very well deserved. I had the pleasure of seeing the layout this weekend and speaking to Al. The little details are incredible not to mention the bridge. The number of trees is amazing. I believe are about 1000.
  3. BR Blue

    New OO gauge Class 73

    I dont know if any in the first batch were correct. Maybe one of the green ones.
  4. Thanks Fran Just ordered. Dont want to miss out this time.
  5. Best of luck with your new layout. Hopefully you can salvage much of the existing one and make it bigger and better. I have lots of stock for a South Wales based layout but am waiting a house move before I start.
  6. Hard to be certain but it looks like it has the class 122 style smaller route destination box. I see some side windows seem to have been painted over so this might help identify it. I have tried unsuccessfully.
  7. Given that this is more of a progress update rather that a lot of new announcements I would hope to see some reruns like the JIAs I wonder could we see Mk 2Es as there are some shared components with the Mk 2Fs and presumably Bachmann have thought of this. Also a Class 116 based on the 117 tooling but with a new center coach. I would really like to see mk 2Bs and Cs but I doubt it and also a class 120 but that is just wishlisting. Both however have polled well so I do expect someone to do them eventually.
  8. I need to watch out for this. I need to do a software update on my ECoS first.
  9. They are HST trailers. Almost certain they are the current tooling.
  10. No but at least it is yellow
  11. Best of luck with this. I will be watching with interest. The trackwork looks really good.
  12. Speaking as someone who has the whole fleet. They could be better. The model is over 10 years old and the bar keeps rising. There are the lourves which are too deep,. The face of the loco is wrong. The headcone is not a good representation as the lights are too deep and the main roof grille is undersize. They are not a bad model but no where near as good as the Hornby 60, the SLW 24, the Dapol 68, many Bachmann offerings and presumably the Accurascale Deltic when it arrives. They are a 7 or 8 out of 10 model. I can definitely see someone else doing one and the 31 while they are at it unless Hornby redo it themselves.
  13. To be strictl;y correct, onl;y the more recent post 1999 Hornby Mk 3s are correct for a HST. The Jouef and current Oxford Rail Mk3s are loco hauled Mk 3As and have different roof detail.
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