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  1. So glad to see activity still happening on this layout! Until fairly recently I lived in Louth, which I'm sure is a name familiar to you given the region and era of this layout! I'm living in London these days, but this layout is an amazing insight into what could have been if I was born a decade (or 9) earlier! Also brings back fond memories of riding the sprinters between Skegness and Heckington to see the grandparents Top work, keep it up!
  2. Finally! A YouTube channel will be amazing! It’s grear seeing photos of the layout but even better seeing it in action!
  3. I know this is a very old topic now, but were these units ever fully painted? I'd love to see the final results, especially for the Electrostar and Capitalstar! Cheers, Matt
  4. Amazing work! I'd love to try scratch building using cardboard. A couple of questions, sorry if they've already been covered! -What cardboard do you use? -How do you go about cutting the card -How do you plan a building (sizing dimensions etc.)? Sorry if they're a bit complex to answer, I'm just really interested in your work. Very admirable! Cheers, Matt
  5. Amazing work, wish I had that level of skill! Shame nobody has rattled up an electrostar in 3D-printed form yet! Keep up the great work, Matt
  6. Has anymore progress been made on Loftus Road? There hasn't been an update for months! Looking forward to seeing what's changed. Still has to be my favorite layout
  7. Everything changes once you add a splash of colour to the model Looking amazing!
  8. Wow Looks amazing! I guess it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to fit it with DCC sound from the 350 Desiro, right? They're virtually identical in sound. Looking great, can't wait for more Cheers, Matt
  9. Priorities are most important Hope everything gets sorted and your new job/house is all working out. Cheers, Matt
  10. Are these projects still ongoing? Was the S stock ever complete? I'd love to find out what's new! Cheers, Matt
  11. The Electrostar is something I've had my fingers crossed about for years now. Sadly, it's not looking likely, at least for the near future. If one ever was released, I'd 100% be buying one even though I have no layout! I certainly will stay tuned. Looking forward to the progress
  12. Well I'm really excited to see the progress. There's definitely a lack of modern image SR stock, and it's great seeing you design your own from scratch. I hope in the future that we see more projects like this, as technology advances! Cheers, Matt
  13. Looking forward to seeing this develop! Even though I don't have a layout, I'd definitely be up for buying on of these! This could make a nice little earner for you
  14. Makes me want to burgle my bank account and start a layout of my own Very, very good work, looking forward to more posts and photos Cheers, Matt
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