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  1. Just had a look back through posts on this thread and some of my own pics and they are indeed different sizes but also a different shape. Have a look at page 33 where member has taken pics of the tender connections. Regards Gary
  2. Does the night light work on on both ends when on dc ,or is it just a dvd issue? Could always take the chip out of the 2 you have working already to double check
  3. I'd love to see the class 377/387 given the accurascale treatment. Regards Gary
  4. This is great I was hoping the leader class was going to be one of you're next projects. Hope it gets enough interest to get the project going. EOI signed. Great work KR Models.
  5. Just seen that Hornby are making an announcement on their YouTube signal box channel at 10am. Could be interesting to see what it is
  6. Was just watching a Hornby magazine video of west coast cement from warley in 2018 and they had a sample of a colas rail either 66-029 or 66-030 running on it and strangely enough both the lower marker lights are on with the day headlight. The top marker light isn't working but the others seem to be. I also saw that these numbers were listed in the known issues for large headlight 66s. Just wondering if 29 and 30 were actually effected afterall seeing as it looks like both the marker lights were working together at one stage. Does anybody have these large headlight colas 66s? Regards Gary
  7. Thanks for that Gerry. Time to place an order I think. Regards Gary
  8. Good evening Ben I'm looking at ordering some of you're fantastic looking IPA wagons and didn't realise the early bird offer ended tomorrow. Quick question before I place the order, it gives you the option to pay a deposit or in full. If I only pay a deposit will the remaining price to pay still be the early bird price or do you need to pay in full only for the early bird offer. Hope that makes sense. Regards Gary
  9. I've just popped onto the shapeways site and it allows me to add it to a basket and go through to the checkout so I guess it's still available. Maybe worth dropping @St. Simon a message to see if its still available and how to get one. Regards Gary
  10. Good evening there's a member on here who does a few modern Image 3d printed items here is a link to his page on here and then it links to shapeways. I'll be looking to get a few items in the future myself. Hope that's of some use to you
  11. Hi Michael. I'd be happy if both options could be done. Gary
  12. No worries at all doesn't help that the post I quoted doesn't include the quoted post about the MJA. So easy to think were talking about the HIA's
  13. Yeah I saw that for the HIA's but Jim was talking about a re run on the GBRF Mja box wagons
  14. Just noticed Olivastrains has them on their website. £56 a twin pack saying in stock
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