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    MRA wagons

    25 of the new wagons were spotted last week by trains_by_lorrydsbon on instagram. Tgry were seen in Woking going to eastleigh east yard. Thanks for the link on the info about the wagons I couldn't find anything about them. Regards Gary
  2. Afternoon everyone. Hornby Magazine has uploaded it's great electric train show video for all to see now on YouTube and you can see the class 92 running at the 10 min mark along with the TPE Mkvs with a class 68. Regards Gary
  3. No problem at all Fran. I've no doubt the wagons will be absolutely spot on and I'm lining up some 66s to be used for them when they arrive. Regards Gary
  4. Hornby Magazine do have a video of the great electric train show for subscribers at the moment going through favourite parts of the show etc and that does have some footage of both the 92s and the tpe mkvs running. Im sure the video will be on YouTube soon. The 92s weren't running on Saturday whilst I was there as a coupling needed to be located for it. But Mike did show us the 92 in his hands and the detail is very impressive and from the video it seems to perform well with a rake of ipa car carriers. But having said that I've just found a video of the EWS 92 running by itself on a video by tbroyd at the 01:41 min mark and you can just hear the sound aswell.
  5. That's great cheers. Have you got any videos of these models in action? Would be nice to see how the perform on a layout. Regards Gary
  6. Thanks for the update Fran. Really looking forward to these. Are bundle packs still available? Regards Gary
  7. They do look fantastic and will be well worth the wait. Out of curiosity is the 92 and the mk5 sleepers being produced at the same factory to ensure the colours match. Or is it quote a straightforward process to get diffetent factories to colour match with paint codes etc. Regards Gary
  8. Several MU projects. Praying one of them is a 377. Out of interest are any of these projects the results of the survey that was done a year or so ago? What was the final result of that survey? Regards Gary
  9. Hi Fran that makes perfect sense. Spreading the cost over the whole mk5 range to give the price we have is great. Looking forward to seeing the tpe mk5s in the coming weeks. Regards Gary
  10. Hi Fran the mk5s do look truly great and im sure it's been frustrating with the setbacks on the TPE mk5s aswell but they are looking great also. Has there been any thoughts in to splitting the production of mk5s up so the sleeper mk5s are with people quicker? That being said they would still need a 92 for them Will they be closer to the arrival of the 92 now? Regards Gary
  11. Hi Al thanks for that great info and the pictures are also a great help. Yeah it's a shame 749 didn't retain the lighting configuration and extra steps and extended horn grills. I was just looking for a suitable Gbrf 66 to go with the upcoming accurascale biomass wagons and saw the 66 in Dutch grey and thought that would look great replicated on a suitable hattons 66 so thank you for confirming that. I May have to live with the smaller fuel tank on the model but hopefully I can get the buffer beam steps sorted out. Thanks once again. Regards Gary
  12. Good afternoon guys. A question for those who know alot about the class 66s. I'm looking at getting a suitable version of the hattons 66 that would be suitable for a respray into 66749 when it was in its grey livery with Gbrf logo and number following it's conversion from being used on Dutch railways. Would 66731 be a good candidate as it has the same headlight style. But it's a low emission with smaller feul tank according to the hattons matrix. Any help or info would be great. Regards Gary
  13. Hi Fran thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to check back on Tuesday. Regards Gary
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