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  1. Hi Al thanks for that great info and the pictures are also a great help. Yeah it's a shame 749 didn't retain the lighting configuration and extra steps and extended horn grills. I was just looking for a suitable Gbrf 66 to go with the upcoming accurascale biomass wagons and saw the 66 in Dutch grey and thought that would look great replicated on a suitable hattons 66 so thank you for confirming that. I May have to live with the smaller fuel tank on the model but hopefully I can get the buffer beam steps sorted out. Thanks once again. Regards Gary
  2. Good afternoon guys. A question for those who know alot about the class 66s. I'm looking at getting a suitable version of the hattons 66 that would be suitable for a respray into 66749 when it was in its grey livery with Gbrf logo and number following it's conversion from being used on Dutch railways. Would 66731 be a good candidate as it has the same headlight style. But it's a low emission with smaller feul tank according to the hattons matrix. Any help or info would be great. Regards Gary
  3. Hi Fran thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to check back on Tuesday. Regards Gary
  4. Hi guys how are IIA biomass wagons progressing. Just wondering if there is any news following the great looking Mark 5s and deltics that we be seen in the last few weeks. Regards Gary
  5. No worries at all Fran thanks for getting back to me. I forgot about about you guys also being in lock down aswell. And like you say hopefully things will ease soon. Stay well and safe. Gary
  6. Hi Andy. I've first hand experience with the hattons dcc decoders as I purchased 2 class 66s that were dcc fitted with the hattons 21 pin 6 function decoder. So when I put them track to test them they would lurch forward very fast and do nothing after that even if the controller was set to power notch zero. No response to function keys either. Ended up returning them to hattons. I've got a Hornby select with the latest firmware. I've got a sound fitted one that works fine as it's esu. But the dcc fitted ones use their own decoders and they don't work. Regards Gary
  7. Fantastic. Even more excited, Can't wait for mine to arrive. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Just looking for the jaw dropping emoji. They look fantastic. Can't wait to see some colour samples. Any chance of seeing them going around that great layout you guys have. Maybe with a 92 or a 68? Regards Gary
  9. Fingers crossed they do as it's one I'm looking forward to. It's not listed as a new tool or a re tool though. And out of those 7 toolings they've never included the top marker light on the network rail measurement train. I guess a future engine shed blog will tell us the Information we need. Either way I'm looking forward to it and I'm glad Hornby listend to what people wanted even though there hasn't been any face to face interaction at exhibitions. So to Hornby
  10. Good afternoon Fran I hope you are well. Quick question is the discount still available for when you buy 2 or more packs? Regards Gary
  11. It's like an advent calendar. Every day a new piece to see. Do we get the full reveal on Xmas day
  12. Just had a read of the review and watched the video as well. It looks great and seems to run very well. I like the paintwork with its slight sheen to it.
  13. Indeed Maybe end of next year. I'd be happy with that with all the LNER products coming next year so far. And with hornbys announcement in Jan who knows what else they might be doing.
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