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  1. Paul13

    On Dogs

    This our 2 year old Cockapoo Poppy. She just loves attention from anyone and is super friendly. She loves to run around the local park terrorising squirrels. She does bark quite a lot though...
  2. Thanks everyone for your comments. I wish I had put in an ethernet cable when the wiring was done originally but hindsight is a great thing. The internet speed doesn't need to be superfast, all I need is to be able to work remotely accessing work server for documents really. I have sky q with an extra repeated but moving it as near as possible to the garage still only give every patchy reception. m My garage is set back from the house a bit which doesn't help. Think I might give powerline adaptors a go and if they're no good I'll return them.
  3. Hi all, does anyone have experience of using powerline adapters? I would like to get internet access in my converted garage to use as an office but the WiFi doesn't reach. The garage has mains power on a spur from the main consumer unit in the house running to another small unit in the garage. Does anyone know ifhe adapters work as there is a second small consumer unit?
  4. I miss 303s, always had a soft spot for them. The bridge over the expressway to the sec really is an eyesore nowadays and is an embarrassment considering how many visitors to events who aren't from Glasgow use it.
  5. I've never get not been able to get an old Lima to run well after a bit of tlc. Some are better than others, I have a class 60 that runs superbly down to a crawl. It has pickups added to all wheels an some extra weight, dcc converted with a lenz chip. They are also very easy to completely disassemble and service. Extra weight and pickups make a big difference to running quality. Obviously will never be as good as modern stuff but I like them.
  6. I think it's really good so far. Certainly much better than Star Trek: Discovery which is garbage. Picard was always the best captain.
  7. I always have a soft spot for 303s, having travelled on them from the mid 80s as a child though and when I was at uni in the early to mid 90s. They did have a lively ride but that was part of their character. I always remember the compressor noise for some weird reason as well. The ride was definitely better in the middle carriage though. It wasn't as bad as the knackered class 120 dmu's being used on the Ayrshire routes just before electrification. I remember being quite scared on one, the bogie hunting at speed was quite alarming! Felt like it was about to derail at any second! Much preferred 303s to 314s, more character. Used to love the unrefurbished ones for the view out the front. I'd love to have a model one now.
  8. Slightly similar thing happened to a colleague of mine. He was accused of knocking a cyclist off their bike while in a work's van and driving off without leaving details. It caused a whole heap of hassle for him trying to prove it wasn't him to the police, insurance and the company. Turned out the cyclist had written down the reg with one digit wrong and it was the exact same type of van from the same hire company. Caused no end of stress and even our company tried to blame him at first.
  9. I always thought it was weird that the 1.2 nova (my first car) had an overhead cam engine and the 1.2 astra had the ancient pushrod engine like a 1.0 nova. The nova 1.2 had 5hp less than the astra but was a much better engine, mind you mind had head gasket failure, which me and my dad replaced. Apart from that it was mechanically fine, main problem was it rapidly dissolved! My brother had a mk2 1.3 astra which was pretty reliable but eventually got stolen.
  10. I agree, I think it actually is more personal than just giving some cash and would be appreciated just as much if not more. On this subject of showing thanks a few months ago I chased off someone who was trying to break into my neighbour 's house (with hindsight possibly not the best idea), never got so much as a thank you. Still waiting...
  11. You can also do a forced software update which usually fixes issues. Can't remember the button press combination but instructions online. I've been through 3 sky+HD boxes, the hard drive is usually what fails.
  12. I do agree with your points however sitting stationary in a traffic light queue on a dark wet night staring at the back of a car with very bright led brake lights can be very dazzling especially large mercs and bmw 4x4s. It's not hard to engage the handbrake and is just inconsiderate. Yes keep your foot on the brake of you are at the back of a queue so it's clear you are stopped but when others are behind there's no need for it. And don't get me started about DRL's and people who think you can drive around at night with just these.
  13. My car has led headlights and I think they are excellent. Badly a!igned halogen lights are much worse for dazzling oncoming drivers and even worse are aftermarket HID kits, although there seems to be less of these around since they became an mot failure. People sitting stationary at lights with their foot on the brake is much more dazzling i feel and is one of my personal hates.
  14. I have a concrete sectional garage that was converted to a railway/hobby room 3 years ago. The main door was removed and replaced by new concrete sections, a new upvc door and double glazed window out in. The original asbestos roof was replaced by a new insulated metal profile roof. The floor has a bitumen dpc layer on the original concrete pad and new concrete layer over this. The walls have a vapour barrier membrane, foam insulation panels and are ply lined. It is bone dry and heats up nicely with an oil filled radiator. It is fully wired with it's own consumer unit. It wasn't cheap but is a solid structure and usable all year round. Well worth the investment I think and much cheaper than an attic conversion.
  15. I think it's an excellent plan and will make a great experience, especially if it's done as well as the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb which is brilliant and fascinating.
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