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  1. Try putting the both the power and dummy on the programming track together to program. I've 2 hsts that I've fitted lights to and that's what I had to do.
  2. I miss 303s, always had a soft spot for them. The bridge over the expressway to the sec really is an eyesore nowadays and is an embarrassment considering how many visitors to events who aren't from Glasgow use it.
  3. I've never get not been able to get an old Lima to run well after a bit of tlc. Some are better than others, I have a class 60 that runs superbly down to a crawl. It has pickups added to all wheels an some extra weight, dcc converted with a lenz chip. They are also very easy to completely disassemble and service. Extra weight and pickups make a big difference to running quality. Obviously will never be as good as modern stuff but I like them.
  4. I always have a soft spot for 303s, having travelled on them from the mid 80s as a child though and when I was at uni in the early to mid 90s. They did have a lively ride but that was part of their character. I always remember the compressor noise for some weird reason as well. The ride was definitely better in the middle carriage though. It wasn't as bad as the knackered class 120 dmu's being used on the Ayrshire routes just before electrification. I remember being quite scared on one, the bogie hunting at speed was quite alarming! Felt like it was about to derail at any second! Much preferr
  5. I have a concrete sectional garage that was converted to a railway/hobby room 3 years ago. The main door was removed and replaced by new concrete sections, a new upvc door and double glazed window out in. The original asbestos roof was replaced by a new insulated metal profile roof. The floor has a bitumen dpc layer on the original concrete pad and new concrete layer over this. The walls have a vapour barrier membrane, foam insulation panels and are ply lined. It is bone dry and heats up nicely with an oil filled radiator. It is fully wired with it's own consumer unit. It wasn't cheap but i
  6. I think it's an excellent plan and will make a great experience, especially if it's done as well as the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb which is brilliant and fascinating.
  7. The lima motor does work, but is quite jerky at low speed when power is put across the terminals. The mashima does seem smoother. I've replaced the lima bogies and wheels with Hornby which improved it a bit. The Lima pickups were so draggy it could barely move itself never mind pull anything. Some bodgery and experimenting needed.
  8. I have a mashima motor with flywheel that runs really well and fits a Lima Class 20 (pictured) . I am looking for some advice with the best way to connect the motor to the drive shaft. The motor shaft is much thicker than the Lima original so the slotted joining piece won't fit. I was thinking perhaps heat shrink?
  9. Excellent friendly service and great prices. Only placed a few small orders but can't recommend highly enough.
  10. Quick video I managed to grab of the Network Rail NMT passing through Conwy last Thursday.
  11. I had the same issue with a 220 voyager running slowly. I tried the brush spring fix but this made no difference so I then took the gear towers apart to find them full of horrible grease so I cleaned them out, applied a drop of oil and reassembled. It now runs a lot better, faster and smoother (dcc hardwired using a lenz standard chip. Was going to get a new motor so glad I didn't now, but they can be obtained from Bachmann spares dept for £25. Now need to get the lights working!
  12. Hi does anyone have a prodigy express base station they are prepared to sell? I stupidly managed to fry mine. Sent to Gaugemaster and was returned today withn a week of them receiving it. Fixed and sent back totally free of charge. Excellent service by them!
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