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  1. News at last! Every time I see a new contribution to the thread, I check to see if it’s news. I feel like asking people to stop contributing until there is news to report but then that would just be another useless comment cluttering up the thread. I wonder what the neighbours will think of the screaming. Perhaps they’ll think I’m murdering someone.
  2. I would have thought that someone, somewhere remembers what this sounded like. I fancy this is a best guess and certainly captures the odd sound of six engines of two different types starting. Somewhere, in all the comments, someone at the time remarked that the sound of it moving off was “horrible”. That is not very helpful but I wouldn’t describe the sound of the model as horrible. All the same, as soon as my GT3 arrives and proves that it fires on all cylinders works well, I’ll order one. This looks and sounds like another winner for KR. I’ll make a probably controversial remar
  3. On the other hand, plenty of variety to tempt us with.
  4. Leaving aside all the comments about the execution, Hornby’s choice of the Thompson Pacifics was courageous and, so far as sales go, apparently successful. Who would have thought that these would appear RTR? They fill gaps in the line up of LNER Pacifics but draw attention rather forcibly to the remaining gaps. An A2/1 is one. I’d be very keen on one and perhaps, with the Thompson Pacifics selling well, we might be in luck, perhaps after Hornby has given the LNER a rest for a year or two. I’m pushing it now but I’d like an A2/2 with its original boiler and in LNER liveries as well.
  5. There were, if I remember correctly, about 126 independent railway companies at grouping. It makes sense to me to concentrate on a few of them, so that a representative stud can be built up. That indeed seems to be what is going on and, as noted above, the SECR is one of the lucky ones. That said, there isn’t an awful lot for the pretty locos to haul. These vans fill a big gap.
  6. Good timing. Little gems, these are.
  7. The website is a bit odd. It was a while until I noticed a very discrete link “Rails Special Editions”. All of them (not just the Ds) are there. If I were at Rails, I would have made it a lot more prominent. It’s curious that the D is still marked as “aimed” to be under £200 whereas Rails has committed to a price on the Caley 812 Class.
  8. That may be so but that doesn’t affect whether there are enough expressions of interest for it to go ahead.
  9. You’ll have to do better than that! “Playroom” is more insulting than “cinema room”. I don’t mind cheerful insults. I refer to my roof space as my belfry, as in “bats in my belfry” and so long as sophisticated models are free of import duty because they are classified as “toys”, I’m all for it.
  10. I can’t see 92023 Ravel listed on the Accurascale site.
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