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  1. All I can add to this is that we now have a (minority) Government here in Sweden - didn't really notice the difference from when we didn't have one. Things worked (well not the railways very well but that's another story), nobody panicked, people talked and somehow it all got sorted without resulting in anyone shouting at anyone else. Ah I miss the UK parliament.....
  2. Hi - I am not sure if this is correct place to post this. But is there a way to change your username? Thanks.
  3. Hi Andy - just want to say thanks for the big effort put in to get this far. It is much appreciated! I am sure all the little glitches will be solved soon - of course after March 29th everything will work perfectly (sorry couldn't resist)
  4. Great job - love the creamery photo and in particular how the backdrop merges in with the model.
  5. Thanks Alan will take a look! Mark
  6. HI Alan - love the look of the buildings. Can I ask how you built the staircase? I was looking for something like this on my layout but my first attempts weren't great. Thanks, Mark
  7. SJS


    Tack så mycket Mikkel.
  8. SJS


    Hi all - well its been 6 months almost since the last update and as usual progress has been glacial. I did finish off the 517 - at least I thought I had - but running problems meant I had to disassemble it and do some mods on the chassis. Its still awaiting testing. I did make some progress on the scenery All the buldings are scalscenes or cut and paste version of their kits. The buildings are only places at the moment so are not all "level", in addition the mirrors at the rear are only temporary and have film over them to protect them. So have a "gott nytt år" as they say in these parts and here is to a good modelling year in 2019.
  9. I have to agree with Wenlock that i like it as it is. Not only does it block the view but I think that having the derelict arch allows for the imagination to take over rather than have everything "explained".
  10. Umm as a "rocket scientist / rocket engineer" (honestly) - I don't see any parallels between space science and/or space engineering and railway modelling. Railway modelling is much, much harder.....at least to me....lol
  11. Can I just support what Podhunter says - I don't know the specific application here but using a relational db for timetable display would seen overkill and as stated it is hard to see where excel won't do the job required. If you really want to go down the route of a relational database, know how to use it and can't afford Access AND you are into programming then you can try mySQL - which is free as it's open-source....but take a deep breath before entering this world...
  12. SJS


    Tack så mycket Mikkel. I like the dumb barge on their webpage.
  13. SJS


    Thanks Paul!
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