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  1. Why be so nasty and aggressive? Someone was concerned that they hadn't heard from Rails and I referred to a quote from their website. I was trying to help, which I thought that was what this forum was all about.
  2. I remember that, is was very well done and even fooled the local TOC, One Anglia as it was then, who included an article about it in their on board magazine.
  3. The statement on the Rails websites says:- "Therefore over the coming days we will be cancelling pre orders and informing customers personally." Which, as you say, would suggest they are working through a list.
  4. Also on the Hattons site. I received an email from them yesterday.
  5. Bachmann v's Dapol
  6. In stock as of yesterday. I have one on the way from Tower Models
  7. I'm tempted to build an underground garden railway using downspouts.
  8. Good news but shame it's just the Class 122. I understand that the Class 121, which I have on pre order, is going to be a month or two behind this.
  9. Certainly shows the benefit of having cameras at level crossings as it will hopefully bring more of these idiots to justice. I passed through Stowmarket the other week and noticed they were installing cameras there.
  10. The latest Uswitch advert on TV has a number of suggestions as what you can do with the money you save after switching your energy supplier, one of which is starting your niche hobby which shows a couple with a model railway running around their living room. Looks like they have the Hornby Flying Scotsman set running as it shows the loco with 3 teak coaches.
  11. I saw this same loco at Lytham a few times last week on the Kirkham to Blackpool South line. Very unusual to see a loco on this line. I cant remember the last time I saw anything other than Sprinters or Pacers.
  12. I was flicking through an old edition of Railway Modeller recently (June 1992 to be precise) and came across an article on improving the Minitrix 9F to make it look more like a 9F. Still not 100% accurate and quite crude by modern standards but a definite improvement over what came out of the box.
  13. Suffolk does seem to get it's fair share of these. https://www.eadt.co.uk/news/bramford-road-ipswich-car-transporter-hits-bridge-1-6732897
  14. Didn't Status Quo once write a song about this?
  15. I spoke to the guy at Tower Models about these a couple of months ago and he was predicting it will be quite late in the year before they arrive - possibly October or November. Interestingly I received an email from Hattons a few weeks ago with an update on the Heljan version and the release date for these is slated as Q3 2020. I would have thought that Dapol would want to get in there first.
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