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  1. Yes, I now the Bedford OB bus is 1:50, I checked that by comparing the size of the model with the size of a real one. This lorry is also smaller than 1:43, some say 1:50, others (like Corgi/Vanguards itself) even say 1:64. I haven't been able to check the scale myself.
  2. It's the Thames Trader by Corgi / Vanguards, on eBay many versions are available. This one is Corgi 30201. Click here to go to google images Click here to visit eBay Jelle Jan
  3. There is a photo of the green 03 128 on the internet: https://topticl.zenfolio.com/p240553310/hC1F333D8#hc1f333d8 Jelle Jan
  4. That looks great Alan, now your 3716 only needs a couple of Berry Wiggins tankers, like mine... Jelle Jan
  5. A few days ago a bunch of iron minks arrived in the Netherlands, I'm very pleased with them. Jelle Jan
  6. That photo features another handrail on the other side of the smoke box, also visible on this photo: https://thetransportlibrary.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=38509 Can it still be added to your great model? Kind regards, Jelle Jan
  7. Thanks for the information, Brian, everything clear now. Jelle Jan
  8. I noticed that both Lionheart and Dapol made the wagons without top flap only in a post steam era lettering. However, railway photographs incidently show wagons without top flap between 1960 and 1965. Are these early ones different in details? Otherwise it would be nice to have one or two in my mineral rake... Jelle Jan
  9. I bought myself the Dapol Lightmoor open wagon, it's a great model, high quality in my opinion. Here are some photographs, on one of them the wagon is coupled to the longer Lionheart Cannop open wagon. I'm looking forward to other Forest of Dean versions. Jelle Jan
  10. You could try this web site: https://artcice.wixsite.com/cice Jelle Jan
  11. Could that be this one? https://bestieboy.smugmug.com/Trains/Miscellaneous-Wagons/i-mdjG95p
  12. Many thanx, Richard, I just tried to clip them in with in bit more pressure and they are all in place now. Jelle Jan
  13. Today the postman brought me my first four steel opens, all rivetted, 305A-4, 305B-4, 306A-5 and 306B-5. Most of the three link chains are loose in the box. Can I get them in the hook, without bending them open? I don't find any flat part on the outher links. Thanks in advance for your help. Kind regards from the Netherlands, Jelle Jan
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