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  1. Yes Please!! That would be extremely helpful
  2. So I'm going with TOPS numbering on a green background, maybe with a hint of blue under the numbers! Thanks
  3. The loco must have sported a blue livery, https://www.flickr.com/photos/curly42/6008052543/ http://www.railblue.com/pages/Photo%20Galleries/David%20Mant%20Collection/DMC_D2851_AL_100673.htm
  4. Hi all, For a start in O gauge I've decided to model the BR Class 02 from the "Tower Collection". Only three of the class survived into the TOPS numbering system: 02 001, 02 003 & 02 004. However when looking for reference photos they only show the 02 in BR Green livery and the only photos of them in BR blue are either models or from computer simulators. All the pictures I've seen have either the number above the "Double arrows" or below such as, http://www.danielwolfram.de/temp/railworks/addons/class02/order01.jpg http://www.prmrp.com/uploads/1/2/0/6/12060808/1113616_orig.jpg?148 So where the numbers above.... or below?? or both?? Thanks
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