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  1. A nice piece of canopy work. Very difficult to get things looking right. I enclose a picture of my canopy made for my Bakewell layout. I used glue and glaze glue made by Deluxe materials which was strong and dried clear. See my blog
  2. Just had confirmation that my "Bakewell" layout is due to be published in the April edition of Model Rail magazine. It is due out on the 16th April and will also be on the Model Rail Facebook page. I am not sure of the availability in newsagents due to the current Corona virus emergency but hopefully some stores will be open to purchase the magazine. Meanwhile I am on my lunch break with the NHS; I would like to wish everyone in lockdown to stay safe with their families and to stay healthy for their future railway modelling projects.
  3. Hi Jim, From what I remember the goods shed was constructed with 2mm grey card available from Hobby Craft. This was covered with Slaters Plasticard. The station building was made from laser cut mdf and then covered with Slaters Plasticard. Hope this answers your question, Rob
  4. I have now got quite a few 00 DCC sound locomotives which are a mixture of Bachmann and Hornby. The locomotives are steam and include Britannia, Black 5 and 8F classes which run on my layout housed in a heated cabin in my garden. The locomotives vary in age from 18 months to 6 years old all fitted with Zimo 645 sound decoders. The question I would like to ask is that some of the locomotives tend to stick and take time to get going particularly at low speed. For instance I would normally test then out on a Bachuras rolling road to ease the connecting rod mechanisms and motors up. Would the locomotives perform better with some light lubrication as I have cleaned the wheels and pickups ( I use track magic for this) and also regularly clean the track ? I have not lubricated them before. Please could any one advise me on what I can do to alleviate this. My other newer sound locomotives are all OK and run perfectly well including my Jinty, another older Black 5 and 9F's, The affected locomotives are Hornby rather than Bachmann. Has anyone got any advice on what to do?
  5. Thanks, Mikkel- the weathered Black 5 looks great. In fact it is my first sound steam locomotive and is now well over 10 years old. It is still going strong although it has a first generation Lok-sound 3.5 decoder with 8 functions. Still sounds great though. Just added a picture of my 9F coming out of Headstone tunnel over Monsall Head viaduct towards Manchester. This has 2 speakers in it with a 28 function Zimo decoder and lights + firebox flicker fitted by JMRC . Somewhat upgraded from my older Black 5. Hope you like it
  6. I had some professional photos of my Bakewell layout shot by Chris Nevard of Model Rail magazine a couple of weeks ago. These will hopefully be published in due course. Needless to say, the quality is amazing and I will be uploading some more photos in due course. The layout is coming along nicely with small cosmetic changes now being made. Next will be the DDC concepts Mimic ground signals, signal box interior lighting and upgraded lineside fencing from Scale Model Scenery.
  7. Hi Mike, Here is the link for L cut creative http://www.lcut.co.uk/index.php?page=pages/main&title=Home Rob
  8. Hi Rich, On the subject of points, I agree that Peco don't do a Bullhead 3 way point at the moment but I know that SMP Marcway do ready made ones in finescale. You can always make your own but if that worries you, contact Marc Weaver at Marcway in Sheffield and I am sure that they can help you. I made some of my own points from copper clad strip on my Bakewell layout but when I thought things were getting complicated such as making double slips, I used the Marcway ready made ones
  9. Hi Rich, This is a great idea. I love this area so much that I have devoted the past 5 years building my interpretation of Bakewell station and Monsall Head viaduct on my home layout (please see my RMweb blog) I like the ideas of the rock formations over the tunnel entrances on your layout. They are very interesting structures too cut straight into the hills How big is your layout as you have some good length trains with accurate coach lengths? Finally I think there is a great photo at the back of last Summer's steam Railway (Aug 2018?) which shows Oliver Cromwell with a pre-15 guinea special in 1968. The photo is taken from the top of the surrounding hills and shows the line as it was in 1968 and then 50 years later in 2018. If only the line was open again, even better if it was heritage steam. Oh well, we can relive those days with our hobby!! Best of luck with your project and I look forward to reading about your further progress in due course. Rob Brooks
  10. Hi Mark, Glad you like my signal box Yes the window frames are all laser cut and come with the kit. The clear glazing was spare and left over from my station canopy so it made a useful edition..
  11. I have been making some small cosmetic changes to the Bakewell project recently including the construction of the Midland style signal box . I have used the excellent laser cut kit made by L Cut creative. The kit has excellent details for both the exteriors and interiors to make a generic model at a brilliant price of £8.99 for the exterior- I purchased mine at the Warley Show in November and have nearly completed the model. It was painted in LMS buildings cream and Midland maroon then suitably weathered in weathering powder to create a steam age feel. Glazing was acrylic sheet from York Model making. The interior kit is also supplied by L Cut creative and is remarkably detailed. Once competed I will be adding interior lighting and a signalman. The signal box is a generic copy of the one at Bakewell although on this version it is NOT as tall. The Bakewell cabin was some 6 planks taller and requires extensive modifications which need a degree of kit bashing. Still, I think that the L Cut creative is a superior kit to the Ratio one which I have built before Here are some progress pictures.
  12. Hi Richard, I purchased 2 "You Choos"21 pin Zimo sound decoders at Warley last weekend with stay alive capacitors. I am getting some help from our digital expert at my club who is excellent with fitting them and problem solving. Rob
  13. I have the Bachmann Blue Pullman set which I run on my Bakewell Peak Line home layout. I have a set of stewards ( serving the passengers) and am putting seated passengers in the train as well as adding 2 sound decoders to the locomotive ends. Alas, I am trying to source a 4mm driver complete which white coats and white hat - they were referred to as "ice cream vendors" I believe. Can anyone help or know where I can get one?
  14. Just in the process of upgrading my Bachmann 00 guage "Blue Pullman". I am adding 2 21 pin sound decoders + speakers into the driving cabs; I purchased these from You Choos at the Warley Show last weekend. I took the loco bodies off to access the chips and put some passengers in. I had also obtained a set of Pullman stewards from the London Festival of Modelling show in March this year. Some of these have been added to the interiors to serve the passengers. Alas there seems to be one missing but important element- the driver. He should be his white "ice cream " uniform with white hat. Has anyone got any suggestions on where to get one or how to make one. He is the missing link to what is a superb model.
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