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  1. I came across a pic of a Caley Pug in my wanderings which inspired another hack about of the Heljan GW tank - this time a 0-6-0 saddle tank. It was a quick burst of fancy so I left most of the existing boiler fittings as thy were although the dome should be over the middle drivers and the filler top forward of it , and added a Triang Nellie cab to it, which involved lengthening the frames a bit. Nellie is actually a fairly good representation of a Drummond loco, albeit of no actual type, and has potential for various what ifs, if so inclined. Anyway, eventually re assembled the jigsaw that is the Heljan approach to these things and gave it the usual Games Workshop black spray, Modelmaster decals and then a GW satin pray sealer, which proved disastrous, as the b****y stuff bloomed, leaving it with a chalky finish. I'm not having much luck recently with these - thats now two previously reliable makes off the roster, and I have two new ones to have a go with. This time they'll be tested on scrap pieces... I couldn't be bothered stripping it all off so made the best of a bad job and am going to blame it all on the winter storms and sea salt damage as it went about its Scrabster trip duties.......As per usual, the camera has magnified all those things that it shouldn't - I've got used to the distressed look a bit now and think I'll just leave it as it is and move on to the next job... And as a comparison, here are the two shunters side by side -
  2. Another variation on the dock shunter theme, and based loosely on a CR design, a mix of Heljan GW chassis and Triang Nellie cab.
  3. A late convert to Nellie possibilities, here is a quick rattle up I did, using a Heljan GW chassis. Based on a CR design, roughly,using the cab of a Nellie. I left the dome and filler cap as they were out of laziness although the dome should have been above the middle drivers. The dreadful finished state of it is due to a varnish bloom that I couldn't be bothered stripping off. As my layout is a model of Thurso, with the oft proposed branch to Scrabster present, but out of sight..., I am blaming winter storms and sea salt for the engines condition....
  4. Off in to the realms of fantasy again.... I'm enjoying the world of what ifs and maybes - and here is one of them - a stray J36 from Keith that made it north ....This one has been on the back burner for a while, and at one stage a kit was in the stash but this is the Hornby one. The wife's uncle was a driver at Haymarket and drove J36's so one had to appear sometime, the spurious reason being that it was being trialled for snowplough duties,because of its more enclosed cab - it is waiting on a tender cab to be fitted.
  5. Is the Ratio one this class? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ratio-Midland-Johnson-2-4-0-Motorized-HO-Kit-with-Lima-Tender-Drive/264836021641?hash=item3da974fd89:g:O~YAAOSwOFJfOtk~
  6. Thanks very much.... I have seen the photos of them there , and thanks for doing so. I am trying to catch something of my early childhood that I did not appreciate or fully grasp- steam left here when I was seven so accurate memories are scarce, beyond being aware of the seemingly alive machines without knowing what class they were, but as the school was beside the station, the sounds are the most certain recollections. This layout has had a long gestation, the first go at it being in 1970, and the powers of the internet have been a boon in gathering details that seemed unrecorded or lost - the recent coach body being a good example, and the same perusal brought forth a side on view of the goods shed office, something that appears to have been ignored by every other photographer of the station. Happy days.....
  7. And highly recommended - a real treasure trove....
  8. HR Diag 29 - I'll send the image.
  9. The slightly better hash up for the layout shed - the eponymous Ratio four wheeler adopting another persona -I made a token effort at rounding the window tops but it doesn't bear close scrutiny. The van is slightly closer to authenticity but its roof is a spare Parkside one whose profile is no doubt off, and I didn't bother with bolt detail, all done in plasticard. Here they are on site - The coach was tucked away beside the shed and office in real life, but as my shed is nothing like Thurso's, I'm not too constrained by this and am undecided as to its placing - it looks a bit overwhelming in the narrow space at the shed side so might plonk it beside the office at the front. Decisions, decisions.....
  10. Ghost Ship cask, in a mini keg, courtesy of Tesco, a pleasant lock down discovery that took the edge off lost pub visits.... Info sent.
  11. Just about to do so! Stopped to nip downstairs for a beer....
  12. The coach is a bit of a mystery acc to the chatline - rebuilt Jones rib sided but of an unrecorded variety. If you are incline, I would jump at the chance of one! With the added bonus of seeing some more of your work as well......
  13. They are plasticard - easily enough done. Don't know of any commercial source. Coach - with a bit of luck - and uax6's Silhouette skills it might just be a placeholder!
  14. A fortuitous meander round the Sottish societies combined photo collection revealed a couple of gems - a HR van and HR coach used as stores and messing at Thurso shed up to the mid Fifties and previously unrecorded. Thank goodness one or two had the foresight to take pictures of the minutiae of locations when photography was not a cheap hobby. These were too attractive to ignore, so a cobble together was called for. The van is scratchbuilt with a spare Parkside roof, which I daresay is not the correct profile, but it will do for me. while the coach is a Ratio one, not the same compartment layout but all I could get. The window shapes were wrong but I made a token gesture to profiling them as I was going to set it alongside the shed where such things wouldn't be noticed - more on that later... The original images were of course B/W, but an enquiry on the HRS chatline about the likely livery, which was heavily faded, led to the suggestion of colourising them, which a kind individual did for me. This is potentially an interesting route to interpretating old photos as these things have come on leaps and bounds recently. Anyway, they were made and here they are on the bench almost finished. Parallel to this I did an even less accurate pair for the Pop Up engine shed I have been working on, with the coach being one and a third Hornby 4 wheelers and the van the spare side of the GSWR one that I had already built for the S&T lot - I saw no need to use it as the far side was never going to be seen, and I seem to have run out of any pre group sides for a basis of a quick build. They are here as well, along with a glimpse of the next two projects in line... I'll look at the layout ones in a day or so, but here is a catch up on the kit shed, now on its base and a display item. Can't remember off hand how much I've posted here already, but the kit is the core of it with a bit extra length, another office and rejigged clerestory and added smoke vents. It's not the easiest of things to photo without the outside world creeping in but there you go...
  15. Glad I'm not the only one with this shortcut.........
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