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  1. Not having much creative energy over the Xmas period - working with the public ensures the festive spirit vanishes about the beginning of December....- I pottered around with several what ifs that have been lying around for a while - I'm finding these a fascinating diversion from fretting about what boiler fitting was on a particular loco on a specific date, and if starting over again I could see myself going down the Madder Valley route....Anyway, this was a quick throw together based around a chassis I have had stashed away for some time for some forgotten idea that failed to coalesce . An 8f underpinnings and a Stanier 2-6-4T bought in LMS livery for a lot less than two current coach prices melded to give a workable passing of the Stanier 2-8-4T that might have been. I didn't bother with the extended bunker but it gives a completely different look to its larger wheeled original. Here it is on the bench and at work as a banker up in the Highlands on trials... Couple more to follow.
  2. On a HR related theme, here is a laser cut model of Blair Atholl station building Iain Ross has done ans is available to purchase,. I can give contact details if anyone is interested.
  3. I've got an almost complete set up to three or four years ago when I started being selective although I still succumb to most issues... I'll take a look at them tomorrow - they are in the shop waiting on a new home from someone. Do you want the entire mags or article scans? Cheers, Richard
  4. No problem. Here is the other discharge outlet.
  5. The oil siding was the furthest right and had discharge pipes to the small storage facility lower down the lane outside the station. Here are a couple of shots - the B/W one from 1965 showing some on the station side of the oil siding. These were latterly removed and the colour one has a glimpse of the later ones od the last siding. There were several of these and I have a better pic somewhere of them. I am not sure if both types existed side by side - one of these small matters that could have been ascertained verbally two or three decades ago, but too late now...
  6. On matters vaguely Highland related... what about P D's brothers personal taxi -The Bug. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LSWR_F9_class
  7. Sheep were a major part of livestock traffic in parts of the country and were shipped in cattle vans.
  8. A Bachmann pannier with its motor turned 90° are what my two run with - wheels are a bit small but I can live with that. Can't remember offhand which version it was as I did them some years ago. Nile has also taken a Hornby 700 and lowered the boiler to suit a Barney - it's in his thread not so long ago.
  9. "I think your right Andy even as it stands that D has a very strong G&SWR look about it, I would say its the splashers If you changed the dome for safety valves new Sterling style cab and some smoke box wing plates and you've already got a very passable G&SWR Smellie 153 class in pretty much as built condition. But as always its down to the price as no one is going to be mad enough to butcher a £200 rtr model to make a near scale only loco. Well maybe Ben Alder he's nutty enough (In a nice way Richard) to chop up a brand new loco to get what he wants lol" Even I might baulk at that price -it would have to be something special - most of mine have been done on bargain offers...As for a useful HR type chassis, a more practical one is the Hornby Radial tank. With bits trimmed off and reversed it makes a very nice 4-4-0 that suits the Small Ben and GNSR D40 and probably some others as well. The wheels come out at 6' over the flanges but Black Five drivers can be fitted to give a more prototypical finish. Here is one such converted.
  10. Cut my white metal teeth on Gem kits and Triang chassis - got rid of them when the Airfix and Bachmann revolution started and subsequently regretted doing so. They were simple but good introductions to actual modelling and still have a place today. Look forward to seeing what you do with them.
  11. Welcome aboard - very interesting what you are doing - I'm sure you will find an audience for your work.
  12. After using rubbers of various forms for years I have found a combination of De Luxe Track Magic and Deoxit on loco wheels is giving far better running than anything else I've tried.
  13. Microsol is a godsend in getting transfers to sit into the body of the wagon. All the other stages are a necessary part of the process - railway modelling isn't easy!
  14. You got a bargain there! Go for far more than that when they do appear on ebay... With regard to the chassis, best give Jim a call at Modelmaster, perhaps after Xmas, to find out his thoughts on the matter, but I'm sure you can get a RTR chassis under it - I've managed with several types .
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