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  1. I had a go at the Caley coaches some time ago, using Airfix LMS coaches as a subframe and roofs. Here is one on my old layout, and a link to the blog covering it. Present state of play are them semi dismantled to get LMS bogies, a job that stalled last autumn and which I intend to return to soon. I am also almost through cutting some older Triang ones down to 57' and again mounting on Bachmann Period 1 chassis- they are awaiting lining and again in a queue.
  2. I only use a tiny bead of PVA with the ballast patted in when applied. I suppose I should try diluted Copydex but its one of those things I've never got round to.
  3. I infill any gaps in the cork with Polyfilla from a tube - hides them totally. As for the ground alongside and between the tracks I paint with Games Workshop Stormvermin Fur with a light scattering of fine builders sand to give a bit of texture. any gaps in the cork beside the racks gets a small bead of PVA and some ballast sprinkled on. This may take a few goes. especially when it is photographed, when things invisible to the eye become painfully obvious.....
  4. As said on the topic in Forum Rules , install Ad block and try Firefox as a browser with permissions set to strict. Works for me. Really liking progress on the layout BTW. Certainly catching the essence of the place.
  5. And to finish off Fort William, they now have the canopy as well, which is available as a sort of module to cater for various lengths. https://www.popupdesigns.co.uk/shop/railway-scale-models/rail-oo-gauge-canopy-set-for-stations-set-a-b-c-up-to-6-sheets-of-a4-wood-in-3mm-1-5mm-thickness/
  6. I use the 3mm Mk3's as seen above on the right - they are less obtrusive than the 4mm version and have a delayed uncoupling action, so are far more versatile. My curves are 24" with one or two yard ones a bit less and I have no problems with them, with the proviso that my stock are all handed so there is a coupling at one end only.
  7. SE Finecast do two turntable kits. http://www.sefinecast.co.uk/Turntables/Turntables.htm
  8. This is a LRM 50' Cowans Sheldon in situ. A treat to build but I would say follow the instructions; something I rarely do. There is a thread about building one here on the site somewhere.
  9. I did the same with my O2 and it has made it a far better runner.
  10. Five79 (son of Chivers) is releasing the six wheel underframe from their fish van kit later this year which should provide an answer to the problem.
  11. Love this sort of pragmatic modelling ! Also the method of pivoting the rear bogie - that has been something I've been chewing over for a while, and you have done my thinking for me, thanks.
  12. There was a thread on this some years ago that illustrated the problematic design of this range of models. I thought I had it saved but apparently not.
  13. Model strip is still available as Kling Strip, from the same manufacturer. It's been my go to for things like this.
  14. Mine did this as well so I removed one of the final drives and it seems to have improved this.
  15. Yes, part no - X9592 - is common to both classes.
  16. Another look at the Stanier 2-6-2, a bit further down the road to completion...
  17. With regard to the 0-6-2 M7, this happened to be a project I had been working on, using an N2 and T9 GBL boiler with some Nucast parts to do a smaller chunky tank as per the HR 0-6-4T. The body had been prepared and was ready to be assembled but the build had been sidelined by the Standard Saga. However, reading about the M7 gave me food for thought - the projected Peter Drummond tanks for the HR were all of a similar proportion, and not like his Banking Tank, so a spare M7 was dragged out of the stash and the body stripped down a bit. The whitemetal acquired parts were used for the splashers and cab roof and a J15 chassis that had been waiting for me to find a home for it tucked away neatly underneath it. It is a superb runner and the new loco glides round the layout most impressively. Here it is as of last night having been lined and waiting its final seeing to.
  18. He phoned me today about an existing order but hit my answerphone and said that things were very hectic at his end and to use an email to reply to him.
  19. Hot off the Pop Up press - the original Fort William station. Looks an impressive model, I must say. https://www.popupdesigns.co.uk/shop/railway-scale-models/rail-oo-gauge-fort-william-station-3-x-a3-in-3mm-thick-poplar-ply-plus-jig-2-x-0-8-ply/
  20. Here is my take on the LMS 2-8-4T. It should have a larger bunker but was thrown together on a whim using redundant parts from previous hackings.
  21. Have you seen this topic? Not RTP but as close as likely to be for some years yet and the kits seem to more or less fall together.
  22. The former - showed as changed and completed but when I looked again at it today it was as per the original. Guess I'll have to do a proof read for the time being...
  23. I tried to edit a post last night and although it showed as being done it did not actually perform the task required. Is this another update hiccup?
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