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  1. Sorry to hear the original plan has been shelved, but these things happen, hopefully your new project will relight the model fire! Looking forward to seeing it take shape
  2. Is there any issues with roads being closed for the show? I saw a sign on Beverley Road this morning saying Spring Bank was shut from the railway crossing?
  3. How do you go about matching the liveries? Do you literally compare the pics in the books to a colour chart or is there anything that can make a good guide? I like the idea replicating NWR 4 passing though the layout (going foreign!) but I’m not sure on how best to paint it up!
  4. Any tips for lining tenders?

  5. I love the shot of the tender in the last pic, it really does show the subtle weathering
  6. Depending on your time period (i'm not too familiar with the timings of specific events in the books) you could have some wagons from Wales too to bring the coal used for No. 3 'Henry' before the Flying Kipper crash and rebuild.
  7. I'm loving this thread! How many of the roster are you going to try and create? Would the likes of Stepney or the 'one off' diesels like old stuck up make a cameo? Luke
  8. Did Princess Royals ever run in unlined black in the early BR days? 

  9. I have also been playing around with the track plan. My other half got me several track plan books for my birthday and i saw one called Nelson, the book is called PSL Book of Model Railway Track Plans and is by Cyril Freezer. I have done a crude mock up here as i dont know if i can just add pictures of the plan from the book without seeking permission from the publisher first, so better safe than sorry! I like the overall plan, it includes the features i wanted to add there is just one or two small things to tweak, like an addition of a turntable so that the Jubilee and Patriot can be turned if I want to, but this should be relatively easy to add. I also might have the layout curve somewhat so that i can get some more scenery in to the left hand side before it runs to the fiddle yard, but again, this shouldn't pose too much of a problem to do.
  10. I have decided to rename the layout. It was originally going to be Harrofield as i wanted to give a nod to my home town, but i was never fully satisfied that the name felt like an area of West Yorkshire. It might have just been a case of me over thinking things, but at the end of the day it would have continued to bug me, so i thought it better to take action now rather than months or years into the build. So now i present to you: Holmthorpe Bridge. The line will serve the fictional town of Holmthorpe, a West Riding town that sits between Leeds and Manchester. The station will see trans-Pennine services and local services from the surrounding towns like Halifax and Huddersfield, etc.
  11. The loco fleet has expanded again! Whilst browsing the Hattons website last night i saw a Bachmann Patriot; 45538 'Giggleswick' in BR Green with early emblem on the bargains page. This loco was shedded in Leeds in 1948, so fits nicely with the area and region I plan on modelling without doing anything other than adding a loco crew and some weathering
  12. I am also waiting for a Hornby streamlined Duchess to be delivered (the previous version before last years retooling). The model is the NRM version of Duchess of Hamilton. The fact that this is a preserved loco may cause a few issues if it has been fitted with any modern safety equipment, but I have also recently purchased a new Duchess, 6221 'Queen Elizabeth' (this will not be getting a repaint!) so hopefully I can keep an anachronisms to a minimum! I plan on turning this into 46243 'City of Lancaster' so that it can retain its bath tub casing. The plan is that it will be working a larger service passing through to either Leeds or Manchester while on route to London or Scotland. As part of this conversion I will need to hack some of the casing from the tender. I have seen that comet sell a kit for the cut down version of the tender, so I am willing try and cut Hornby tender down myself and if it goes badly wrong I can look at replacing it with a comet kit. In terms of details, I have seen pictures showing it still carried LMS lettering on the tender, but I have not seen any pictures of the cabside number, so to me that implies that it did not carry one at this point in time. Does anyone know if this is correct or did it carry a number but it was just to grubby to make out? The clearest reference pics I could find were of a Hornby model rather than the real thing, so I don't want to take these as gospel
  13. The easy projects are: The compound will become 40910, working from 20A (Leeds Holbeck) and will have the crest swapped for 'BRITISH RAILWAYS' The 4F will become 44337 working from 20D (Normanton) and have the crest swapped for an early crest The LYR tanks will become 50647 and 50650, both working form (25A (Wakefield), they will retain their respective crest and 'BRITISH RAILWAYS' branding The Jubilee will be a slightly more in depth project, as opposed to changing the decals on the locos above. One of the reasons why I chose this period (1948 - 1951) was the mix of stock, styles and branding (engines carrying a mix of BR and Big Four branding for instance). As a part of this, i would like to try and produce one of the experimental liveries used by BR, so for the Jubilee I would like to try and paint it in Apple Green with the appropriate lining and branding. I have found some of these locos were based in shed 20A (Leeds Holbeck), so I plan on turning the Jube into 45565 'Victoria'. While looking for reference photos I have been able to find photos of (very!) old models of 45565 in this livery, so I feel relatively confident, but if anyone has any good reference pics or information and are will to share these then please feel free!
  14. I still don't have a usable garage, so I still don't have a railway room yet, however I have been keeping a eye out at shows and online for various locos. As i'm setting the layout in West Yorkshire, I have been using http://www.railuk.info/index.php to try and get an idea of what sorts of engines were running in the region at the start of BR, I have working on assumptions like; if a loco was based in say Leeds, then it could potentially work a trans pennine service to Manchester or Liverpool. So on that basis, i have starting building my loco fleet. At present it consists of: Fowler 4P Compound, BR lined Black with an early crest Stanier Jubilee, BR Lined green with a late crest Fowler 4F, BR plain black with a late crest 2x LYR tanks, BR lined Black, one with early crest, one with 'BRITISH RAILWAYS' on the tank sides. So the plan is to start doing some modelling to get these into an appropriate livery and renumbered to an appropriate shed for the period and region. While making the list I also looked for reference pictures online (which I'm not going to share here because I haven't reached out to the owners for permission) so that i can try to get the models close to the real thing.
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