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  1. Thanks Rich. I want a good representation of the signalling, but i am happy if it isn't 100% prototypical if it would cause issues. I'll have a think about the movements i want to show and go from there.
  2. I'm happy with the above track plan, so next i've turned my mind to the signalling and this is what i've come up with. I have added the signals for right hand side (off scene) so that i can still add the appropriate point rodding along the station. The goods yard might need some ground signals, i need to have more of a think about which points will be controlled by the signalman and which will be controlled by a ground frame. I keep changing my mind about the far right signal, i think it is needed to protect the down line if something is coming out of the goods yard onto the up line, but i dont know if this could be managed another way.
  3. Not a lot to update you all on, I was finally in a position financially to start working on the garage/ railway room and then we go into lockdown, so i still cant play trains! I have had a play with my station track plan though, and I have come up with this: I dont really want a large layout filled with sidings or an MPD, i'd much rather have a layout where I get to watch trains going by, so I feel this will do that well, with a small goods handling area when i want to get a bit more hands on and shunt with a Jinty or two!
  4. What a brilliant idea, i wish i'd thought of that last time i tried building a station!
  5. I always thought it was changes in traffic, as time has gone on STH either put on more services with fewer coaches or there was simply not enough passengers to justify a large rack, so shortened it. Either way it would mean a smaller engine such as James or Henry could mange.
  6. I have a running joke with my friend about my loco fleet, every time I go to a model shop I try to buy 'duplicate' class of engine because (and Ii quote my friend Adam!) "it'll start to look like Thomas the Tank engine if all your locos are different classes and liveries!"
  7. When did class 08s get painted from black to green?

  8. Sorry to hear the original plan has been shelved, but these things happen, hopefully your new project will relight the model fire! Looking forward to seeing it take shape
  9. Is there any issues with roads being closed for the show? I saw a sign on Beverley Road this morning saying Spring Bank was shut from the railway crossing?
  10. How do you go about matching the liveries? Do you literally compare the pics in the books to a colour chart or is there anything that can make a good guide? I like the idea replicating NWR 4 passing though the layout (going foreign!) but I’m not sure on how best to paint it up!
  11. Any tips for lining tenders?

  12. I love the shot of the tender in the last pic, it really does show the subtle weathering
  13. Depending on your time period (i'm not too familiar with the timings of specific events in the books) you could have some wagons from Wales too to bring the coal used for No. 3 'Henry' before the Flying Kipper crash and rebuild.
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