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  1. Fawley branch: Marchwood Frost Lane Crossing
  2. Southampton, line to the Eastern docks: Chapel Crossing Canute Road East from St Denys: Adelaide Crossing Woolston Netley (now at Ropley) Swanwick Fareham
  3. West from Southampton: Millbrook Redbridge Totton Brockenhurst
  4. Here's some Southampton area ones, period 1979-81: St Denys Mount Pleasant Crossing Northam Junction Southampton Central
  5. Here's my rather poor picture of Ulverston from the nearest bridge, taken in 1990. I'd say it confirms the identity of the box in your picture.
  6. According to John Snell in "One Man's Railway", the total expenditure on building the RHDR, down to 1938, was £143,911. According to the Bank of England inflation calculator, that's around ten million pounds at today's prices. All that came out of Howey's pocket. He was a man of independent means, and driving racing cars was just one of his hobbies: his inherited wealth came from land in Melbourne, Australia.
  7. March 1990, surely, when the panel went in.
  8. Bedford hasn't been a royal dukedom since 1495
  9. There's a photo at https://www.flickr.com/photos/ingythewingy/7938623142 with a very full caption which explains that the box at Aughton Road was built in 1928, replacing an earlier structure. At that time the LMS was still building boxes to pre-grouping designs, but it's not clear why a Midland design was used on an ex-LYR line- it's likely that the parts of a redundant structure of the right size just happened to be available at the time.
  10. Llanfair Caereinion isn't GWR: the original W&LLR had no signal box at Llanfair. A new box was built by the preservationists in 1967, and renewed in a more convincing Dutton style in 2002.
  11. That's Nailsea & Backwell, which closed in 1971. The station is still open. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nailsea_and_Backwell_Signal_Box.jpg
  12. The RAIB site does not get updated on Sundays.
  13. That's Neasden South Junction: Neasden Junction is the Midland box at the other end of the chord to the N&SWJR.
  14. Here's a 1979 picture of the box diagram, showing that the detonators do indeed work with the points (33) ahead of them. George Pryer's diagrams suggest that this wasn't provided when the box opened in 1957, so maybe there was a later instance of a driver taking the wrong signal which prompted the addition of the detonators.
  15. Bamber Bridge with proper windows, cleaning gantry and staircase, in 1989
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