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  1. My apologies- I didn't mean to suggest that any of the O1s had the wrong type of door. The point I was trying to make is that so often the shape of the smokebox door is a weak point in a whitemetal kit. Thick, clumsy-looking doors that do not match the subtle curve of the real thing spoil the face of the loco and stand out like a sore thumb. RTR manufacturers usually, but not always, get this right.
  2. As is so often the case, the Hornby is the one with the right shape of smokebox door. On the right.
  3. Wem North, according to the Signalling Record Society.
  4. Neither LNWR nor LMS- it's actually BR LMR, having opened in 1948.
  5. I'm delighted to hear that you were able to rescue that lever description backboard from the water tower, and look forward to hearing more about it.
  6. I'm not suggesting you are wrong about the frame colour, but surely every Swindon works grey photograph shows light frames and cylinders, even in the era when we know both were black in service?
  7. No- the lorry is 13'4" high and the bridge is signed at 10' 9". No room for doubt there!
  8. The 23'6" turntables at Yelverton and Princetown were provided for turning snowploughs. They were too short for the 4400 class locomotives which usually worked the branch.
  9. Try this: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSzl0C-qyWY/?utm_medium=copy_link Should work for anyone
  10. Properly Bristol Old Station, of Midland Railway origin but with a GWR frame since 1908, and closed in 1965
  11. I'm glad I took the plunge as it is indeed a very fine book. Nice to see evidence of actual proof-reading, in the correction to the Bath Junction plan date from the pre-publication image posted at the start of this thread. One wonders if that actually cost any sales- it was certainly a close-run thing for me, but the positive things said by people on here tipped the balance.
  12. Look hard at page 66, upper diagram, right-hand side.
  13. ...and in the OPC book the plans were correctly dated! Not impressive.
  14. Blast! I missed the anniversary. It was my first railway event. I was 11. I'm the boy on the platform on the extreme right of the picture, clutching a sketch pad 'cos I didn't own a camera. I still have the paperwork: Special train ticket (child, 50p), Programme, and copy of The Last Drop.
  15. It's an LSWR box (opened in 1908 as Yeovil Jn East, renamed Yeovil Jn A in 1949) which was fitted with WR-pattern windows in the BR period, probably around 1967 when the box was given a WR lever frame. Subsequent to your photo, the windows were replaced by oddly-proportioned plastic versions of the GWR style, making the box look even stranger. It closed on 12 March 2012.
  16. You will get a clearer picture from the actual RAIB report: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/safety-digest-032021-llandegai-tunnel/near-miss-with-track-workers-at-llandegai-tunnel-llandygai-gwynedd-13-february-2021
  17. I think "Guildford" is actually South Croydon Junction, which was operational from 1953 to 1984.
  18. That's Basingstoke West, which became Basingstoke B in 1956, and closed in 1966. The 3 and 4 probably mark mileages (48 m 3c and 48m 4c): most of the Southern has markers for each chain, if you know where to look.
  19. In the corrections to GWW that the HMRS issued in 2009, it is acknowledged that the locomotive is actually green.
  20. Appearance would be greatly improved if you modified the white band on the arm to more correct proportions. It should be 8" wide, and start 13" from the end of the arm. The same goes for the black band on the back of the arm.
  21. The nameplate is standard GWR cast-iron, but has been painted black on white in mimicry of BR 1970s sheet metal nameplates. By contrast, Worcester SH station, also seen above, has a stamped sheet metal nameplate of WR design, which shows grey/white letters on a black ground.
  22. That's a very ordinary, very common design of trap points. Just one that Peco haven't made yet
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