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    Hornby king

    Since no RTR manufacturer has ever made a GW loco with working valve gear that could fall off, that's hardly surprising. Connecting and coupling rods, though...
  2. 4069

    Hornby king

    It's prominent inside the cab window on 6000 (see http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/100251-locomotion-models-announce-d8000-and-king-george-v-models/page-4), but not there on my 6011 and on those that other people have posted pictures of.
  3. 4069

    Hornby king

    Is it just King James I that has the ATC gear missing from the cab?
  4. 4069

    Hornby king

    A magnificent model. For the first time in RTR, undeniably the Right Shape.
  5. Lancashire (Hest Bank, betwen Lancaster and Carnforth), not Lanarkshire.
  6. Very impressive indeed- but surely the smokebox door 'GWR without step' should also be without lamp bracket? The reason for providing the step on the door was for access to the top lamp bracket after it was moved from the top of the smokebox, from 1932 onwards. It would be a pity if this model fell into the same error as Hornby's 4073 in this respect.
  7. For clarity, this is a Bristol VRT as a British Rail Department of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (DMEE) training vehicle. http://www.Bachmann.co.uk/details.php?id=360
  8. Dammit, he's right! Though as built, looks like driver's side only, with wipers on the fireman's side being common by the BR era. Which makes it even more extraordinary that they got the top lamp iron wrong. Being painted silver, it's all too prominent.
  9. There is one glaring error on the "face" of 4073: the upper lamp iron is on the smokebox door, not on the top, as it is on the real thing. As it's painted silver, you can't really miss it. Putting 4073 and 4003 side by side (should be in identical livery), the orange lining is a very different shade on the two models. Both look good, though.
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