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  1. I do like Bachmann’s quarterly announcement/release plan, certainly helps with keeping track of what you’ve got on pre-order or planning ahead. If the DRS 57 was in the latest swoosh/68/fade livery, there would have been an email off to my local model shop pre-ordering one rather quickly - oh well the wait continues and the wallet takes a breather. some nice things coming up though,
  2. If anyone’s after a low level nuclear pack Paul at Alton Model Centre had a set on display still. Think they had a British gypsum pack and British fuels red on display also. Regards Ali
  3. These are looking bloody brilliant even if not the finished item! Cannot wait for them to arrive! Top work gents!
  4. Hello, really like the new JIA wagon run, have 2 from Kernow’s limited edition run so seriously considering some of the weathered ones now to go with them. Initially thought the price seemed a bit high but slowly coming round to it (paid £34.99 ea how ever many years ago). Like the different price breaks for the pristine and light and heavy weathered versions. with EFE Rail, are these likely to be limited one off runs again or should we expect more re-runs/new running number runs in the future possibly? Ali
  5. Just watched the video, really looking forward to these and they are looking smart. Got two 20312 on order one to be renumbered before it gets to me!
  6. sorry Phil, was referring to the normal end doors, didn’t know if they projected too far making the 3 containers too long but don’t worry your secret is safe!
  7. Looking really good Phil! I’m guessing you didn’t have any spacing issues with the handles of the containers sticking out too far? Been holding off to see how you got on with Project before having ago myself! regards Ali
  8. Well I’m still off work and terrible at updating this! Got the up and down lines (front two), double slip and 2 medium points off this and siding laid. After some umms and ahh’s I’ve been progressing slowly. Decided to swap the dept side over. Don’t know why but really wanted to use a 3-way point. Been playing with spacing of the main two dept roads. Top left and next road down will be inspection pits. After a recommendation from my uncle cut up a cereal box to template what the dept building would be like size way. The lines with the 66 & 68 will be in
  9. Fantastic work as usual Jack. The ploughs looks absolutely fantastic and love the idea of a temporary shunting rod. Great work, Regards Ali
  10. Looking really good Phil. Suspect I’ll be buying a triplet soon after seeing your handy work. Are the side doors on one side only or both? Decals look really good, are they the ones from Precision? Ali
  11. Been having bit of a planning session this afternoon- my head hurts now! First idea was OK. It felt like everything was pushed to one side. Second go went a bit better and gave me more of a head shunt for working my way across but felt the siding opposite would be the alternative headshunt the other end. Ignore the one section of inspection pit, forgot to remove it before taking the photo. The idea of a double main line is appealing to me now especially if I ever wanted to take it to an exhibition (when every they are likely to happen agai
  12. Hatton’s Dave, any plans to do another run of the modern day version of these wagons? Pristine and or weathered?
  13. Thank you for the feedback, I was going to have a small length off scene to allow for handling swapping over etc, quite like your plan I have to admit. I wanted to use the SL-90 as I had it in stock and liked the idea of a headshunt section albeit a small one. I’ll have another play laying stuff down. the mix of insul and electro is probably me selecting the wrong points from the library, all ordered and used will be electro-frog apart from the SL-90. what rail software did you use to creat that plan? Thinking I’ll reduce the left hand sidi
  14. Afternoon All, Been considering doing a small(ish) TMD layout for a while now since I took down my roundy roundy layout a few years ago (just track and a shed load of sidings) and wanted to do something proper with electro-frog points and the current situation has allowed me to do this. This is a fictitious TMD based in Hampshire near Petersfield off a single branch line servicing as a DRS hub in the south - possibly with a wagon repair part - tbc. The name may change, fancied furlough TMD or Corona Dept but didn’t seem to sit right The layout will be DCC contro
  15. Sounds like an interesting train Phil, what kit are you using for the MOD containers? Regards Ali
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