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  1. Quietly fixed now; it's back to showing a 5-pole motor with two flywheels...
  2. Ely_South

    DJM, the end.

    (Picking on a convenient post to quote...)... Is there any evidence Dave’s been to China recently? I’ve not seen where he’s said that; I’ve only seen speculation by others. Please point it out if I’ve missed it. Cheers Rob
  3. I’m in the same position regarding his emails not being received. For some time, I have strongly suspected that this is due to Dave’s use of a hotmail mailbox to run his business from. Hotmail is a free personal webmail service & is not supposed to be used for sending to mailing lists. Many ISPs will reject mail that appears to have been sent in this manner, as there’s a high likelihood of it being spam. A proper business mailbox would cost him just a few quid each month, but despite owning the DJM domain name, he seems to only use that domain for email receipt (presumably via a mail forwarder). It’s been said before; he’s a talented designer; in severe need of help in running a business. I suspect it’s a bit late now.
  4. These are up for pre-order on the website now. I've bagged mine after seeing them at Ally Pally. Cheers Rob
  5. I'm not normally competitive, but I think I might be winning this thread - 39 identical notifications of a single post on the DJM Class 92 thread, quickly followed by numerous copies of a single daily digest. @AY Mod; is there anything that can be done about this? It's not a user setting issue; I promise. Many thanks Rob
  6. Man; with the 90's apparently on the boat, and the 92 announcement last month, this is both an expensive and brilliant year...! I'm in for 4mm. At least a rake of Mk4s, but more than one loco I'd have thought (liveries depending). Just to be clear, when you say Mk4 coaches, I presume you're planning on tooling the Mk4 DVT also? Cheers :-) Rob
  7. Heh heh; thanks - I like to feel popular... :-) It's less the number of notifications though; more the identical repeat nature of those few (and it does just seem to be a few). Up to ten emails, all received at an identical time with identical content; notifying of a single post. I'm happy with your solution regardless though Many thanks Rob
  8. @AY Mod Very similar situation for me too - I've not managed as many as Martin_Wynne (later post in this thread), but I'm equalling Norm81 with up to ten per post. It only seems to affect certain topics; yesterday it was Bargain Hunters 2 (Big Jim's post at 09:08 ish; ten identical notifications), and this morning it was Spikey's post in the same thread (four copies) and Colin Penfold's post in SOS Junction (six copies) I don't suppose you could take a look please Many thanks Rob
  9. I don't disagree with your sentiment on patience. However, if everyone investing on day one was expected to last the course, then payment would have been 100% upfront. The reality is that payment was split over the life of the project to reduce risk to those investors & the lack of progress/introduction of a (very high grade) competitor have changed that risk profile significantly. Personally, I wonder if the real reason for the lack of progress is that the project still has not reached the minimum number of investors required to take it into tooling. If true, all we can do to get the thing going is encourage others to join us - And that just became a lot harder to do....
  10. If it's happened within a company (for instance; messages sent using Outlook/Exchange INSIDE a company), it's usually possible to recall a message without visible evidence, so long as it has not been opened (unless you have unforgiving administrators). For email sent on to other mail servers (i.e. externally), recall without evidence would be unlikely. The best you'd achieve would be the user receiving both the message plus a 'recall request' and they'd then choose the outcome. In most instances, recall would simply fail. I wouldn't worry. At least you were drunk. There'll be plenty of others that will have sent daft messages and not have that excuse... :-)
  11. At Doncaster, I was suggested to me that Rails had tried to get more of the TPE 68s from Dapol, to be told that there were none left. So yes; it appears they’ve been popular..! I was wondering what to do with mine, and you’ve given me the answer... :-) Great stuff!
  12. And that's given me the excuse I needed for why one arrived in the post for me last week :-)
  13. You must have had a massive rucksack..! :-)
  14. I'll add my voice to Mick's regarding communication - I didn't receive the update a couple of weeks ago, and am still waiting for a reply from Dave having contacted him over a week ago to point this out. Dave managed to invoice me at that email address, so he's certainly had it noted correctly at one point. Like Mick, I'll add that I have now seen the message via a third party, but I won't elaborate further. As someone with no first-hand knowledge of Dave's capabilities, I can only judge him on what I've seen on this one project - and that's over two years of very little, other than an invoice (which was paid on receipt). Not a single email update - Just what I've seen posted here. And to add, Dave's own website has never provided (and still doesn't) any reports of progress. There needs to be something very tangible fill the vacuum this quarter I'm afraid, as without that I cannot possibly justify putting more of my (family's) money into this. Here's hoping. Rob
  15. Drop the full stops and 'cause' at the end of the link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46461606
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