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  1. Hi Marc regards my 24 i did excatally that i contacted the seller explained what i had found and sent a pic etc . still waiting for a reply . like you say ime not expecting a refund just a reply of some sort . any way ile see what happens . well my jaw fell to the floor when i read your msg about RUYTON ROAD unbeliveable . thats brilliant i love the colour pics of it and you have done a brilliant job of putting your own mark on it . i did have the MRJ mag on it . there is so much i like about it well all of it really . its so good its still around . it was built in EM gauge i think could be i am wrong i have just flicked through your link to it . gord its a strange world .
  2. Good work there Huggy like what you have done .there good old kits them Airfix loco sheds . even i have a part built one in my scrap box .i am probly not the only . looking fordward to seeing more cheers kevin .
  3. Hi Marc thank you for the info regards fitting decoder i will have a look at that . i have managed a hard wire job on a loco a few year ago but it was sheer luck it worked so a refresher vid will not go a miss i think i have seen some of Jenny Kirk's vids before really good she is dam clever . marc your idea for your micro sounds really good . and yes i am the same all ways tons of layouts on the back burner .i have had faulse starts before espicialy with my version of John spencers Ruyton road its a small EM gauge layout there are some vids on u tube of it it could easy be turned into a scottish type layout . it has a dissused cattle doc etc . PS here is my irish loco i said about that will take over track running trials for uncoupleing etc . cheers
  4. Well i have had a bit of a sett back regards motive power wise with my class 24 . as i said i was going to put a D CC decoder in it . yesterday i removed the body shell only to find it has no 8 pin socket . i have owned this loco over a month it was shown in the add as dcc ready i tested it on anolog and never give it a thought . so it looks like i will have to hard wire it in which considering how much i paid for it ime none to pleased . so in the mean time only other loco available to me is my irish railways 141 class so doint be alarmed if this apears from now on. i havent given up on a scotish theam its just till i can sort things out .
  5. Cheers mark glad you like it . yes i like the class 24's as well mine is a E BAY one brought from pro weather ing . i have a few locos from him . i do like wather ing my own normaly but for quickness i brought this one to get my BR loco stock up to a few as i had sold most of mine off a few years back . i have got to get a decoder for it as at the mo its only DC .
  6. Hi multigauge . yes my Kadee magnets have been cut. in half i used a dremel with a cutting disc . its a bit fiddley to do and smelly once u get cutting . i am not sure where i 1st saw this but i have had success with it . but it all depends on setting the uncuplers up right. ive ended scrapping some layouts because of the nightmare of it all due to this . i allways use a kadee height gauge. and use ing half the size magnets i have found its got to be on a good stright bit of track . hope that helps .
  7. Hi jim thank you . pleased you like it yes it is a bit cramped for space some bits have been chopped off as it has been two other layouts before it got to this stage . the PCB is the the plug in scoket for my NCE power cab controller its just resting there till i find some where to mount the panel i might have to make a box up or something . thats when i get round to tidy ing it all up . when the layout is near finished i will make a front panel up to give it that old TV look or fish tank look if you know what i mean .
  8. Hi all . just a few bits i have been beaver ing away at over the last week . progress on the road bridge got a bit bogged down as i couldnt make up my mind on how it should look . so with a mix of Wills Vari-Girder spans and some Jarvis Stone walling i have putt this together . it of course neeeds blending in with paint and grass tuffs at he sides of the road but so far i like it . All so i have started on the station roof so far its just resting on the top till ime sure that its ok but i do need to cutt some sky lights in the slates as it sure is dark in there . The other thing i have done is to block in the gap from the end of the waitng room to the bottom of the front boarding . Think it looks more solid like that . i have inc a before and after pic to show what i mean . So thats whats i have been up to of late . But next i need to tackel some sort of platform signal not sure what yet i really want to use a nice semaphore . but platform length is short so even with a rail car jutting out the station the driver would have it nearly in his face . so ile look at a colour light as well . which could even be mounted on the bridge above the track . all food for thought .
  9. Nice work and looking good . it seems to be the in thing with a sudden surge of highland layouts at the moment inc my own attempt. all good stuff
  10. Hi max . glad you like it . next bit will be to tackel the roof . not sure if i will go for a slate tiles or corogated roof yet . and inside the station the waiting parcels office may change . I had built a very similar station on a layout some 8 years ago i think that had a corogated roof i have found a pic of it . the class 26 blocks the view abit . funny how you miss old layouts as it got sold on .
  11. Hi all . managed to get some more work done . i have now lowered the station building so hopefuly it looks more to size than towering above the loco . and i have added a side wall as peak experiernce mention would help inprove the looks because of its small size. allso i have been able to paint the side walls platform etc in colours that blend in with its highland setting . its still in the mock up stage things like inner waitng room and parcels office have been placed on the platform but it looks more like a shed to me so i may change that . offered up a phone box and a small platform bench just to get a feel till happy . my park royal rail bus arrived this week that will take care of the passenger taffic tilll i can build up some more motive power like a 121 class . any way loads more to do will post more as progress goes on
  12. Thanks good idea on that i did find a pic of some ones layout a o gauge one that had a small wall do you mean something like that . or i may try a higer wall on the platform side that may look better .
  13. Hi luke thanks glad you like it . i have got a lot of tweek ing to do on it yet . one thing i am not sure about if the station building needs lowering by 1and half cm looks a bit to tall to me . not haveing any figures to hand at the mo makes it hard to judge and i am not a scale ruler type of modeller by any means . the base board is my recycled china clay layout that bit the dust when problems with the traverser killed it off . Then about 3 ins were swan of the end and it became a american based grain layout. all the buildings were made and thats when i saw max's layout and thats how it came to be . what you see now . the scenic side of the layout is only 50 cm long by 26 cm wide there are no points all three tracks converge under the road bridge and a single track sector plate deals with the switch ing of the tracks . i would have liked to have included one of the lovely highland signal boxes like max has used but there is not enough lenth on the platform . i do need to squeez a smiphore signal in at the end of the platform . i like the Dapol ones i doint think they do a scottish lattice type one and i doint really want to do a kit one . only thing i can come up with is a SR region one and place a finial on top might get away with that .
  14. Hi all . have ing seen max's highland layout Portmahomack summer 1978 i remember back to two scottish highland small layouts i built a few years back and was so impressed with max's i just had to have a go my self .its a bit of a coppy cat one in its early mock up stages but see what you think . cheers all
  15. Hi max yes certainly will be starting a new thread poss this come ing week end if i can just make a bit more progress some bits ime afraid are robbed from your marster piece and Adrian walby's Lochinver . ime just waiting for some more wills sheet ing to arrive . it will be called Fort henderson .
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