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  1. thanks Kirley . considering that nearly all the buildings came from my original layout it was a case of what i could squeeze in to a boxfile
  2. Hi all i originally intended my micro layout to be based around a cornish china clay works but as normal with me my interest in other regions creeps in and as a result i am now back in to irish railways so i have decided that it will have to adapt to all my needs so i thought on the lines of a come Fertiliser come gypsum and pos cement theam if that makes sence . i have just recived my batch of irish railway models hopper wagons and i have to say they are excellent and a pack 8x pallets of bagged fertiliser from the same seller . i was hope ing 2 get some cement bubbles but all
  3. just found this one shows the track plan better
  4. Thanks Kirley kind of you to say that . over the last few years ive mainly only built small or micro layouts as any thing longer than 3-4 feet i end up never finishing . i may have another go at a layout i did build some time ago iit was based on a side ing that run to a off loading shed for some military fire ing ranges set on the edge of marsh land. here is a couple of pics
  5. Thanks pat glad you like it i think they look more the part when weathered
  6. Thanks Ian glad you like it i still have a good bit of work to do like with the silo and pipe ing etc
  7. Hi all it was some time a go that i placed a few pics of my 141 loco on a layout project that i was building at the time . well in the end the layout got scrapped but i did save all the buildings and it got recycled in to box file so even tho it looks more or less the same its shrunk but the same loco have ing ( pretend ) been in traffic for a number of years is now in a sorry state but still rumberling on hope you like it
  8. this shows the concrete infill after a coat of grey primmer, and all glued back down . . one thing i did remenber from other layouts i had built when doing concrete inlays . is to check by running a loco to make sure all runs smoothly at most stages . next i gave the concrete a couple of washes of greys and whites . till i had the look i was looking for . then to add a touch of shaddo i finished off with weathering powders use ing white and grey and a hint of dark earth . all blendid or smudged with my finger . i even the ECC landrover has had a tone ing down .
  9. Hi all bit of a up date on my recycle project. one of the things i did need to tackel was the concrete infill . all i did was use some off cuts of cardboard to bring the surfice up to track level it ended up a bit like a jigsaw . to make sure all the bits went back in the right places i numbered the backs of the card on top of the cardboard i cut the same shape out of plastic card . all this was given a coat of grey primmer , the hardest bit was the in lay for the point but after one or two misshaps i got it right .
  10. hi andrew just seen your pics of the rail joints thats excatlly how mine went they end up more like steps how you havent ended up jumping up and down on it like i nearly did espically if like me you put hours of work in . i to like steve has said i will be looking at buy ing a scale model scenery baseboard next time . boxfiles are one thing . the other head ache like your have ing is getting the small size locos to run half sensible i have a gauge marster combi which i found gave mixed running so i brought a a budget model railways self build controller which has made things a l
  11. andrew here is a few pics just to show what i had to do in the end to bring the boxfile up to the traverser level its not a very tidy site to look at . also a couple of pics showing the construction of the traverser its no more than a tray with sides really , but i still had to lay a very thin layer of card strip under the the track to add fine adjustment . hope its of help
  12. Hi andrew doint give up you will sort something out . i do understand how much of a problem that can be . if you have a flick through my kenwards colliery boxfile layout your see that my 1st go at a box file layout and traverser got scraped as no matter what i tried i could not get the levels right . i ended up re building the whole layout in MDF and hard board . but kept the boxfile size . you can allso see from the pic above of the traverser its a real hotch potch of mdf hardboard and plastic L shaped strip made up as i went along . if i build any new boxfile size layouts i
  13. Hi all just a small update on progress i have now made out the track plan . it was going to be just two tracks to work of a sector plate . but i didnt have much luck knocking one together. i even cut down a old left hand point to save on lenth so i could cram in a 3rd sideing but as the sector plate came to nothing that got scrapped . i needed a quick soultion then it came to me why not use the traverser i made for my kenwards colliery . i have had to re adjust the hight of the box file to bring it up to the same level but it looks like it will work . well i know more when i get
  14. Thanks for reply thats brilliant i will have a go at mine i have a few old points that have seen better days .
  15. Hi Cloggy dog you made a brilliant job with the box file layout . i could not help but notice your very clever use of a cut down point . this looks a excellent way to save space . can i ask did you have to make any special wire adjustments to it . or was it just snip cut . as i am currently building a box file layout my self i would very much like to try this idea any tips or gidance on how you did it would be great thanks .
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