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  1. Hi Kevin . thank you ime glad you like it . i have not long dragged it back out from storage as i was working on another project . i must admit ime enjoy ing giveing it a second wind . its my 1st go at box file size modeling and more or less got made up as i went along . when ime happy that the uncouple ing works ok i will get round to filling in the holes where the magnets are . ive tried not to over clutter the layout but keep thinking it could do with some more bits of junk or something scattered about
  2. One thing i did find out use ing this form of un coupling was that it would be handy to make a jig up to get every thing standard as possible the staples need to be attached to droppler bar so as not to foul up when going over the point blades to low and the wagons jam up . hopefuly the picture shows my very simple set up a bit of plastic card with a hole drilled just big enough to take a small round magnet . this was then glued in place in between the rails with clearance for the wagon wheels . . i then used a track sleeper as a guide to keep the staple in a stright line . and the mag
  3. Hi all ime not sure if my pics will be in the right order when i load them up so please bare with me . a few weeks ago i draged out my old boxfile size layout and gave it a dust down . as i had a sudden rush of all things NCB . after a quick running session . i quickly remenbered why i had put it away under my work bench . The dreaded uncouple ling problem . it had been set up with KA DEE'S . It would work some times but just was not relieable enough . so a bit of a re think and a good look on You Tube gave me the urge to try another type . I belive its called the Brian Kerbby meth
  4. Hi Robert . i am sorry to hear you have had trouble with the transfers it can be a big disapointment with all the work you have put in . it can be a bit of a mine field when it comes to paint and varnish i have had some work wrecked in the past just by mixing different products . will look forward to your pics . cheers kev
  5. Cheers Robert for all the info on the C class i must admit they are my most liked irish loco . your N gauge 071 class in large logo BR must have looked a treat i can just picture it in my mind . talking of what if livery's with 141 class in mind i did see that shape ways do some 141 boddy shells doint think they were that expesive either . might make a good bassis for some what if paint jobs
  6. I I just been browse ing on the IRM forum and seen your 141 NIR 113 cab looks just the job , i did have a silver fox C class a couple of yrs back but it didnt run that good on the chassi it came with but may try another one at some point i have heard that a later Hornby class 73 might be a better bet . hope you doint mind i slipped a pic of my c class in on my oid cement layout .
  7. HI Robert , really nice work . I too have oftern thought what If NIR railways had brought 141's . i like yr marron 141 cab . i think that colour looks great on them . tell you what i bet they would have looked just as good in the NIR blue as well . i do like the idea of the What IF's colour schemes on locos . can you imagine if BR had brought some GM 141's-181's and what they would have looked like in BR green or the BR blue . food for thought . cheers kevin .
  8. Hi Mark . the scale is oo . it must look bigger in the pics Baseboard dimensions are lenth 50cm width 25 cm . the bridge span in total is 25 cm long . across the 3 tracks its 16 cm . i have inc a few pics to show how the bridge was made top part is not yet fixed in postion yet . the sector plate is 50cm long width is 25 cm this was all re used form my china clay layout that never got finished . hope this is of help cheers kevin
  9. Evening all . Just a small up date on a bit of progress on the layout . i have been doing the odd bit here and there . the station building is not far of finished bit more to do on the roof . i have cut some sky lights in to let some light in as it looks farely dark in side . also the road bridge is nearly done . and work on the small yard is take ing shape . i still have no real fixed plan how it will all come together yet . bits will change any way i will post more soon . take care .
  10. Hi Marc regards my 24 i did excatally that i contacted the seller explained what i had found and sent a pic etc . still waiting for a reply . like you say ime not expecting a refund just a reply of some sort . any way ile see what happens . well my jaw fell to the floor when i read your msg about RUYTON ROAD unbeliveable . thats brilliant i love the colour pics of it and you have done a brilliant job of putting your own mark on it . i did have the MRJ mag on it . there is so much i like about it well all of it really . its so good its still around . it was built in EM gauge i think
  11. Good work there Huggy like what you have done .there good old kits them Airfix loco sheds . even i have a part built one in my scrap box .i am probly not the only . looking fordward to seeing more cheers kevin .
  12. Hi Marc thank you for the info regards fitting decoder i will have a look at that . i have managed a hard wire job on a loco a few year ago but it was sheer luck it worked so a refresher vid will not go a miss i think i have seen some of Jenny Kirk's vids before really good she is dam clever . marc your idea for your micro sounds really good . and yes i am the same all ways tons of layouts on the back burner .i have had faulse starts before espicialy with my version of John spencers Ruyton road its a small EM gauge layout there are some vids on u tube of it it could easy be turned into a
  13. Well i have had a bit of a sett back regards motive power wise with my class 24 . as i said i was going to put a D CC decoder in it . yesterday i removed the body shell only to find it has no 8 pin socket . i have owned this loco over a month it was shown in the add as dcc ready i tested it on anolog and never give it a thought . so it looks like i will have to hard wire it in which considering how much i paid for it ime none to pleased . so in the mean time only other loco available to me is my irish railways 141 class so doint be alarmed if this apears from now on. i havent given up
  14. Cheers mark glad you like it . yes i like the class 24's as well mine is a E BAY one brought from pro weather ing . i have a few locos from him . i do like wather ing my own normaly but for quickness i brought this one to get my BR loco stock up to a few as i had sold most of mine off a few years back . i have got to get a decoder for it as at the mo its only DC .
  15. Hi multigauge . yes my Kadee magnets have been cut. in half i used a dremel with a cutting disc . its a bit fiddley to do and smelly once u get cutting . i am not sure where i 1st saw this but i have had success with it . but it all depends on setting the uncuplers up right. ive ended scrapping some layouts because of the nightmare of it all due to this . i allways use a kadee height gauge. and use ing half the size magnets i have found its got to be on a good stright bit of track . hope that helps .
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