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  1. Thanks Martyn and Adam for your kind comments . yes the raised loading erea seem to give the layout a bit of depth as space is a real premium . even tho i rebuilt the whole layout i still kept it the same size as the original box file .hope fully by the end of this weekend i should have putt the front of the layout on to give it that TV or fish tank look as my wife calls it . allso i will take a couple pics of the traverser and how it stores a way
  2. Thanks . like a lot of us modellers nowadays i like different railways from other places as well as the uk . and it was with one of my last layouts . think it was my micro cement one i used it to test run some amercain locos i had in preparation for a USA grain based micro . with a few little changes like road sign's etc i soon saw i could easly get away with running both .i have slipped in two pics of the same layout just to show how it looked . slightly off view as well i changed the tool store . UK grounded BR van . USA a cut and shut old box car . i expect some people might raise a eyebrough in dissmay but it dus save a hell of a lot a time have ing to build another layout and saves space
  3. Hi all well this micro layout has been started and demolished and started again and its taken its time as well . construction this time in MDF and harboard its nearly finished now apart from one or two bits i have added one or two changes which you may spot from the original . its not the tidyist layout as you can see the back ground paper there are one or two creases in the sky . but i can live with that for now . and i have stuck to my theam of running different stock from other places USA etc so here are some up dated pics
  4. have ing placed this project on the back burner for some time . i couldnt resisit another go haveing re read through this thread again i might have come up with a possible replacement chassi i needed somethink with the same wheel base and i had a Bachmann class 20 its a dam good match but thats as far as i have now got ile keep u posted
  5. Thanks to long island Jack for the U tube clip . that was great i have seen some footage of the alco's on the Ohio River terminals but not that one excellent stuff . and thanks Russ that where you say similar sound to a 33 reminds me i have in the past had a couple of Hornby TTS sound decoders layin around and untill i have brought a more expensive decoder used them in some of my american locos . so to purist's out there i can only apologies . a MP 1500 ened up with a class 20 decoder in it temporary . strangely in my view it sounded and quite suited the looks of the loco . and as i am confessing all i allso tried a tts class 31 in a murphy models 141 class . ok i hear you say that man needs treatment . but if you doint have the spare money at the time where's the harm .
  6. I had a listen to the ESU sound decoder sounds really good . they may not be much to look at them C145's but they sure sound bliss
  7. HI thanks all for replys . thats really helpful infomation . Ithink easyest option is a decoder 1st off . i did for one mad min think a bachman alco s4 chassi might fit untill i took the body shell of the mehanao one far to short . thanks david ive been reading through yr reply and that gives me the option of looking out for a kato u 25 cheers kevin . its a shame that one of the bigger producers like atlas or newer arthearn or even Bachmann didnt take up makeing one but i guess its not excautly a popular model
  8. Hi all . can any one offer some advice . i have a Mehano ho scale alco c 415 and i would like to know . if any one has converted one to DCC . if so was it a simple hard wire in job . ? or can any one advise on a replacment chassi for one of thease . and lastly is there a sound decoder for a alco C 415 on the market . thanks kevin.
  9. Hi Alex . I echo ever bodys comments realy excellent work nicely done . Just like to ask is the 71 cm the total lenth of the layout or have you a extra fiddle yard added .can not wait to see more cheers kevin
  10. Hi all . well the remains of my Kenwards colliery have sat around for long enough . i never did come to terms with its destruction and have ing been given a couple of box files i did think must try again . after setting the buildings in place i thought NO ! this time ile make it much more solid but keep ing to the same size as the box files so hard board and MDF have been used . no track as yet have been relayed and the buildings need tidying and re glue ing but it will be as close to the orignal as i can make it . so very much a work in progress at the mo .
  11. HI matt really like what you have done there i was just browse ing through and came across yours i two did a coal mine come colliery in a box file its on the site some where in box files micro layouts . but i had a few problems in the end it got scrapped but i still kept the buildings . likeyou had so i just may have another go . hope you get as much fun out your next layout cheers kevin
  12. Hi john . yes i have done a few layouts now with the concrete panels . saves doing lots of grass but i have just had to pull a section up as i had running problems . lucky enough its the strip in between the track near the front of the layout . this will just have ballast in between tracks now . allso the dreaded uncouple ing magnet gremlins have struck . so lots of Grrrrr problems with this layout all of a sudden . still i should be able to fix it fingers crossed
  13. kevo

    141 class

    Thanks John for the info thats really interesting . especially regards when individual wagon loads stopped . i mainly like 1970's through to 1980's so known ing now my 141 is 1970's post super train livery helps . probly my most favorite loco is the C class in i think as you say the 1970's livery
  14. thank you all for yr encouraging replys . now the front board is on its takeing shape . the good thing being a small layout its easy to work on and get a satisfy ing effect quickly . have ing now changed over to use ing my NCE powec cab controller i have a bit of re wire ing to do up to the socket before i can start running any traffic again . talking of traffic or motive power i have a couple of shunters to get ready a janus wich needs the sound decoder re installing as it got borrowed for a Bachmann GE 70 tonner on one of my other layouts and i have a Heljan class 07 which i will probly re spray from br blue to a general industrial colour so i can use it freelance . may be ile get down to doing one of them at the week end .
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