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  1. Hi all just a small side project i started last week . i have a Bachmann green 08 shunter its been sitting around in its box since i brought it off E bay some time ago some of the grab rails on the loco body were broken and i just didnt get round to fixing them . so i thought about doing something with it . i have seen that the NCB did have some 08 or 09 shunters of there own some in a dark blue with red buffer beams some were part yellow and blue . but i have not seen any or know of any in a overall ncb yellow so i have come up with my own take on it . halfords yellow primer looked a good match for what i was looking for . i had some ncb transfers from planet industrials and got to work and this is what its looking like so far . there is still masking tape in the cab as i have yet to do some weather ing and the body shell is just resting on the chassi at the moment .
  2. Thanks Nobby out of the 3 micro layouts i have built this one is my favorite .
  3. Another j94 has been loaned for shunting as motive power is low looks like its in a clean condition it woint stay like it for long
  4. thinking back i 1st saw this resin van body in a old issue of narrow gauge & industrial railway modelling review and it was based on something thats been patched up . but what number issue i can not remenber
  5. Big thanks to all the likes i am so glad to have blown off the dust on this layout again in fact its given me the kick start i needed to get some more stock wagon wise i have just ordered some 16ton minerail wagons which i am really short of . which will probbly help with shunting wise as space is very tight as in the length of side ings .
  6. Thanks Od glad you like it . the layout has been tucked away for ages but i had kept looking at it thinking neeed to have a running session . as i had brought one of the EFE j94 no 19 just before the layout went in to storage as other projects had been started . At the moment i am just running it on DC performance on this loco is not brilliant on DC and strang enough the old Hornby j94 rosalyn runs really good . Just goes to show that even tho the EFE loco cost much more pay ing that bit extra woint all ways bring good performance . later on i will start running on DCC again but i remenber i had problems with this so the fitting of stay alives will be the order of the day .
  7. steam is still just about hanging on at kenwards colliery there is still a few J94 tanks working NCB number 19 is seen and J94 rosalyn in a bit off a sorry condition is seen shunting . well any excuse to get this layout out the cupbard and running again . hope you like the pics .
  8. sorry for delay in reply . thanks for the info chaps ime sure the picture i sent is of a one piece resin moulded type with the brick pilliars as part of it . thanks barnaby the skytrex one is dam near spot on wich i could easely addapt . i have a o gauge micro coal yard layout in the planning and am trying to get a few bits up together before i start . allso do anybody know of kits for o gauge indurstial fule diesel tanks and water tanks the types used in collierys etc any info or tips that people have scratch built there own pics etc would be most apprecated thank you . i will be starting a build thread soon .
  9. Hi can any one tell me if they know who makes this kit and if by any chance it is still avaibale its 7 mm scale and i belive its been around for some time , any help please thanks . sorry if this should have gone in another section
  10. thanks Kirley . considering that nearly all the buildings came from my original layout it was a case of what i could squeeze in to a boxfile
  11. Hi all i originally intended my micro layout to be based around a cornish china clay works but as normal with me my interest in other regions creeps in and as a result i am now back in to irish railways so i have decided that it will have to adapt to all my needs so i thought on the lines of a come Fertiliser come gypsum and pos cement theam if that makes sence . i have just recived my batch of irish railway models hopper wagons and i have to say they are excellent and a pack 8x pallets of bagged fertiliser from the same seller . i was hope ing 2 get some cement bubbles but all gone and same with the fertiliser wagons . so ile just have to be patient any way hope you like progress so far . there is still work to be done . more pics to follow .
  12. just found this one shows the track plan better
  13. Thanks Kirley kind of you to say that . over the last few years ive mainly only built small or micro layouts as any thing longer than 3-4 feet i end up never finishing . i may have another go at a layout i did build some time ago iit was based on a side ing that run to a off loading shed for some military fire ing ranges set on the edge of marsh land. here is a couple of pics
  14. Thanks pat glad you like it i think they look more the part when weathered
  15. Thanks Ian glad you like it i still have a good bit of work to do like with the silo and pipe ing etc
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