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  1. I have made a bit of a start yester day by glue ing some small hardboard backing sheets on to the inside of the boxfile and i was lucky enough to have a small strip of sky backing sheet left over which has been glued on . next will be a rebuild of clay dries wharehouse . so a couple of pics to show progress .
  2. Thanks Andrew its good to know i am not the only one that struggles . i have been chucking around a few ideas but nothing set in stone yet .
  3. Thanks Chris it was a shame i had so much trouble with the traverser other wise it would have been ok . any way i have saved nearly 90% of the buildings . and my boxfile version will allmost look the same fingers crossed .
  4. Fear not david Kenwards colliery is still alive and well . its was the 1st attemp at a china clay layout that got scrapped . the base board from that got recycled in to my scottish micro .
  5. Hi Simon yes that would make a interesting feature . In the original layout before it got scrapped I placed all the track in concrete and will with this one .
  6. Hi i am still juggle ing around a bit with this possible project as i still would like to use a boxfile for it . last few evenings i have spent time move ing the buildings i doint think i will use the warehouse i have as its not a good fit . the original warehouse was the only bit i didnt manage to save from the layout it came from . allso the fiddle yard . i would like to use another box file as there will now be no points used . i need to build a sector plate but am a bit stumped on this , you see plenty of boxfile layouts but how people have done there fiddle yards come travers
  7. Thanks Ian glad you like the loco the irish 141 class are one of my favarote locos. they have good looks and nice lines .
  8. Hi to all . i have tried to make a good effort to tidy up my storeage of locos wagons scrap box bits . it needs it as the Mrs keeps telling me ! well you know what happens as you start pulling bits out . crumbs i forgot i had that etc etc . and i found two old boxfiles laying around . then i came across my buildings i had saved from my failed china clay layout . all hope of tidy ing were forgotten and bits and bobbs were gathered up . A harr i thought what about if i tried to recycle them . so i have made a quick mock up . to go along the lines of (A) a nother micro china clay layout
  9. ooops sorry i ment nice work sean G
  10. nice work max really like how your station is comeing together
  11. kevo

    Shell Island

    Thanks for reply Neil . thats a shame its a very popular layout . i just wondered as i think you said it had been to a few expos and thought some one might have taken a few clips of it on vid . i have been thinking of haveing a go at another micro copy atempt again its your pic of the green class 24 5092 on the bank above the slipway that allways gets my mind ticking again . that picture really draws you in i think .
  12. kevo

    Shell Island

    Hi Neil i doint expect your see this . as in in a old post . but if you do can i ask . did you ever put any footage of your shell island layout on it on u Tube it would be fantastic if you did as its my one of my all time favourite layouts
  13. Happy christmass to all . has any one hear any up date on the gnatter box yet ive been checking at regular intervials but still not a sausage hope the chap is feeling better now .
  14. Hi John . the skip i made i admit did take a good bit of head scratching . i went for the 16mm binnie kit . but only use ing the skip bucket body . the chassi frame didnt work or look right . hope the pics show how i tackled it . really basci stuff more on the mine tub look really , its no more than a bit of I beam think i used Hornby wagon wheels in a bit of tube ing and a gn15 coupler block . i have slightly lowered the skip sides to give it the none hudson look . still needs finishing etc hope its of help . with your skils ime sure you make a better solid job of one . chee
  15. All brilliant stuff john i like your drawing of the stationary boiler , yes i have more or less stuck to two type of track plans with most of my builds . . i had never come across 7/8Ths scale till at a narrow gauge expo good few yrs ago think it was called snipe end farm . but instead of the 45mm gauge i went with 16.5 mm oo strange combo but it worked for me and it was only ever going to be for a in door micro type layout . not yet started . only got round to building 2 locos here is a pic of the other one a kind of ruston LBT loook a like both of them run on Bachmann on30 s
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