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    I'm lucky in having a converted loft for my modelling, room enough for a roundy roundy, but instead there's a few half finished layouts on shelving round the room. I work in O scale, as I like the bulk, but not the cost, so everything gets done on the cheap, mainly scratch building with very slow progress.I tend to model things I've never seen, old pre-group British Isles, 1900 European, and transitional American "fallen flags". You'd be right in thinking I've got too many interests, I'm just very fond of railways all round, and always have been. (All my working life was with BR) Since joining RMweb I'm really enjoying seeing different persons all doing fascinating work with their take on modelling. A bit like being in a really good model show and club in the comfort of your own home, but more basic than that, it’s the people you get to know through this web, which I value.
    One of these days I’m going to finish a layout that I’m happy with, looks good, runs well. One of these days....

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  1. I wondered why the pace on Dromohair had slowed down, what I liked was the way you tailored a specific Irish setting to a very limited area. Something that I particularly like to to see is a layout making best use of space, I hate layouts that sprawl. Your posts are very welcome here anytime, Angus, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Sligo shapes.
  2. Continuing with the tale, first off I’ve given links to some outstanding 5’3” models, In O scale, Castle Rackrent, Arigna Town/Belmullet, Rosses Point In OO scale, Valentia Harbour, In S scale, Kilbrandon Junction, To round off, with a bit more trawling, In 3mm scale, Ballyconnell Road, https://sites.google.com/site/3mmpublic/members-layouts/ballyconnell-road I like the roughly circular scheme, as I once had a similar job in HO, which I think saw more use than any other line I did, and I think the overlapping loops is a clever design. in 2mm scale, Dromahair,
  3. You’ll find more about the problem over on the “Night Mail “ thread.
  4. That “No.32” has a funny looking number plate. I fancy if you look at the mileometer that’s been wound back as well.
  5. Severn and Wye loco history ain’t simple, make yourselves comfortable but stay awake. They started to get steam engines in 1865, when there was thirty miles of 3’8” tramway. By 1867 they had five locos, and decided to go broad gauge, converting three engines (!) Two broad gauge engines were obtained, but in 1872 they decided to go to standard gauge, so the five broad gauge engines were converted to standard. The S&W amalgamated with the Severn Bridge Railway in 1879. A receiver was appointed in 1883, and the railway was taken over jointly by the MR and GWR in 1894. The first five engi
  6. I can remember seeing one of those regularly parked near a shed close to where I lived. They did start off black, but they acquired a patina of dirt, like a lot of Locomotives at that time. Any black and white photographs taken do show more of a pale grey tone due to the dry, dusty appearance of the dirt.
  7. Norman Eagles, of “Sherwood Section” fame, visited Burton shed and measured up one of the 0-4-0s, doing an article in Railway Modeller No. 69 (sorry I can’t do month and year) but it does make up into a nice little loco.
  8. We’re all here cos it’s all virtual inside your nut and in them bits on your computer thngybob. When you visit other threads it’s all plastic and brass and stuff, but you’re still very welcome.
  9. No books needed. There’s a priest called Roger Farnworth whose research ability is truly amazing. Just step on this link and associated parts. https://rogerfarnworth.com/2018/04/06/nice-to-digne-les-bains-part-1-nice-chemins-de-fer-de-provence-57/
  10. By the way, Stephen I’ve just found another shot of a NCC mogul at Derby, in the shops: sorry, I’ve done a copy, etiquette demands a link: https://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/312-ernies-massive-irish-1930s-to-2005-photo-archive/page/17/?tab=comments#comment-153802
  11. Don has already highlighted the next step in the saga, Cyril Fry’s layout. So back to early 1950, and I was off school, laid up in bed recovering from mumps. Mum had been down the market town five miles away, and came back with a magazine she had found in Smiths to cheer me up. Did it ever? No. 3, Feb/Mar ‘50 issue of the “Railway Modeller”, then published by Ian Allan, and the first model railway magazine I had ever seen. Only a few years ago I modelled a freight car out of it, and I still harbour ambitions of doing a loco out of it. Anyhow, they were running a series on the Fry layout, calle
  12. Now, that looks great fun with the continuous circuit and up and doowwwnnnn the hill. When it was titled “short circuit” I was looking forward to a big flash and bang, ah, well...
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