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    I'm lucky in having a converted loft for my modelling, room enough for a roundy roundy, but instead there's a series of half finished layouts, BLT sort of thing, on shelving round the room. I work in O scale, as I like the bulk, but not the cost, so everything gets done on the cheap, mainly scratch building with very slow progress.I tend to model things I've never seen, old pre-group British Isles, 1900 European, and transitional Amerilcan "fallen flags", and then there's the "whimsy" side of things. You'd be right in thinking I've got too many interests, I'm just very fond of railways all round, and always have been. (All my working life was with BR) Since joining RMweb I'm really enjoying seeing different persons all doing fascinating work with their take on modelling. A bit like being in a really good model show and club in the comfort of your own home, but more basic than that, it’s the people you get to know through this web, which I value.

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  1. “And so, tell me what your problem is, please???”
  2. No, it’s just I got lost in the Wash along with King Johns Crown Jewels, then the sea rose up and covered Pharoahs army, and I ended up in one of those portals.
  3. Annie, what you described made perfect sense, well, most of it did, it’s marvellous the way you’re able to do a complete rebuild so neatly in the virtual world, I’m thinking in terms of the hacking about miles of real baseboards, then there’s things like not having scales as such. More pictures, whenever, please.
  4. I like the idea of a split level, it could help the composition no end, and Stu’s idea of an inclined traverser is ingenious. You do know, I’m sure, that the GWR had a central depot for providing provender, and you’re just keeping quiet about it until you’ve finished building a copy to tuck away in a corner? https://m.facebook.com/DidcotRailwayCentre/photos/the-provender-store-at-didcot-in-october-1970-it-was-built-in-the-1880s-to-manuf/711322322227992/
  5. Younger granddaughters favourite trick is to “post” people inside the diesel to give them a ride, where they become entangled with the drive mechanism.
  6. Sem, those pictures look magnificent, you’ve really captured a great “feel” for a railway setting. Well done. I’m a bit worried about the Caley “ghost” engine, though.
  7. When I was a kid, our church fete used to have that idea for “horse races”, where you turned a handle which gave some vibration to the belt, rather than acting as a “conveyor belt”, although there must have been a slight gradient, then you placed little lead horses on the belt, and the vibration made them progress along, side by side or whatever. Way back, I was fiddling around with the idea of magnets on trolleys under a thin sheet acting on those Lone Star OOO thingys. Don’t think I’ll be trying that now, though.
  8. I’m trying to get to this golden solution, honest...
  9. Can’t you stick some EverReady batteries in it?
  10. If you “wander down to the site and have a look” mind you don’t get flattened by a string of artics doing seventy, as the whole area got built over with the new A40 dual carriageway went in. There ain’t really anything there for you.
  11. https://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2012/09/where-did-the-phrase-take-a-gander-come-from/
  12. Thanks, Don, I’ll do a post on here soon describing the goings on. I do like the ALRSM show, they seem to have an inspired choice with what appears. It usually works that I do the Saturday shop, climb on a bus to Swindon station, and take pot luck with whatever is going to Reading, even occasionally replacement coach service, so getting there is always a bit elastic. I’ll stick my tee shirt on.
  13. It’s been quiet for a bit on here, I’m still busy, but nothing new to report for the Washbourne line. Not long ago, I was pushing the idea of having “through line” layouts instead of termini. I’m not thinking of applying this to Washbourne, but I’ve been looking at the Englefield layout, just over the way, on which nothing has happened for at least eighteen months, just the odd outing with a loco. Sooo.. not wishing to be thought as someone who doesn’t practice what they preach, it struck me that the idea could be applied here profitably, and the last three weeks have seen me working on some changes, mainly an overall shrinkage of the main board, and various associated tweaks. This will go on for a bit yet, as I want to get stock, scenery, and buildings more advanced than I left it. In the meantime, have a happy Easter.
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