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    I'm lucky in having a converted loft for my modelling, room enough for a roundy roundy, but instead there's a few half finished layouts on shelving round the room. I work in O scale, as I like the bulk, but not the cost, so everything gets done on the cheap, mainly scratch building with very slow progress.I tend to model things I've never seen, old pre-group British Isles, 1900 European, and transitional American "fallen flags". You'd be right in thinking I've got too many interests, I'm just very fond of railways all round, and always have been. (All my working life was with BR) Since joining RMweb I'm really enjoying seeing different persons all doing fascinating work with their take on modelling. A bit like being in a really good model show and club in the comfort of your own home, but more basic than that, it’s the people you get to know through this web, which I value.
    One of these days I’m going to finish a layout that I’m happy with, looks good, runs well. One of these days....

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  1. Sie muss ein schmalspur 2 1/2 Englischer fuss ( = 762mm) fur der rollbockwagen, und Meine freunde James sie haben ein Zwei fuss schalspurbahnen, nichtwahr?
  2. The W&L at Welshpool was quite an informal arrangement with a Y shaped sidings out at one side of the front of the main line station, no passenger platform, and everything on the flat. Goods interchange was mainly coal sg to ng, and cattle the other way, which ought to suit a country narrow gauge line you’re thinking of? edit: then there’s Barnstable Town with much the same ethos? With mineral traffic possibly a wharf with two lines side by side at differing levels, such as at Towyn. Getting into high level discharge hoppers is going to make things far more complicated.
  3. 1967, me and the missus were camping in Anglesey, in a site which just happened to be underneath the flight path into Valley. Just turned in, as it was going dark, then we sensed this very faint whistle up above, and a few seconds later, there was this almighty roar from the runway, then a minute or three goes by, then there’s this whistle, then there’s this roar, so it goes on, and we’re shaking in our beds waiting for the next whistle sound, Til we’re nervous wrecks. Found you, you ***t.
  4. Me, I liked seeing that Ramsbottom tank, even if it was the wrong scale.
  5. Go careful there, Stephen, just paging up reminds me the orange one and Miss Piggy also appear.
  6. On the Locosnstuff site if you go to “news”, the comments on Guagemaster/half wave rectification are near the bottom of that page. These products are news to me, one of their chassis kits might be the weapon of choice to solve my Whimsy problems, dearer than an old Nellie, admittedly, but you gats what you pays for, as ever.
  7. If you’re putting brass wire handrails into plastic bodies, put some cardboard packing behind the rail to limit how far it goes in, then lightly apply downwards pressure with a hot soldering iron. You may have to trim a little collar of displaced plastic from round the base of the handrail.
  8. The dexion has been around not quite as long as the Saints. One depot I was at was fitting up shelving in the stores, and I snaffled some offcut lengths. (That’s why the legs are all two pieces bolted together) Another time a fuelling point was shut, and I grabbed some old, slightly rusty bits, straightened them out, and so it went on. There’s some lying round unused even now. Really it needs narrowing a bit, but there’s a shelf bolted on under, and I CBA. Definition of a railwaymans house : “Blow a whistle, and it will run off down the road.”
  9. One thing to ask is whether they are coming in or going out? Lambourn is a small place, but with a heavy concentration of racing stables, which would need plenty of hay.
  10. Into the New Year, and I’m concentrating on overturning last years rationalisation plot, with the American job coming on nicely, and working up the intended common layout to form Washbourne only. First off the subframe and baseboard top have been narrowed, I’ve decided that a rectangular plan with rounded rear corners is much more efficient than a plan with a half elliptical rear. Then track laying, using some reconditioned Peco Streamline bullhead track and a point, giving a far more British appearance, and more reliability for milk train shunting. Putting the track down and seeing the o
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