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    I'm lucky in having a converted loft for my modelling, room enough for a roundy roundy, but instead there's a few half finished layouts on shelving round the room. I work in O scale, as I like the bulk, but not the cost, so everything gets done on the cheap, mainly scratch building with very slow progress.I tend to model things I've never seen, old pre-group British Isles, 1900 European, and transitional American "fallen flags". You'd be right in thinking I've got too many interests, I'm just very fond of railways all round, and always have been. (All my working life was with BR) Since joining RMweb I'm really enjoying seeing different persons all doing fascinating work with their take on modelling. A bit like being in a really good model show and club in the comfort of your own home, but more basic than that, it’s the people you get to know through this web, which I value.
    One of these days I’m going to finish a layout that I’m happy with, looks good, runs well. One of these days....

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  1. Nice smart wallpaper, Annie, better than the other. When I was ten, I went spud bashing for a week, and bought my first book on the proceeds, although I don’t think my back has ever recovered. (It’s the 1946 edition, I think it must have appeared before the war originally)
  2. Ones standard gauge, 32mm, t’other is this new fangled 5’6” gauge, 38.5mm, I like to stick with O scale, 1/43, for the lot, rather than keep to a standard track and juggle with strange scales. Im glad you like the plan, I’m quite sold on it for a small space job to cover what I like. In bullhead rail, high level platform, one of those 517 rebuilds like Graham’s done, a Saltney wagon, a D299wagon (must have one of those) what more could anyone wish for? (I bet it would fit in your flat comfortably)
  3. Back on page two, whilst discussing potential for Spanish lines, I offered up a sketch plan for a small station in Catalunya at San Pol de Mar. I really liked this plan, being nice and simple, and it related to an actual location in its early days, much easier to visualise. It’s been boiled down in length and width, and in the process becoming a terminus rather than a through station, although this isn’t too obvious. It’s also small enough that you don’t need to enter the problem of where do you place a second platform, between or outside the tracks? Theres a main line s
  4. Regarding the Herault region, and remote rural lines, I wonder if you’ve come across Roger Farnworth? He does place links on RMweb to his site. He’s a priest with a breathtaking capability of research for a wide range of railway topics. (At the tail end of this link are some more facts about the transport of wine) https://rogerfarnworth.com/2019/03/18/railways-of-herault-route-a-saint-chinian-to-beziers-line-part-1-saint-chinian-to-cazouls-les-beziers/
  5. Thanks for your comments, David, it’s another instance of the civilising influence of railways that they could reduce the transport costs of an expensive commodity sufficiently for lower income groups to enjoy it as well.
  6. Rather a strange coincidence, I’m sure, but it adds to the colour of the theme, don’t you think? Back on page two, Mikkel and I agreed that a model of Spanish Railways would be very tempting, and well, I started to think about ways and means, and cooking up test pieces, and here we are today, the 28th October. Modelling in O scale, I regard 7mm to the foot as a good rate of exchange, so a 5’6” gauge comes out at 38.5mm. I use Marcway, of Sheffield, track components, in this case nickel silver flat bottom code 124 rail, and 6mm sleeper strip, copper clad fibre glass. Chop this into 68mm l
  7. Beunas noches amigos. May I draw your attention to the Tridentine Liturgical Calendar, for tomorrow, October 28th, is the Feast of San Judas Tadeo. He is “el santo patron de causas dificiles o imposibles” (I must start lighting candles at his shrine) Is he also “patron de los ferroviaros”? Consider: First Railway in Spain, Barcelona toMataro, opened 28/10/1848. First Railway in Portugal, Lisbon to Carregado, opened 28/10/1856. For a lover of Iberian Railways, Es muy importante, Una fecha muy auspiciosa! ”Vino para mis hombres! We ride at dawn!!”
  8. In Llanymenach, the High Street forms the border:(pictures date from last summer, but show the current state.)
  9. What I don’t understand is why the dawn comes up like thunder on the road to Mandalay?
  10. Ayup, tha’rt forgettin’ th’ GCR/MSLR, reet gradely, ee ba gum, it is that. ps invisible green, black with just a small dab of yellow added.
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