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    I'm lucky in having a converted loft for my modelling, room enough for a roundy roundy, but instead there's a few half finished layouts on shelving round the room. I work in O scale, as I like the bulk, but not the cost, so everything gets done on the cheap, mainly scratch building with very slow progress.I tend to model things I've never seen, old pre-group British Isles, 1900 European, and transitional American "fallen flags". You'd be right in thinking I've got too many interests, I'm just very fond of railways all round, and always have been. (All my working life was with BR) Since joining RMweb I'm really enjoying seeing different persons all doing fascinating work with their take on modelling. A bit like being in a really good model show and club in the comfort of your own home, but more basic than that, it’s the people you get to know through this web, which I value.
    One of these days I’m going to finish a layout that I’m happy with, looks good, runs well. One of these days....

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  1. Well, something like the new Peckett or B4 are reputedly decent performers, but as yet quite dear, and the curves will need easing, and, urgh? I dunno.. Thanks for your heartfelt plea, though.
  2. I fancy he’s the manager of the old Greyfriars bus station at Northampton.
  3. I have to confess that the layout has got me scratching my head. Having swapped the point in, test running started, with a fair amount of easing the gauge. The two Triang Nellies needed the gauge checking, with wheels moved on axles. They are still a bit iffy, which I’m putting down to pickups. The Hornby Desmond is a better performer, but there’s no fine control, I’d dearly love to see trains crawl, giving a better sense of what I’m after, but the gearing needs more teeth than it’s got. This leads round to the question what if you make trains that look “cute”, but are poor performers? Taking a realistic view, I suppose it was ambitious to use old chassis that I’d picked up at a second hand collectors fair for a few quid to turn into good runners, and throw in excessively tight curvature as an extra hurdle for them to negotiate. What to do? Well, I like the small Highland line feel, certainly I want to keep the backscene and Loch Necky Station. The idea of magnetic couplers is something I’m proud of in this thread, that was a useful application. Beyond that, I’m inclined to scrap the 0n16.5 narrow gauge roundy roundy, and transfer the whimsical franchise to an 0 standard gauge to and fro. I’m confident of getting better running, although the chassis price will increase. In my opening preamble, I was promising an increase in romanticism, which will in part diminish, as I think narrow gauge comes supplied with this quality, and I’m afraid I’ve let down the folks who were sitting up saying “goody goody, a narrow gauge line”.
  4. Presume you’d park off the main road at the top in Cliffords Mesne, the easiest grade. If you go down off the hill due west it’s quite a grade down to Longhope and the Farmers Boy, and bus back to Gloucester. There was a nice little stone station, ex broad gauge, at Longhope, thought I’d put a picture in as this has a rare GWR lattice post signal.
  5. Also Masefield, I felt he drew a marvellous image of May Hill, west of Gloucester. This is crowned by a clump of trees, and in his poem he likens the trees to a ploughman driving a team of horses, eternally ploughing the skyline. “The ploughman patient on the hill, forever there, forever still, Ploughing the hill with steady yoke, of pine trees, lightning struck and broke. I’ve marked the May Hill ploughman stay, there on his hill, day after day, Driving his team against the sky, whilst men and women live and die.”
  6. Whilst on John Masefield, here’s a sort of railway journey which he proposed and an analysis of it, which may serve as a peg for someone to hang a layout on. https://calmgrove.wordpress.com/2020/01/12/boxing1/
  7. Malcolm, me old possum, I’ve got a strange feeling of deja vu creeping over me:
  8. I’ve been swapping the scenes around, including the Irish one, plus some blanks, trimming sizes to the back support. Unfortunately I left one of the blanks to the fore, with a very bare board, and this was spotted. “You’re not changing it again!?!?”. Also on scenic affairs, I’ve decided the Sussex one needs a total remake, going down nearer to the oggin.
  9. In the meantime, have you really been working hard at getting your track alignment into tip top form for the six wheelers?
  10. Only four?? Nice little narrow gauge line, even if the trailer park isn’t the prettiest site for it.
  11. When you’ve dug a hole to bury the rubble, what do you do with the the rubble you’ve dug out of the hole?
  12. As a welsh friend would say, (and best said in a welsh accent) “one bloody big yawn”.
  13. They do make their details in various scales, I’ve had some Louvres in O scale (American 1:48) These were stocked at DCC Supplies, which may help with shipping costs, etc. https://www.archertransfers.com/SurfaceDetailsOscale.html
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