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  1. The Caledonian Railway had close coupled 4 wheel coaches on the Cathcart Circle, using a centre buffer coupler (see pic of the Plan Drawing). The coaches were 1ft 6 3/4 inches between headstocks and were semi-permanently coupled in 8 coach sets, composed of three Firsts, three Thirds and a Brake Third at each end. Brian.
  2. Hornby have a long history of producing Caledonian liveried coaches, I would be surprised if they don’t produce their new 4 and 6 wheel coaches in a Caledonian livery in the next couple of years releases. The next question is will Hornby get the livery right if they do? Caledonian 4 and 6 wheel coaches of this period had different liveries. I too looked at the LNWR coaches to see if I could ‘Caledonianise’ them, but concluded that it defeats the purpose of generic coaches in correct liveries if you have to modify a coach into a compromise livery. I do think Hornby have made an admir
  3. I agree the yellow is a bit bright but so are the greens and grey and even the black! A good layer of Midland Grime is what it needs. Lovely model. Brian.
  4. They also have a Caledonian look with the end window arrangement. Diagram 3 Brake Third 4 wheel coach on the right, in Glasgow Central on a Cathcart Circle train. Brian.
  5. The Chivers Diagram 1/120 MDV kit is now produced by Five79 kits. All of the above kits are ideal for adding a bit of variety into the r-t-r rakes. Brian.
  6. Peco Parkside make two MDO kits, the riveted 21t mineral and the 1970’s rebodied 21t mineral. Nice wee kits that go together quite easily, a picture of some I’ve made.
  7. Fortunately it’s a separately fitted part that should be on its own bag in the box. Great opportunity for someone to sell a more representative looking alternative. Brian.
  8. The height of the Hornby footboard is highlighted here, a possible opening for some etched brass alternatives? Brian.
  9. I see, to much thread drift to keep up with it all.
  10. I’m guessing that’s a typo for the Diagram number as that would be a bit more than a ‘very easy bodge’ turning a 24’ 4 wheel Full Brake into a 48’ bogied 6-compartment Brake Third! The Hornby 4 wheel Full Brake is a passable representation of a Caledonian Railway Diagram 4 Passenger Brake Van, the LNWR version could be a good choice for a full passenger livery version going by the comments on the colour shades Hornby appear to have chosen. Brian.
  11. It also gives Hatton’s the retail knowledge of how well each livery is selling and whether any cancelled Genesis orders are buying the Hornby offerings instead. If I was Hatton’s, I’d be setting my websites algorithms to plonk a Genesis advert at the top and bottom of the Hornby coaches pages, you’d be surprised at how many railway modellers are oblivious about new and forthcoming releases. Brian.
  12. Which makes it a poor attempt at LNWR livery then! Brian.
  13. I’m underwhelmed with these coaches, Hornby could’ve done a more different generic pre-grouping than the Hattons Genesis coaches. The NBR livery isn’t in the Genesis range so is justifiable to go with the 0-6-0 ‘Maude’. Why do LNWR livery which doesn’t suit these coaches when there are plenty of never been announced or produced pre-grouping liveries available. The real test will be which manufacturer gets the 6 wheel chassis to work the best will be the winner in my opinion. It will also be interesting to see which LNER livery sells best, the more historically correct or the more aesthe
  14. HA19 (the 26th set) was accepted by ScotRail on Friday 18/12 at Doncaster, vehicles are TGFB 40619, TSD 42255, TS 42568 and TSL 42256. This completes the 4 coach sets for ScotRail, the delivery is so far behind the original schedule and every other target date set I’ve lost track of how late if is, I guess it’s years. HA19 along with Power Cars 43124 and 43148 are staying at Doncaster until late January for 5th trailer testing. No further information on HA22, replacement looks less likely as time goes on. Brian.
  15. Sorry for my somewhat cryptic post, I’d been out for a walk after lunch and had been pondering why a rtr LNWR Precedent had never been made, (and various other questions that pop into my head). A somewhat surreal moment when I sat down with a cup of tea after my walk and looked at RMWeb only to discover this announcement, some of my train of thought from my earlier walk was in my post. We’re now only a couple of Pre-Grouping rtr model locos away from having all the 1888 ‘Race to the North’ types having been made. Great announcement! Brian.
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