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  1. Sorry for my somewhat cryptic post, I’d been out for a walk after lunch and had been pondering why a rtr LNWR Precedent had never been made, (and various other questions that pop into my head). A somewhat surreal moment when I sat down with a cup of tea after my walk and looked at RMWeb only to discover this announcement, some of my train of thought from my earlier walk was in my post. We’re now only a couple of Pre-Grouping rtr model locos away from having all the 1888 ‘Race to the North’ types having been made. Great announcement! Brian.
  2. I’ve always wondered why the most numerous class of British steam locomotive never had an rtr model ever made, particularly as there’s a survivor. I wonder if the second most numerous class of British steam locomotive will ever have a rtr model made? Although it’s in my time period it’s not my Pre-grouping company. Good luck to Rails, Bachmann and Locomotion, I hope it sells well. Brian.
  3. Finished my Triang Mk1 BFK this afternoon. Brian.
  4. The MDV were used in Fife on Westfield - Thornton - Methil Power Station workings in the mid 1980s usually worked by a Class 20, 26 or 27 off Thornton. I’m gonna need a good few of the Tops MDV. If you want to renumber, Railtec recently produced decals for the MDV covering all periods and Cambridge Custom Transfers also do a sheet of decals for them as built. Brian.
  5. I have a happy memory of sitting in the front saloon in an all over blue one going from Edinburgh Waverley to Glasgow Central via Shotts in the mid to late 1980s. It was a semi-fast service after Shotts, the expression on passengers faces on the stations it didn’t stop at as this manky, rattling bog cart came hurtling past was priceless, as they waited for the comparatively silent and smooth class 303 on the local service. An all over blue one for me! Brian.
  6. A lot of info on the introduction of the Class 126 on Stranraer services can be found here https://www.railcar.co.uk/type/class-126/operations . Brian.
  7. The correct terms are DMBS(L) and DMS(I), L for leading and I for intermediate. There was also a DMBS(I) in the 79xxx series, some of which were allocated to Ayr at various times. I look forward to your build of a Class 126. I too have one on my to do list and have been collecting the various bits required. Brian.
  8. Railtec now produce transfers for the 21 ton mineral MDV including the later boxed style of numbers - Item no. 6943. I’ve no relationship with Railtec other than a satisfied customer. Brian.
  9. I put my order in for these yesterday, I guess I got lucky happening to check the Railtec website shortly after they were made available, propels those Five79 21t MDV kits up my ‘to do list’!
  10. I think all the painted samples look fantastic, I’m very happy I have an As Built Light Blue on order. I might buy a BR black one to run on my club’s layout as well, but money is always the problem. I must get on with building some coaches to go with it. Brian.
  11. There’s also the trailers to make 5 coach rakes still to be done so as a percentage I think it’s just over 72% complete. Brian.
  12. HA21 (they’ve been renumbered to match the 40xxx trailers since my last post) is now on its way to ScotRail from Doncaster, this means 21 out of 24 four car rakes delivered. Wabtec have again failed to meet the August deadline they set themselves for completing the four car rakes. There’s still a long way to go with this project, I don’t see it being completed until well into 2021, the Stonehaven (Carmont) accident right-off replacement rake adding to the completion time scale as well. Brian.
  13. It is with great sadness that I inform you that Jonathan Redshaw (Jono26 on RMWeb) died suddenly at his home, near Inverurie, on Thursday 27th of August. Jon had two threads on RMWeb that he regularly updated ‘ScotRail 1987/88 Workbench’ and ‘Finnsbay Late 80s ScotRail’. I first met Jon about 10 years ago as both our wives had attended university together and they have remained good friends since. Around that time, we were both getting back into model railways, so an instant friendship developed between us as every year we attended Glasgow and Perth exhibitions together
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