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  1. Thanks, just what I was looking for and couldn’t find !!
  2. Realise this has been covered previously, but I would like to fit drivers to each end. I have tried going through the opening behind the seats, but can’t get them seated! I think the two screws holding the light bar should be undone and then the whole assembly comes out including the cabs, by stretching the body sides. Would appreciate a step by step guide,(pictures would be even better),as I don’t want to damage the light bar etc. Thanks
  3. Depends on what app version, new one, go to vehicles, choose functions,on right side at bottom there’s a delete button. Old version, choose railed vehicles, choose loco, choose function, turn dial until no function is showing
  4. How easy is it to replace the buffers? One of mine launched itself skyward when I was fitting the details, originally only found the buffer, dab of superglue to refit it, then immediately found spring and the tiniest retaining collar I’ve ever seen. Do you put buffer and spring in first and the attach collar from the rear? If so, might have to leave it glued, I can barely see the collar let alone fit it
  5. Did you get a decal sheet with your blue/grey one?
  6. I hardly send anything back, always worried that the replacement will be worse. I had a Heljan loco that had a displaced drive shaft, that had been caused by the motor shifting slightly to the opposite end. Must admit, this has put me off Dapol for locos, but all the manufacturers have their lemons,I seem to get more than my fair share. With this particular one, think we could stock a supermarket.
  7. How long have you had yours? I think mine has quietened down after extensive running ,or my hearing has decided to ignore it. Normally I would put a tiny amount of oil on the motor bearing, but Dapol have warned that this would destroy the motor ??? With the decoder fitted, it is now quite enjoyable, an awful lot of people seem to fit sound to this, wonder if some of them can’t stand the noise!
  8. Decoder arrived today, fitted, had brief panic, lights worked, but didn’t run. As per a previous post,decoder wasn’t pushed fully home, now running fine and everything works. Decoder seems to have helped with “hang over” symptom and runs as fast as I want it to. Now genuinely pleased with bargain DMU.
  9. I guess that could be the answer, although I’ve not had this happen on any other central motor type loco. It might be that reducing the power demand on the motor, gives it an easier time, hence the improvement, , this would suggest the motor is not adequate for the design. It’s a shame that Dapol don’t see the need to comment, apparently they have responded to the step hitting the underneath detail, by saying that “adjustment” won’t invalidate the warranty..
  10. I’m not sure if I will disconnect a driveshaft, as the speed on mine after it warms up is ok for my layout. Has anyone worked out why some examples, including mine, return to slow running after being stationary? The only locos that I have experienced showing anything like this were from the X03 times, and they would only do this if left for days/weeks, not less than an hour. My decoder is still in transit, so all of my experience with this loco has been on dc, the led lights work better on dc than any of my other diesels, I wonder if this was a deliberate design feature, necessitati
  11. Hattons actually state that the blue/grey version doesn’t need the destination decals and that the instructions can not be relied upon, (I read this after the purchase, which is typically me I’m afraid) My point was that Dapol have decided that it doesn’t need them, and have saved a minuscule amount, can’t think of any other reason to omit them. Does the cab come out? The addition of crew would add to the excellent detail. I haven’t removed the body yet, don’t want to risk anything happening in case the motor worsens and it has to be returned. Overall I’m impressed with the deta
  12. Recently received my BR blue and grey model from Hattons, seems mine has the slow running that needs warming up before a relatively normal amount of speed. It reverts to its slow pace when allowed to cool down. However it is slowly improving, have ordered the Imperium decoder,and am hoping the current draw won’t be too much. Quite puzzled why Dapol don’t provide decal sheet on this one, but do on the Railtrack version, think it’s a bit penny pinching to be honest. If I had paid more than the £79 I would be sending it back, the drone from the motor is bit irritating as well. Great det
  13. I like Zimo decoders, especially with some “difficult” locos, however, now can’t find the site that said Lais do a a 21 pin 6 function one, so either misread it (likely) or dreamt it (quite likely). 08221 which Lais ones did you use please?
  14. Some listings say 6 functions, others not clear. Just researching I’ve read that the function for the saloon lights can be changed in more expensive decoders, others talk of snipping wires! Must admit, never heard of logic functions before, let alone understand why they are necessary. The Imperium is out of stock at the normal box shifters, so may give the Lais a try, I’ve tried them on a couple of locos without issue.
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