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  1. Phil Issue 100 was the special edition and sold out in no time. When released it was sold at close to a loss as its a much thicker celebratory volume with a different sort of binding. Its now rarer than rocking horse poo. Roy and John have talked about a reprint but to date the costs haven't stacked up
  2. The ALSRM Reading show at the Rivermead Centre on the 9th May is also off. As a trader I got the official e-mail last night
  3. Before anyone suggest asking EDM Models I haven't got any. We did what was to be the final run of them 15 months ago and now can't get some of the parts Nick and I have already discussed this
  4. Not quite right. In a Mk3 the ribs that make up the strength of shell are top hat section from top to bottom and with the curve of the tumblehome in them. Then there are horizontal members which are a shallower but wider top hat section. The clever bit is that the ribs are shaped to go around the horizontal member. The result is that both the ribs and the horizontals remain one continuous length with no joins. I can't recall if they are welded to each other where they cross. Both were quite complex shapes and pressings for which costly tooling would have been made. The sides, roof and underframe were made seperately in jigs and brought together. The underframe was set up hogged with the middle significantly higher than the ends, all the bits welded on and then the middle support removed (might have been they lifted it out of the jig and on to accomodation bogies). With the weight supported at the ends they `sagged' to level and that stressed the bodyshell increasing its strength. The Mk4 has similar ribs and horizontals but they aren't continuous being cut and welded where they meet. I worked at Litchurch Lane from 1977 to middway through the 442's being built and BREL wasnt allowed to bid for the Mk4's as the BRB wanted a load of guarantees and penalties on the build and to give the work to BREL would have been effectively being the guarantor and customer. Ironically BREL ended up building a load of the Mk4 as a subcontract to Met Camm who had the quarantees but not the capacity. Same reason the Mk4 ended up with SIG bogies instead of BREL T4's. I don't know if the method was patented by BREL, sounds unlikely really, its more likely the Mk4's were being built down to a price and cut and weld is easier and cheaper than investing in expensive press tools. Also BREL Litchurch Lane had the presses and facilities to make these parts whilst Met Camm was already the assembly shop buying stuff in like all of the builders now.
  5. Dava, I was hoping someone else would have chipped in who has access to supporting documentation because I am in north wales being a Victorian engine driver for the weekend with poor internet. As they haven’t I’ll chuck in some comments in the form of clues for further research. There are two 21pin interfaces. If you have the wrong one it won’t go. I know nothing of Zen decoders so can’t advise. I have put ZIMO MX644D decoders on two 05’s Paul
  6. Just supposing I had nothing better to do on Friday than go for a jolly on the Mk5's from York to Scarborough and back how do I confirm that they are on the diagram before I set off from home? I only need to know about 40 mins before departure time but I dont want a go on a 185 or to pay for parking on top of my dissapointment
  7. Thanks to Mike for posting an update extracted from my Newsletter. As he alludes, the castings for the kit turned into a bit of a saga. Thankfully this is now resolved. Until it was there was little point making a great push on sales as the delay from the original planned release in June was a bit embarrassing. The castings saga was fully documented on my blog [ http://www.ngtrains.com/blog/ if anyone is interested] With brass castings delivered I had expected to have a few kits “on the shelf” for immediate sale but that hasn’t happened. Here’s the latest: - · The first 30 kits, which is the number of sets of brass castings I have, are all sold and will ship starting Monday 16th September. · The next batch of castings has been ordered for another 30 kits. ETA about two weeks. · Four of this second batch are already spoken for. On the one hand I’d like to think that in a couple of weeks I’ll have the kits “on the shelf” whilst on the other kits on the shelf is basically money on the shelf and presales help pay for the parts. Actually, it may shift the onus/bottle neck onto the 3D printer. Can I print 30 more bodies before the castings arrive as its, basically two per day. OK, it takes 14 hours each but I am not staying up to or getting up at stupid o’clock to reset the printer to run it more continuously.
  8. Unscrew the crankpins out of the wheels and jack shaft. Don’t lose the spacer on the long pins. When you put them back be careful not to over tighten all of them but especially those into jackshaft cranks
  9. The problem I have is with the local post office. We had an excellent dedicated local post office with knowlegable staff and enough counters open. We then had a `consultation' (of the we've already made our mind up but are going through the motions variety) We were promised better service, more service, longer hours and all sorts of other stuff that hasnt happened What we got was a 7-11 grocery shop with a post office counter as part of the main tills, often one person operating both with long queues and that one person not having a clue if what you want is more complex than a stamp. The simple act of dropping off a few parcels in that environment and a chunk of your day has dissappeared and your frustration levels have peaked. If i use a courier, I fill in an online form, they collect it/them
  10. This was news all of the group of mates that were the Trent Valley Group of the 7mm NGA and the Henmore Dale Layout Team knew was coming. Doesn’t make it any easier though. I was in Wales driving on the FR when I got the news and have been trying since to think of some suitable words to say that I could actually get as far a writing without getting all emotional. Now home I find that Neil and Phil have pretty much said it all. I can’t remember when I first met Tim because he just seems to have been there, but it would have been about the same time as Phil. Between us we’ve come up with some daft ideas, done some silly things and had a right laugh doing it and, inevitably, it involved more than a few beers. Living some distance apart (the Trent Valley is very wide in the7mm NGA TVG concept) I didn’t see him as much as the others, but we operated a sort of distance scheme/scam operation regularly exchanging ideas, daft with the occasional serious one, by e-mail or phone. Some of them worked but the submerged wagons in the flooded quarry which turned into an excellent model of goldfish in a pond was one that misfired slightly. Tim always opened conversations with “greetings” but his other saying was his stamp of quality. If something was right/good/proper it would be `Tickety Boo’. Only the other day I found a chassis that Tim had worked some magic on (installing novel features like it staying on the track) that was still in my `pending’ pile. I’d better finish it now and make sure its Tickety Boo but, just maybe, I’ll wire it up backwards in honour of his more cantankerous side. RIP Tim, like others I am going to miss you
  11. These might be what you need. http://www.ngtrains.com/Layout_Pics/IMG_0223.JPG http://www.ngtrains.com/Layout_Pics/IMG_2083.JPG http://www.ngtrains.com/Layout_Pics/IMG_2084.JPG http://www.ngtrains.com/Layout_Pics/IMG_2549.JPG These are images from our kit instructions. Download them quickly as they may not be there next week as big changes are coming to my website where they are hosted
  12. Mark I've only just caught up with this thread having been talking to Paul Chetter about another project when we met today The Gauge 0 Guild Summer show in Doncaster. There is another sound project that we are working on that needs to be finished first after which we will look at the sounds for Double Fairlies. As Paul intimated above, I drive the real things on the Festiniog and arranged for Paul to be able to record a number of our engines over a weekend when the main target was Lyd. In practice the engines sync themselves up and it’s something to do with the way the two ends pull at each other through the cradle. If they get out of sync one end will give a little slip to get back in sync One of the problems we are having with setting up the sounds in perspective. What I hear as driver is very different to what you hear a 100 yds away at the trackside as I am between the chimneys and listening to what each end it doing to balance how hard each is working. The other thing you do notice is that at low speed the syncing isn’t both ends going chuff at the same time but them taking it in turns. To illustrate this have a look at the video at the bottom of this page http://www.ngtrains.com/blog/chuffing-about-for-two-weeks/ You’ll have to ignore the wind noise but its me driving Merddin out of Porthmadog and right at the beginning notice that the ends take it in turn to chuff but that it very quickly becomes one sound. The other twist is that light engine we’ll often move them about using just one end. On a train its always both ends (unless we’ve broken it) as you’re trying to balance the work they do and that’s not just for the power but the temperature of the fireboxes is related to the chuff and their can be issues of different expansion although this was a bigger issue with oil firing. Practically, I would think it will be October/November before we have the decoders ready. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, Paul thinks that whilst he has most of the sounds I may have to record some ancillary sounds when I am driving over the summer and, secondly, after years in shiny brass and nickel silver on our stand the EDM Models demo model is with Warren Heywood for painting and I won’t get it back until September to install sounds
  13. Try LNWR blackberry black. Black with a bluish tint
  14. It certainly does. Thank you. I never thought to look at Tam Valley despite having one of their frog juicers set aside change the frog polarity on the layout
  15. I am looking for some help with controlling a turnout servo that needs to stop in three adjustable and remembered positions when controlled by DCC My 0n3 engine terminal layou has one of these outside the engine shed Hopefully you can see the issue. Three possible positions, each needing initial adjustment that is then remembered and repeatable and working as part of route setting on DCC. The plan is to have some automated movement of engines, geared locos mainly, shuffling around the yard so the DCC and automation need to be able to control it. Is there an accessory decoder that can control a servo to 3 positions? I have found a circuit board online that would do it but its not linked to DCC. It has 3 buttons, one for each route. You set position one mechanically, and then positions 2 & 3 have pots to adjust them. I guess another slant would be a DCC way of effectively pushing the three buttons. I've done DCC in my loco's for years but never connected the points to it prefering the mimic panel but the idea of some automation means the turnouts need to go DCC
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