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    Interested in Scottish architecture and Scotland's railways. I am developing an interest in the Great North of Scotland Railway network, distillery traffic and coastal locations. I'm also involved with A1A Locomotives preservation group. Cycling fan. Dog lover.

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  1. .. and I guess they would have had to stop frequently to raid the coal supplies in the wagons! In fact it has all the hallmarks of some sort of train-rustling crime!
  2. The same thing is true of the harbourside diorama which can accommodate the test track at the rear for 'instant railway'!
  3. Whilst in the midst of commission work, I managed to update a coupe of the dioramas that I built, ostensibly to showcase the resin-cast croft cottages that I am making. One of them will be an opportunity to put a ruined version into a freelance Highland scene. You'll have to excuse me the bizarre motive power as I have very little in the way of rolling stock at home. Nearly everything is with my father and our 'Braeside' layout. These are all test pieces at the moment but you get the idea ..
  4. Good progress has been made with painting the station office for my client David's ambition to recreate Glasgow Queen Street. A view of the roof - chimneys yet to be painted. The main entrance via the 'Michael Portico' A view of the building from West George Street
  5. A bit of monochrome fun with the harbour scene at Caledonian Basin. It's a scratch-built foreground - based on Bowling Harbour - but a bit of Metcalfeshire in the background.
  6. The sun has got his hat on. Hip hip hip hooray! A bit of sun-drenched action on Caledonian Basin. Spring may shortly be upon us ..
  7. Michael Portico? Definitely the same guy - I'm just mixing up some lime green corduroy to clash horribly with the red.
  8. Whilst playing with various options on my hobby cutter, I made this sign as part of the 'scene setting for Glasgow Queen Street. As discussed before, the letter spacing is rather odd but prototypical - at least as far as David's modelling period is concerned. It too will get some paint!
  9. After a bit of waiting for some slate strips to arrive from York Models, the roof is complete and the doorway has gained a fancy portico. Next up - paintwork and window & door fitting!
  10. That's great That looks great - little things have a big impact. Soon you'll be able to plonk a building there.
  11. "Today we are looking through the square window" This weekend was spent playing with ideas for batch-making windows. It is important that I can make all sorts of custom windows without having to sub-contract the cutting or printing. To this end, I recently took to using a bow pen to draw glazing bars and my hobby cutter has added the ability to accurately cut batches of window frames and sashes. Here are the results.
  12. Put a lid on it Finally the office gets a roof, that just leaves the slates, barge board, windows and entrance to do ... oh yes and a bit of paint!
  13. It's an odd one as the kerning on the individual letters has been done with great care!
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