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  1. Hmm ok, that makes more sense - I did think that the standard LNER brake was a bit shorter than the ballast vans look on photos. My intention is to take inspiration from the Tanfield Railway and create a simple, industrial coach such as this - which is converted from an LNER ballast brake van (I'm also converting from an SR PMV as the Middleton Railway have done). My biggest priority is finding a suitable chassis - is the GWR TOAD brakevan a better bet? I don't mind if the wheelbase isn't accurate; it isn't about creating a perfect replica, just a representation that will look right running with a bunch of other oddball conversions. Cheers!
  2. The chassis is the same as the standard LNER brake? I'd be modifying the body quite heavily anyway to turn it into a rough coach so maybe would be better off modifying a standard LNER brake van?
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if a plastic kit of an LNER Ballast Brake Van is available in OO? (Assuming nobody makes one in RTR) thanks!
  4. Cheers, both really comprehensive answers which have helped me understand a little better.
  5. Thanks everyone. Interesting to know. Somehow when searching Rails' website I hadn't found that, Jason, so thank you.
  6. In recent years, Hornby have started to produce more models using die-cast metal for the locomotive body. I'm totally unfamiliar with Bachmann locos having never owned one - are there any/many Bachmann locos which use die-cast metal as part of the model? Is there any way to tell which when buying second hand?
  7. I'd quite like to get myself a Bachmann Midland 1F with full cab but they seem to be much rarer than the half-cab variant. Was this a limited edition model or anything like that?
  8. Thanks very much! How easy is it to swap the Austerity wheels for those of a terrier? Is it a straight swap?
  9. Sorry, haven't been clear. The J94/Austerity tank is a development of the 50550, both of which had 18" cylinders and a tank that went all the way over the smokebox; I'd like to create a Hunslet 48150 similar to Jessie on the Pontypool & Blaenavon railway (albeit in a different livery). Whilst the Austerity was the most numerous, describing the earlier classes as 'minor' isn't really accurate; they were the company's main designs and used widely all over the country. Has anyone done this? Cheers!
  10. Does anyone know if there's a kit or relatively easy way to covert a Hornby J94 into a Hunslet 18" 0-6-0ST or similar? I'm not worried if things like the wheelbase/chassis aren't exactly prototypical length/size, just something that looks the part would be ace. Thanks!
  11. Thanks guys, this all gives me some ideas to crack on with! I've found some track plans online which I may be able to adapt, using some scenic divides to help.
  12. Hi, I'm looking for some help and inspiration! Hope I'm in the right section. I'd really like to create a layout which is based on/inspired by the Tanfield railway as it is today - ex-colliery preserved railway operated by tank engines (mostly ex-industrial), 4-wheel coaches and appropriate goods wagons. I'd only have room for a 6x4 layout which makes it quite challenging. Clearly, this won't be an exact representation and neither do I want it to be - I simply want it to have that same feel of. In terms of the layout, I'd like to include a simple MPD/storage yard based on Marley Hill Yard, and ideally two stations, at least one station similar to Andrews House - double track within the station for trains to pass, but I'm not quite sure how to achieve it - if anyone has any inspiration on how to fit all this into a 6x4 or how to build decent platforms, I'd be really grateful! Secondly, I'd like to get some coaches that are a similar style and profile to the coaches used on the Tanfield Railway. I presume this will have to be in kit form but if they're fairly simple, similar to a Parkside Dundas kit, I'm up for that. I know many of their coaches were converted from wagons or brake vans, but I have previously tried butchering a PD Southern PMV kit with a craft knife to recreate the type of coaches used on the Middleton Railway; it didn't look great in the end so I'd rather not resort to that again if possible! Can anyone recommend some suitable models/kits? FInally, if you've any other advice or can suggest good kits to build appropriate loco sheds etc, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  13. OP here. Thanks everyone, didn't expect this thread to attract such interest! To answer an earlier question, the Bachmann 57XX looks like an excellent model and it's not that it isn't good enough for me - just that when looking for a 57XX, the Bachmann model was the only one I knew of; just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything that was worth a look!
  14. Hi, Has anyone other than Bachmann produced an oo gauge RTR 57xx pannier tank such as 7714, 5775, L92? Hornby's models seem to be either the half-cab or the triang 87xx. I'd like to get one but there don't seem to be all that many models out there, which suprises me given that it's a pretty iconic class. Thanks
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