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  1. Just about finished, just hook to weather and some chain and tools to add to deck/floors
  2. OK done it, I was a bit harsh and wheels are destroyed, I have an old scrap wagon so it will donate it axles.
  3. I have done a little more work on the crane but more on layout......I saw running the crane and had a unpleasant surprise :- With its large flange and wide wheels it jumps about a lot when passing over points, the axles are pressed in and can't be replaced without destroying the chassis. Unless anyone can help with some advice I will just finish off the paint and cabling (leave the weathering) and eBay it!
  4. So far so good, could still do with some cable info! almost ready for paint.....
  5. Thanks for the info I have some 0.5 mm wire which of course = 38 mm or 1.5 inch (in the real world) would this be about right, too big or small?
  6. I am now getting bit and parts together. Expecing more today. But I have one more question. What diameter are the jib cables?
  7. At the moment I am not sure which version to convert to, my layout is Crewe (Midlands) 1964 ish if I can find a crane that was used here at this period then.... that's the one to go for. I was asking more about the livery but I like your kit jonhall. Payday is approaching I will pm you.
  8. This thread is quite old now, I have a Hornby R127 to modify and repaint (Late Crest period 1964 ish) and not sure about the livery is there any new information or ideas? Thank you for an help!
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