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  1. Hello Dave, I have been looking back at a few photographs of your wonderful layout, that I took at Telford last Autumn, and I have to say that, in my opinion, while your 3' addition may improve your ease of operation, I do not believe that it will either add or detract to the visual appeal of the layout. Your masterpiece, like any great novel, painting or motion picture, still requires the audience to use their little grey matter in order to interpret the overall image. We have to shut out or suspend our reality in order to enter the 'reality' of the model. I include two of my photographs which show the bridge as seen by an exhibition viewer, albeit one who is somewhat shorter than yourself, which show, I believe, that your extension is unnecessary visually especially compared to such things as the ceiling of the hall - about which you can do nothing. All that being said, if the extension improves operation then why not?
  2. Ade, I have been following your blog with interest as I grew up in North Wiltshire. I have sent you a PM with digital copies of microphiche images from NRM. Duncan
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