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  1. Went straight to the last post on the thread and started to scroll up and saw the last of the photos first and thought "My God he's quick and he has bought another loco". Then I scrolled up further and realised you are just human after all. Catfield does look nice.
  2. I kept clicking on the images expecting a song to start playing! Imagine my disappointment!! Though not sure what the last song would have been.
  3. Clive your best is way better than many others'.
  4. Bogie


    I think you sell yourself short there.
  5. I seem to be always late in getting the news. I have to agree with everyone else - namely: 1. Facebook is not the solution; 2. Some people no matter how annoying just have to be ignored; 3. You have a lot of followers/friends on here who appreciate the tips and hints and thoroughly enjoy the quirkiness of this thread; 4. Please reconsider - after all it is about the toy trains, music and fun!
  6. My wife says coffee is good for you - and she is a doctor. Your latest photographs (hazy or not) are gritty - that is, although mundane they do not look staged/contrived. They are very impressive realistic shots.
  7. On a Saturday morning after having perhaps one too many ports with dinner the night before, I'll take your word for it that it is the shot that is hazy!
  8. All good and well having a crowd around but did any of them make an offer to buy your house?
  9. I wonder what those who fought in that battle would think of quorn? I had heard of a place called Quorn but had never heard of this "apparently" delightful product derived from the Fusarium venenatum fungus. I had to look it up. Your posts continue to educate Mr M.
  10. Andy Hopefully Santa brings you a willing buyer for Christmas. As good as your "fill-in projects" are, I am very keen to see what you will produce in a new environment! Merry Christmas!
  11. Bogie

    Little Muddle

    I note those workmen (assuming they do some work from time to time) cannot even be bothered to look up when the Squadron Leader flies over. Must be some interesting conversation they are having. That, or they all put their necks out lifting the box onto the truck!
  12. It could have been worse - you could have modelled it as broken down!
  13. Pipework. What the hell is that? I thought you were going to add pipery.
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