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  1. Having visited the UK and not found one straight line anywhere I would have to agree about the filling.
  2. Just caught up on your news and trust you are recovering. I echo all above who have suggested a more relaxed attitude to this hobby of ours and life generally. Although I suspect all of our words will fall on deaf ears if my father and father-in-law are anything to go by. Both men are in their 80's and carry on like teenage boys. My father-in-law ended up having heart surgery last year and my father had his exciting ambulance trip after an incident with a ladder in the backyard. Men never seem to know their limitations. Hopefully you have learn
  3. Yeah much better - not. Somehow I do not think you are getting what I am trying to suggest!
  4. Have you thought of standing off in the distance when your brother takes a photo so that you can be in a photo of your own layout?
  5. I must say I like the shade of deeper green that this layout appears to have.
  6. Is there a separate forum on RMweb of owners of previous Andy Peter's layouts?
  7. Bogie

    Little Muddle

    That top window looks like the photographer has deliberately blurred the image where that window is. What did he capture that he does not want us to see?
  8. Those outdoor photos are f***in' brilliant Al! Shows off the advantage of a portable layout to perfection.
  9. Remember Mr P's signature is three flying birds not three dogs!
  10. Bogie

    Little Muddle

    Tell me was squadron leader dive bombing the allotment went he took that first photo? Does he have something against cabbages?
  11. I did say the suggestion was from left field. Also it is easy to make suggestions from Australia! In all seriousness I hope you come up with a solution. My wife built me a train room above the garage because she was sick of me taking up space in all the other rooms of the house.
  12. Where would we all be without PVA? Is there a statue of the person who invented this stuff? [It is at this point I expect Clive to come and tell us the history of PVA]
  13. Here's a suggestion from left field - move the kitchen up to the loft and you get the space where the kitchen currently is. It's a compromise of sorts.
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