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  1. Bogie

    Little Muddle

    Don't be so modest - it is those touches that set this layout apart from so many others!
  2. Bogie

    Little Muddle

    As a testament to your modelling skill the first thing my eye picked up looking at the middle photo above was not the number of locos but:
  3. Is the layout still living on the kitchen table then?
  4. Fortune favours the brave as they say!
  5. Because it smacks of realism - that's why.
  6. Hey well done. I like a story that has a good ending.
  7. Gotta say I was more interested in a review of the Totnes Stout (but then I am Australian!)
  8. Bogie

    Underhill Road

    Colours Mr P? You only like one colour these days it seems - blue!
  9. I bet it does! (at least that's what I would say if questioned).
  10. I just want to clarify that I was agreeing with Satan's comment that "he was remembering that" when I hit the agree button to his post. That is, I was not agreeing with Mr M's original comparison with the status of the underwear of professional sex-workers (assuming I can post such language on this forum and Mr M has any working knowledge of such professionals).
  11. Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, Riding through the night. Soon every lupin in the land Will be in his mighty hand He steals them from the rich And gives them to the poor Mr Moore, Mr Moore, Mr Moore. Better watch out.
  12. I'm with George, way too fiddly for me. But then I remember something you did on Bakewell convinced me you had eyes the size of plates and hands the size of mice. So I am pretty confident you will get a result.
  13. Mmmm . . . let me know how the pitch goes to an editor and I will see if I can rustle up some old photos.
  14. So Calvin do you travel to Australia to do point rodding?
  15. Mr M not only can you talk the talk but you can walk the walk. That is fantastic - no wonder you have so many running sessions.
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