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  1. At least they did not throw the door out and say "What door?" when you asked about it.
  2. Bogie

    Little Muddle

    Looks like it is going forwards to me . . . but then I am in Australia.
  3. I really do have to come and see this layout in the flesh. The scope of this project just boggles the mind.
  4. Reminds me of my dad. When we were young mum would take us kids to church and dad would stay home to attend to the yard. We often came home to find bits of lawn mower scattered across the back yard and my father dripping sweat swearing at what remained of the lawn mower and threatening it with all manner of retribution. Tell him to take the lawn mower to get it fixed would only aggravate him more as he was convinced that he alone could fix the problem. Eventually he got it running. The lawn was mowed and and birds and other forms of wildlife would ultimetaly return to the back
  5. You had me worried there for awhile as I thought how on earth did Peters get his Friday before I got mine! I know he's fast with the layouts but . . .
  6. I agree. The sense of realism is the most outstanding feature. I visited the area once back in 1997. I only took a single photo (as these were the days of loading film in a camera) and it was only when I got back to Australia and had the film developed that I realised I had not included any trains! Your layout more than makes up.
  7. 5 or more years to go! That is some commitment. I for one will be cheering from the sidelines.
  8. Bogie

    Bovey Tor

    Very impressive!
  9. My comment was very much tongue in cheek - as per the Monty Python Restaurant Sketch. Nothing wrong with the grass, the Class 25 or the whole layout as far as I am concerned.
  10. I'm just glad I didn't mention anything about the grass appearing to be out of scale.
  11. You really do spoil us. It takes some guts to take that photograph. Keep 'em coming if you dare!
  12. Bogie

    Little Muddle

    I suppose it could be said that photo shows Little Muddle at its busiest. A train, a tractor and a car all moving at the same time plus 2 - not one - active fishers. The guy sitting on the grass has let the whole thing down terribly though. Perhaps he is just dead tired after having performed some highly energetic activity (no idea what) before the Squadron Leader arrived on the scene. Timing is everything as they say!
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