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  1. Been after one for ages. A lighter brown version of the standard Brown and can't seem to find anymore. Must be complete, box unimportant. Will pay p&p. Thanks for looking.
  2. Oh and I bet that at some point, someone will paint their power car chocolate and cream. Also green, maroon, desert sand and golden ochre, not forgetting blue pullman ! And, with the cab being mainly fibreglass, some cabs will end up in pub gardens and such..... !
  3. An update of sleeper fleet liveried as its been a while. As of today. Half of it done ! Blue slep 563, 584, 589, 616 with 534 on its way to Wolverton to be done. Rfmb 232 not being done, to go off lease, replaced by 217 Tsod 100, 161 both overdue wheel sets urgently awaiting first internally refurbished new vehicle still due February. Green slep 532, 590, 594, 601, 612, 616 and new vehicle when it gets here. Bfo 173, 174, 175 Rfmb 219, 225 Note, once internal refurbishment done, Tourist second open disabled will no longer be tourist configuration so code change likely also Rfmb. 57 602,3,5 new GWR, 604 will get repaint this year and despite suggestions of desert sand, golden ochre and maroon, should stay traditional GWR green Despite incorrect information and speculation on other large forums, told personally by him in charge of fleet things, W43002 is returning in yellow/blue/grey as per my posts elsewhere.
  4. Downtown ; t'aint fair, taint right, taint fit, taint proper. Oops, wrong county/duchy
  5. It's Mk3 seats NOT Bristol VR.... !! Enquiries through fleet engineer and Porterbrook.
  6. A reintroduced Triang Rocket.... ,or a Lord of the Isle.... ?
  7. 57303 rescues Freight today around St Austell. I'm sure someone has details/photos.... .
  8. Once HSTs enter preservation, I certainly see the larger lines such as the West Somerset, NYMR, Midland, Central etc having 2 power cars and a short set and the smaller lines should cope with a single power car and a coach or three so plenty of scope there. Preserving the interior ( ambience ) is just as important as the outside !
  9. Only passing what I've been told. I DONT get involved in politics, either in my enthusiast or railway working roles, the fact is we SHALL be doing something to celebrate 40 years of the best passenger diesel in the world and that is what my post and information is about.
  10. Told personally, disability hence when mk3 painted in prototype livery when 41 was done, it was locked out when on service train, so we can't do what we wanted to do so doing next best thing..... .
  11. So, body aside, for a reliable, non derailing, less expensive than Heljan class 33, does the Limby 33 do its job ?
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