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  1. Superb modelling look forward to seeing more of this layout. The laser cut mills are they available for sale?
  2. Lovely layout. Great pictures. Look forward to seeing more photographs. Do you have a track plan and size of the layout available? What are you using for uncoupling wagons and coaches?
  3. Thank you for all the help. I am looking to model Era 5 and 6. This is the eras ive seen whilst visiting Germany
  4. I have had an interest in the railways of Germany since my visit in 2009. As with any enthusiasm i got carried away and tried to model everything (disaster). Is there a document or a list with all the different locomotive classes on which shows when they would have been seen on the network i.e. to and from Thanks in advance
  5. Superb modelling. What couplings do you use on your stock? How do you find shunting in 009 scale. I am in the process of planning a layout which will require shunting, any advice would be great
  6. Sounds like you had a good visit. Shame we never got the chance to speak properly at Warley
  7. Aiming for middle of next year but no definite date in case of a problem
  8. Whole rakes of maroon. I have seen images of mixed rakes but not too sure how quick BR would have repainted coaching stock into Blue/Grey after 1968
  9. After the end of steam, how long would you have seen maroon mk1 coaches running in express formations?
  10. I have a few steam locomotives with sound and totally agree with you steam sound still doesn't sound realistic enough. Diesel on the other hand sound fantastic. Class 37 at full cry
  11. Interesting concept. How many in total have decided to take part in the modular idea? Lovely modelling on the images above. look forward to seeing more How do you find the Heljan L and B locos?
  12. Superb Modelling. I will be watching this develop. Already it oozes atmosphere.
  13. Pop over to B08 and have a chat. It would be good to meet up Keep up the great modelling
  14. Are you attending Warley in November?
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