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    British Rail 1974 to 1994.

    BR Blue and Sector liveried Locos. Rolling stock of all types and
    passenger, freight formations.

    Most definatly OO gauge modelling of the above time periods.

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  1. Hey mate, How's it going. Sorry it's been so long, been busy the last several weeks. Hope alls well. I'll send an email soon enough. Like the General Freight 37, unique. Speak soon mate Dave.
  2. Hello mate, Hope alls well. That's a good busy episode that one mate. Good job with the video guys. Catch up soon. Dave.
  3. Hey mate, Yeah was a pleasure to be able to run my stock and get it fixed, painted, chipped etc etc.... Thanks again to you both and the excellent food and conversations. Looking smart in that top mate, Speak soon. Dave.
  4. Hey Kev, How's it going mate. Hope alls well. Really liking the lasted crop of pictures. You do have some awesome stock, especially the RFD 47s, I have some more free days coming up soon mate, I'll let you know. Hopefully we can arrange another visit soon. Regards, Dave.
  5. Hello mate, As always, great video. Catch up soon bud. Dave.
  6. Hello mate, I'd love to get hold of the 501/502 pack. The blue does look smart. Hope to catch up soon mate. Dave
  7. As always another great video. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you mate.
  8. Hello mate, How’s it going. Alls well here, not long to go. Like the latest edition of Bescot yard, as always you and Mark have done a great job. I’ll be in touch once I’m back home mate. Speak soon and send my regards to Linz and Mark. Dave
  9. Hey Simon, How's it going. I got a few of them pca wagons if you want a couple or so more. They are all made up and in good condition, just need a bit of weathering and they'll be good to go mate. Let me know if you do and I'll bring em down. Regards, Dave.
  10. Hello Vince, Yeah that's perfect, thanks you very much. Regards, Dave
  11. Hello, Here's a question, were there any 08s circa 1987 - 89 in Railfrieght Distribution livery. (or as near to it, i.e. triple grey, some markings etc) Regards, Dave.
  12. Hey Simon, How’s it going mate, I hope alls well. I like the effect you’ve got going on with the streaking down the sides of the wagons, must have taken you awhile. Worth the effort though by the looks of it. Speak soon mate, Dave
  13. Morning Kev, Likewise, and thanks again. Had a great time and some good conversations, regarding one of your questions. I found something intresting you may like to take a look at. It's regarding our brief chat about "Crewe cuts" On Class47.com site, photo of the day, there is a picture of 47 452 15th of October 1986 with both ends cut. There may be the odd one from an earlier year, I'm sure someone will know. So yeah, to answer the question, about 30 years. Regards, Dave.
  14. Hello Kevin, Thanks for having me over, had a great time, will definitely be over again soon. Here are a few pics from my visit. Would like to mention Lee from you-tube’s, Wickham Works Junction, for the resprayed 37, 37101. Check out his channel. Thanks again Kev, See you soon mate.
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